Top Ten Most Annoying Clash Royale Cards

The Top Ten Most Annoying Clash Royale Cards

1 Sparky

Very hard to counter especially with support.

2 Balloon

It reaches the tower so quickly it's quite a frustrating card to fight against

3 Hog Rider
4 Freeze

Frustrating when my troops reach a tower then they get frozen

5 Mortar
6 Royal Giant

Royal Giant does not to be respected anymore. It makes everyone noobs.

7 Knight

It has moderat hp and mod damage and need just 3 elixir
gives you a headache of using cards or crown tower to counter - MChkflaguard_Yt

8 Archers
9 Wizard
10 X-Bow

The Newcomers

? Ice Golem

The Contenders

11 Zap
12 Minion Horde
13 Rocket
14 Rage
15 P.E.K.K.A.

Is op and scary

16 Inferno Tower
17 Lava Hound

Sure it only attacks buildings and is very slow but the amount of lava pups it summonds makes it super annoying, and only Air attackers can damage it

18 Poison
19 Tesla
20 Bats
21 Arrows

They just wipe out a group with one blow

22 Royal Ghost

Really Annoying - DanielMingi

23 Night Witch
24 Spear Goblin
25 Cannon Cart
26 Golem
27 Mega Knight
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