Most Annoying Characters in the Walking Dead

There are some great characters in some great shows. Like The Walking Dead. But my gosh, some of them are so irritating!

The Top Ten

1 Negative

He is making the show worse with his bad humor and his everything else! Definitely worse than Lori! This one was supposed to be NEGAN. The dang autocorrect. - KoolKam

2 Lori
3 Andrea

She caused the death of a great character! R.I.P. Hershel! - KoolKam

4 Dwight
5 Spencer

He went to Negan and talked trash about Rick. - KoolKam

6 Eugene
7 Gabriel
8 Carl
9 Ed

He was disrespectful to the women of the camp and beat his wife! I'm glad he's dead!. - KoolKam

10 Mozzie

She tried to kill Judith after she killed her own sister! *sigh* LIZZIE. (the autocorrect again) - KoolKam

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