Most Annoying Commercials of All Time

Here are the most ear bleeding, driving you crazy commercials of all time.

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1 Apply Directly To The Forehead (Head On)

This commercial so annoying the sound got stuck in my head to so annoying - trains45

Literally a lady rubs the product on her head, and a lady is repeating Head On Apply Directly To The Forehead multiple times. - RadioHead03

2 Puppy Monkey Baby (Mountain Dew) Puppy Monkey Baby (Mountain Dew)

I don't get why people think this is funny

Not only it’s annoying, but if I saw that thing at my house, I would most likely beat the crap out of it. - RadioHead03

3 Sponge Monkeys (Quiznos)

No wonder why no one ever talks about Quiznos. Because this commercial probably stopped people from going to a Quiznos. The Sponge Monkeys are nothing more than little brats. They are ear bleeding horrible, and they make me want to throw a brick on my head. - RadioHead03

4 Poop, There It Is (Luvs)

This commercial is worse than Fifty Shades...
Literally a baby twerking to a parody of Whoomp There It Is, but Whoomp is replaced with poop. Wow very original. Also this commercial was voted worst commercial of 2011. - RadioHead03

5 1-877-Kars4Kids (Kars4Kids)

DOnAtE yOuR cAr tOdAy! - RadioHead03

6 Ring My Bell (Walmart)

What happens when you put a really annoying song in a commercial about people answering the door, and picking up packages? You get the most overplayed, annoying, and feel like bashing your head on a wall commercial ever. Walmart, your commercials suck. - RadioHead03

7 Got Me Like (Baskin Robbins)

This is one of the worst commercials i’ve ever seen in my life. A fat guy dancing to some annoying music, and a ice cream cone twerking to the music equals a terrible commercial. What kind of drugs were on when you were thinking of this commercial Baskin Robbins? - RadioHead03

8 Sweeter Than Ever (Candy Crush Friends)

Candy Crush is horrible. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Candy Crush sucks, and King sucks at making games. But this commercial? Good God is it bad. The worst part is when the narrator gets to the “bit sweeter” part, it’s looks like an acid trip, but annoying. King sucks at their games, and their crappy advertising. - RadioHead03

9 Start the Car (Ikea) Start the Car (Ikea)

This commerical is so annoying I can't stand it drove me nuts ever since I first heard it as a kid - trains45

I hate this commercial it drove me nuts ever since I was a kid

This lady is absolutely annoying. She yells, “sTaRt tHe cAr! ” Multiple times where you get to the point where you wish the lady trips in her high heels and eats crap on the floor. - RadioHead03

10 Toxic Masculinity (Gillette)

The Contenders

11 Stewart’s Beggin Strips (Beggin Strips)

It’s a commercial about Stewart the dog running down the stairs, and screaming “Beggin! ” Because the owner is giving out Beggin strips. The dogs voice is absolutely annoying, and irritating to listen to. - RadioHead03

12 SpongMonkeys (Quiznos Sub)
13 Screaming (West Edmonton Mall Commercial)

This commercial drove me nuts, it was screams non stop for few seconds I showed a roller coaster, not sure what it is called but I had to mute it when it came on

14 Juicy Drop Gum Song (Juicy Drop Gum)

Specifically the one that starts with “Gum it’s gum it’s Juicy Drop Gum”

15 The Kinder Surprise Humpty Dumpty (Kinder Surprise) The Kinder Surprise Humpty Dumpty (Kinder Surprise)
16 Kim's Discount (State Farm)
17 Cheese Commercial (Little Ceasers)
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