Most Annoying Characters On The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show is one of the best shows ever made for families. But some of the characters are sort of annoying. Nothing against the actors but the roles they are supposed to play...
The Top Ten
1 Pam Tucker

Why did they have to bring Pam on the show? All she does is complains and hangs out with Charmaine.

2 Olivia Kendall

They tried to recreate when Rudy was young but it didn't work - DaWyteNight

Tries to act too cute all the time

3 Martin Kendall

He is always going on trips and making Denise stay home to look after HIS daughter.

4 Sondra Tibideaux Huxtable

Why does she always act like a Know It All? That time Denise had bad grades, Sondra kept showing off that she had good ones.

Bourgie, bourgie, bourgie. Wore execrable boho clothing and acted like everyone should kiss her ___.

5 Denise Huxtable

Shes the worst
She acts so weird so cringey and that "style"? She looks ridiculous
Like the I believe 3rd episode when rudys fish died she was going to a party she looked like a damn clown outfit
And she pretended to be a mom to someone elses child and always got in between olivia and her mom

6 Justine (Theodore Huxtable's girlfriend)

She thinks she rules Theo's life! Plus she thinks that they are a couple but whenever they get together, she just goes.

7 Rudy Huxtable

She is always making trouble but she never gets INTO trouble. Like that time she broke Cliff's juicer, nothing happened to her. She just cried and apologized. Cliff was actually the one who got in trouble!

8 Charmaine Brown

Exasperatingly, exactly like Pam. Both act as if they can rule the world but they are really irritating.

9 Clair Huxtable

I loved Claire's class and grace and when she was loving and tender to her kids. I also love that she was not afraid to discipline them when they needed it. What got on my last nerve about Claire was her know-it-all can-never-be-wrong superior-to-men FEMINIST complex. The only time I could stomach Claire was when she was being tenderhearted to her younger kids(Rudy and Vanessa) or when she was being a goofball. My favorite Claire moment was when she sculpted that ash tray and it came out hideous but denise's came out perfect. THAT was hilarious! Other than that she annoyed me most of the time.

She acts really bossy but not as bad as all of them.

10 Lance (Charmaine Brown's boyfriend)

Rules are important, Lance. You really need to start FOLLOWING them.

The Contenders
11 Vanessa Huxtable

This super horn dog is so obsessed with boys to the point where she needs some serious therapy!

12 Dabnis Brickey

Why did he even ask Vanessa to marry him? Then he ditches the wedding?

13 Cliff Huxtable

He is sometimes funny, but sometimes he goes too far with his jokes. Plus he loves Vanessa's to be husband more than he loves her.

14 Peter

He acts like he's dumb
He just never moves unless it's to run out of the house after causing trouble
No wonder he's fat he doesn't move!

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