Most Annoying Character Stereotypes from Literature and Movies


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1 Queen Bee Queen Bee

These characters are popular and gorgeous. Usually, these girls are cheerleaders, blondes, and rich. Examples of this stereotype are Regina George (Mean Girls), Lana Thomas (The Princess Diaries), and Shelby Cummings (A Cinderella Story). - TheFourthWorld

Ugh. This is literally obnoxious and appears everywhere. It's basically your average pretty bitch, who is extremely popular and considered to be an angel, when in reality they enjoy making fun of and backstabbing people. Usually Queen Bee's are blonde, to mimic that Regina George feel/look. It's honestly a very overused idea and I hate it a lot. - RosalinaX

2 Spoiled Rich Kid Spoiled Rich Kid

Apparently any kid who is rich, rude, and stubborn is a Spoiled Rich Kid. Stupid. - RosalinaX

Examples of this stereotype are Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), and Remy Buxaplenty (The Fairly OddParents). - TheFourthWorld

3 Dumb Blonde Dumb Blonde

Examples of this stereotype are The Girl (The seven-year itch.), Harmony Kendall (Angel), and Hudson Gimble (Game Shakers). - TheFourthWorld

4 Damsel In Distress Damsel In Distress

A girl who is usually the main female lead who is kidnapped for sometimes unknown reasons and are always rescued by a male lead. These stereotypical girls usually are rich or wear dresses, and apparently can't protect themselves from any apparent dangers. - RosalinaX

These characters don't have to skills to rescue them selves when they are bound & gagged in a room guarded by the villain's allies.

Examples of this stereotype are Bella Swan (Twilight), Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman Movies), and Princess Peach (Super Mario). - TheFourthWorld

"Help! Save me! " Why don't you just do something and save yourself? He(or she) is risking his(or her) life to save you and you're doing nothing! - listotaku17

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5 Dumb Dad Dumb Dad

I accidentally liked the other persons comment.

This is why all men are terrible at multitasking!

6 Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

There's also such a thing that's called "Psycho Ex-Boyfriend! "

7 Nerd Nerd

Apparently the definition of a nerd is someone who is intelligent and lack social skills, who are usually overlooked or made fun of by the "Popular" people, and wear GLASSES. Ugh, this storetype is so bad! - RosalinaX

Nerds are often contrasted with jocks. These people are intelligent and obsessive, and they lack social skills. They are also usually the unpopular ones in school. Examples of this stereotype are Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory), George McFly (Back to the Future), and Lewis Skolnick (Revenge of the Nerds). - TheFourthWorld

8 Bratty Teenage Daughter Bratty Teenage Daughter

"Like,, Mom, you, like, totally embarrassed me at Bradley's birthday party! He's, like, totally never gonna wanna, like, see me, like, again! Like, screw you, Mom! You'll never, like, really, like, understand me! "

Disney Channel

9 Jock Jock

Jocks are usually males, sometimes females, who are deeply interested in sports and play on teams in movies, such as Basketball or Football. They are always shown as strong and confident most of the time, and are the base of many Drama stories as the "Popular Boys." - RosalinaX

These are people who are muscular and love sports, but are not very smart. Examples of this stereotype are Dash Baxter (Danny Phantom), Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars), and Troy Bolton (High School Musical). - TheFourthWorld

10 Main Leads Who are Bland and Have No Personality Main Leads Who are Bland and Have No Personality

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11 Wicked Stepmother Wicked Stepmother

A woman who apparently married into the family somehow, Stepmothers are usually evil or cruel, and serve some movies the purpose of being the primary antagonist. They sometimes envy the main character, either for beauty or knowledge, and seek to make their life miserable for reasons that are not made very clear until further into the story. - RosalinaX

Examples of this stereotype are Queen Narissa (Enchanted), Lady Tremaine (Cinderella), and The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) - TheFourthWorld

12 Overprotective Dad Overprotective Dad

These grown men are constantly keeping up with their teenage daughters, and make it their mission to guide them along the way to adulthood. They are usually placing unreasonable restrictions on their children, thinking they know what's best for their kids. But in the end, they still love their children, even if they don't show it very often. - RosalinaX

They are funny characters lol - ACKREIK

13 Evil Comic Relief Trio Evil Comic Relief Trio
14 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
15 People with Glasses are Smart People with Glasses are Smart

This is the same thing as nerds

16 Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Cat Lady
17 Annoying Comic Relief Sidekick Annoying Comic Relief Sidekick
18 Terrible Trio Terrible Trio
19 Evil Hyenas Evil Hyenas

I've only seen this in The Lion King, but if you say so... - TheFourthWorld

20 Good Animals, Evil Animals Good Animals, Evil Animals
21 Bloodthirsty Villain Bloodthirsty Villain
22 Androgynous Villain Androgynous Villain
23 The Annoying Character that Everyone Hates The Annoying Character that Everyone Hates
24 Dark is Evil Dark is Evil
25 Light is Good Light is Good
26 Gay Best Friend Gay Best Friend

Reading House of Night made me hate this stereotype - TwilightKitsune

27 Misunderstood Bad Guy Misunderstood Bad Guy
28 Love Interest
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