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1 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.

Childish and annoying. - myusernameisthis

She constantley asks Dipper for something that will benefit her and never Dipper, plus she starts the apocalypse and no one ever knows! Shes just so selfish

She's not annoying. She is the God of destruction and she's also legalizing everything (only true fans understand this) - AnonymousChick

She can be pretty annoying in the show but that's just her personality. - dipperpinesfangirl618

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2 Lil' Gideon

He is just HORRIBLE! I prefer BILL over him and Bill tryed to KILL EVERY DANG PERSON! Long story short, Gideon is the worst!

Ew. Also, Bill, Dipper, and Mabel don't deserve to be on this list. I can kinda see why some characters are on this list, even though Gideon is the only character I find truly annoying, the fact that my girl Mabel is at #2 saddens me. She is so awesome! :) And Bill Cipher is best villain, no question. And how the frick did Dipper get on here? Sigh, some questions can just never be answered.

I can't believe I am saying this but I would rather BILL date mabel than him

Just no words he's super annoying

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3 Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest is a character in the cartoon Gravity Falls made by Alex Hirsch. She's known for being rich and hating Mabel.
4 Candy

She has an annoying voice.

5 Grenda Grenda
6 Old Man McGucket

Yes, an old mentally traumatized man is annoying. So sorry he bothered you.

7 Soos's Nana

Her name is abueltia

8 Robbie Stacey Valentino

I think that T.J. Miller is the real-life Robbie. Last Christmas, his VA got accused of sexual assault, which resulted in his projects getting cancelled and his roles recast. This shows that Robbie Valentino is the worst boyfriend any girl, even Wendy and Tambry, can ever have.

Its super anoying how he tries to steal Wendy from dipper

9 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.

In the famous words of Bill himself:


Get him the hell out of this list. He’s the best

He's the worst character on the show. The fourth worst character I've ever seen. I can't stand his voice or his laugh. He's extremely ugly! A triangle with an eye? He gets even uglier when he turned into that spider thing. His quotes usually have some kind of stupidity. He calls the kids dumb. He's the dumb one! He is also gross in some episodes. He makes a screaming head appear. This thing talks about turning kids into corpses. He also thinks he can take over the universe with that "Weirmageddon" or whatever that's called. Only Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and Patrick are dumber and uglier. Bill is also the second worst villain, after Mr. Krabs.

His humor is hilarious. How can he be annoying? Sure his voice bugs me a little. But other than that. He is the best character ever!

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10 Dippy Fresh

Anybody who hates Dippy Fresh, I suggest you watch the 'Death Of Dippy Fresh" a short clip cut from Gravity Falls. It will cheer you up.


He has the reward for the most cringiest character. Seriously.. why does he exist..

*Bangs the table* I hate him SO MUCH! - Dipper

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11 Dipper Pines Dipper Pines Dipper Pines is the main character in Gravity Falls which the show aired from 2012 to 2016. He is the brother of Mabel Pines

One...How are people saying Dipper is annoying? is this list saying he's less annoying than Dippy Fresh?!?

12 Mr. Poolcheck
13 Waddles Waddles

How is Waddles annoying!

14 Ford Pines

I CAN'T BELIEVE HE ISN'T NUMBER ONE ON THIS LIST. He is SO stupid, and the worst part about it? HE THINKS HE'S A GENUIS! And Bill, I am so sorry your on this list. Forgive these fools, for they know not what they do.

Hey, slow down a sec! Sure, Ford made mistakes but he got the development he deserved. Please buy Journal 3 on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. The last few pages sum up what this man has learned from his mistakes and it's AMAZING.

Ford is awesome!

I turned of my T. V. in disgust when he was introduced. My friend said Tale of Two Stans would tell his story, so I thought it would redeem him, but I still just felt like I hated his guts for no reason. Dipper and Mabel v. The Future made me hate him more, he was trying to basically destroy the Mystery Twins (he convinced Dipper to never leave Gravity Falls, which would mean Mabel would probably never remember him if it wasn't for the last episode when everyone gave them things to remember them by, etc.). And I loved how they turned the Mystery Shack into whatever it was, but I sat right down in annoyance just like Stan that they cared more about Ford than defeating Bill [even though he cared for neither, I still cared about the lack of caring for Bill].

15 Bud Gleeful

Hate him more than Gideon - KMCCK

16 Stanford Pines Stanford Pines

He's not annoying really, just ignorant and clueless, which can get pretty irritating... You know what? Nevermind.

17 Thompson
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