Character Stereotypes: Which one are you?

Hello guys! It's me TheFourthWorld, and I'm gonna be talking about character stereotypes (because why not). So, let's start!

Note: This will be a bit too exaggerated. Also, I'm not gonna be able to mention all the stereotypes. Oh and, if you can guess at least 6 shows and movies where I got the names from, you earn a cookie!

Stereotypes About Women

1. The 'Like' Girls
These girls are always on their phone. They usually say the words "like", "literally", "whatever", "oh my God", etc. a lot. They also always take selfies.


Scene #1: Somewhere outside

Betty: Help Veronica! I'm almost falling off the cliff! Please! Help!
Veronica: Oh my God! Wait, let me take a selfie first.
*Betty falls off the cliff*

Scene #2: Bedroom

*Veronica calls Cheryl*
Veronica: Hey you know, yesterday, when I was walking with Betty, she like almost fell off the cliff. And she was like "Help Veronica! I'm almost falling off the cliff! Please! Help!" And I was like, "Oh my God! Wait, let me take a selfie first." And while I was taking a selfie, she like literally fell off the cliff. Like, oh my God!

2. The Time-Consumer Girls
These girls take a lot of time preparing themselves when they plan to go somewhere. They are always late at the planned time.


Scene: Mall

*Galadriel waits for Arwen*

Galadriel: Where the heck is Arwen?
[8 hours later]
Arwen: Hey Galadriel!
Galadriel: What took you so long? It felt like I've been waiting for 10 years already!

3. Dumb Blondes
These people have blonde hair and are dumb. The title says it all. This stereotype applies to both men and women, but it usually applies to women more.


Scene: Classroom
Mr. Sikowitz: What country in Europe has Rome as its capital? Cat, mind answering?
Cat: I thought Europe was a country...

4. The Vain Girls
These girls often look at the mirror and at their phone because they think they are really pretty.


Scene: Living Room

Leia: Hey Rey! Can you help me out here? This box is too heavy!

Rey: No, I am still busy looking at myself.
Leia: Just please! Help me right now! Or are you too pretty?
Rey: I'm too pretty.
Leia: Fine!

5. Tomboys
These girls usually like playing video games and sports and like skateboarding. They also say "bro" and "dude" often.


Scene: Room

Freddie: Hey guys! Want to play Injustice: Gods Among Us with me?

Spencer: I'm in!
Gibby: Alright.
Sam: Injustice? Dude, I'm in!

Stereotypes About Men

1. Jocks
These guys are not that smart but are athletic and attractive.


Scene: Football Field

Lori: Hey boo-boo bear! You did great today!

Bobby: Thanks babe! And here, I bought you a gift yesterday. It has your lucky number on it. Well, go ahead. Open it!
*Lori opens gift*
Lori: 13? But that's your lucky number.

2. Nerds
These guys are usually obsessive over nerdy stuff, unattractive, and are often contrasted to jocks. This can be stereotyped with women, but it's usually stereotyped with men.


Scene: Classroom

Maxene: Hey there, what's your name?
Lucas: M-me? I'm Lucas.
Maxene: Nice to meet you! I'm Max. What stuff do you like?
Lucas: Well, I like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and stuff like that.
Maxene: Wow, you're such a nerd. I like it.

3. The Gamer
These boys like to play video games a lot.


Scene: Room

*Isabella enters room*
Isabella: What'cha doin'?
Phineas: Playing a video game.
Isabella: Oh, okay. Cool!
[5 hours later]
*Isabella enters room*
Isabella: What'ch... Still playing video games?
Phineas: Yep.

4. The Rocker
These people like rock and metal music. This stereotype applies to both genders, but it applies to men more.


Scene: Bedroom

*Emmett enters Marty's bedroom*
Emmett: Hey there, what song are you listenin' to?
Marty: Highway to Hell by AC/DC.
Emmett: Nice!

5. The Ladies' Man
These guys are so attractive that girls swoon over them.


Scene: In the corridor at school

*London and Maddie stare at Cody*
London: He's so handsome!
Maddie: Marry me, Cody.
Cody: Hey ladies.
*Maddie and London faint*

Well, that's it. Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Sayonara!


This was so funny!
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Lol Yeah, I did notice that most of your lists are about voice acting. - TheFourthWorld

I am none of these stereotypes. And thank glad I'm not these kind of people! I hate stereotypes!
Stereotypes About Women
1. Riverdale!
2. I don't know
3. I don't know
4. Star Wars
5. iCarly
Stereotypes About Men
1. The Loud House
3. Phineas and Ferb
4. I don't know
5. I don't know - 150040

Congratulations! You earn a cookie! - TheFourthWorld

I’m a rocker (Judas Priest reference is not so subtle). - visitor

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