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Dumb Blonde

Liv Rooney was not a dumb blonde, she just comes off really, really basic. But yes, I don't like this stereotype. Particularly because they're typically shown to be more popular than their more intellectual counterparts.

Edward Elric beats that cliche! He's blonde AND SMART. He knows equivalent exchange and doesn't even need a transmutation circle for alchemy. Disney should really follow that example.

My least favorite of all, because I AM BLONDE. It's extremely insulting to me and many other blondes out there.

All excluding The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. There's also a series about a smart blonde and a dumb Asian.

Friends Who Treat Each Other Badly

Watching (Austin and Ally), I loved Ally Dawson. I just kept thinking nobody else in the show was good enough for her because of this cliche.

I would like to see Rocket Raccoon makes friends with Rocky and verbally bullies her to see how she likes it!

I would rather watch Fairy Tail (which emphasizes friendship) than put up with this cliche.

"i'm your best friend" they say

"Ill be with you forever" they say

"I wont let you down" they say

Younger Sibling is Better Than the Older Sibling

As an eldest sibling, I hate when the youngest sibling is the nicest while the oldest is the meanest. Not all older siblings are bossy and mean!

I'm a big brother and I have a younger sister. We're both smart, so no sibling should be portrayed as better than the other. It's mean.

No one is better than me. I have younger siblings and older siblings.

Nothing wrong with being born later.

Arrogant Main Characters

The main characters are always pricks

Little brats should die

Seven words: Every. Single. Teen. Sitcom. Excluding. Animated. ONES.

Nerdy Freak

I am a nerd/geek and this kind of offends me the most.
I am also offended by the diabetics are faking it stereotype.
If they are combined into one character that portrays those stereotypes, I will get a mob to burn down Disney studios.

I would consider myself to be a bit of a nerd, so I definitely LOATHE THIS CLICHE. Walt Disney would never do something like this if he still lived today. Nerds make more money, just like my Computer Programming I teacher says!

I'm a dork look I don't see anything wrong about being weird. I'm proud for being me and I'm not a fake.

Anyone with an IQ over 1 is treated like a freak. So you're telling me, Disney, intelligence is a bad thing?

Idiot Parents

Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, etc. Are very intelligent and deserve respect!

Why is every single parent an idiot who lets their kid do whatever they want?

The only smart parents on now (2016) are Corey and Topanga.

3 Words(Below)
Chicken Little's Dad!

Teenagers Pretending They Have Talent When They Don't

All the singers are idiots who look attractive but have an average voice covered with autotune

Tens who think thy can sing but just sound like autotuned fart

Disney in a nutshell since 2012

Mean Cheerleaders

Not all cheerleaders are rude petty arrogant snobs. Not all of them are mean girls who humiliate and embarrass others just because it’s fun

One of my dearest friends is a cheerleader. She's a great person, too. These people are exceptionally talented and posses the psychical and energetic ability to train hard and practice to do their best. It's wrong to judge a person based only on this stereotype!

This is such stereotype! Cheerleaders aren't all mean. I know why people do this streotype this dumb movies are convincing people
Too much!

One of my best friends is a cheerleader, and she's one of the most sweetest people I've ever meant.

Flirty Boy Who Makes a Lot of Sexual Jokes

This gives the male gender a bad name. Luke is just Lubbock from Akame ga Kill! combined with Justin Beiber. Ugh.

Not even Lubbock from Akame ga Kill! is as low as Luke.

"It appears it's just as Miss Sonia said...I'm just a, I'm not just a pest, I'm a total filthy PIG...ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MISS SONIA?!? IF I'M A FORNICATING PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO! "

- Kazuichi Souda, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair

Luke is a huge example, he keeps making jokes about touching Jessy's boobs, or looking at her in a sexual way, etc

Twist Villain

King Candy: Woah! What a trick he pulled off!
Hans: Okay, what a surprise.
Yokai: Okay, this is getting old.
Bellwether: STOP!
Te Ka being Te Fiti: NO MORE!

Alright, who wants to bet that Yesss is going to be the villain of "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2"? Come on people, place your bets!

Twist villains have to stop.

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Annoying Brother

I'm a brother, and although I sometimes get on my sister's nerve, she doesn't say I'm that annoying. Sheesh, brothers such as Sasuke and Itachi are not even annoying to the audience as much as Disney Channel annoying brothers.

Matt McGuire is another example.

I have a brother and he is my absolute best friend I probably would go nuts if my brother wasn't around, I love him dearly

Sibling Yin Yang

Unfit Siblings (Brothers and Sisters)

Underserved Sibling Yin Yang

Unfit Siblings

Unfit Brothers and Sisters

The Show-Off Who's Only Famous for Looks
Classic Fairytale Characterization Ruined

Very true. This is especially the case in Kaa. In the original Jungle Book novel, he was one of Mowgli's friends and mentors, but in the Disney film adaption, he is a comic-relief villain. Wait, WHAT?!

If Disney dares to adapt any Nintendo game into a film, worse case scenario being Fire Emblem, they will just ruin characterization much more. (One of the things that makes FE a great game series besides the anime-inspired art is the characterization, and it would suck if Disney gets their grubby Mickey Mouse gloves on the series.)

Some of the original stuff is too dark/inappropriate for little kids!

For example: Hercules. In the movie, Zeus only had 1 kid (Hercules) and Hera is his mom. In actual Greek mythology, Zeus raped a bunch of women and had a bunch of kids with them and Hera really hated Hercules since he's the son of a mortal woman.

RAPE AND CHEATING ON YOUR OWN WIFE in a kid's movie? That's just sick and so wrong on so many levels!

Parents are Dead

Hercules is the only character who's parents are still alive. They actually CAN'T DIE cause they're immortal!

why does this happen in almost every disney movie?

Obnoxious Fat Girl

By far the worst message Disney enjoys sending out. I admit even Gravity Falls does this to an extent. Even though I find Grenda lovable.

Disney has had a thing lately about making the fat one obnoxious and rude, such as Willow (live and maddie), Tris (Austin and Ally)

The Princess

I would try to have the princess do something other then sit around and wait to be rescued

the princess movies are the best disney movies to me I just love them.

Mary Sues and Gary Stus

Biggest examples of these are Isabella, Phineas and Ferb, Avery, and Chyna. They're worse than Tatsuya Shiba (but he is a badass anime character, to be honest) from The Irregular At Magic High School. At least he doesn't try to SHOW OFF! UNLIKE THESE MARY SUES AND GARY STUS! Finally, Kirito is a better Gary Stu than all of the ones from Disney Channel.

Love-Hate Relationships
Older Sibling is Better Than the Younger Sibling
Overprotective Dad

Mufasa is an example of this.

So is King Triton

Evil Stepmothers

In actual Greek mythology, Hera's Hercule's evil stepmother. In the Disney movie, she's his nice biological mom.

SJW Feminist Propaganda

Heaven forbid they have the boy character be better than the girl character at something, that’s SEXIST!
So stupid, feminism has gone way over the top.

Female characters in Disney movies are like "women are better objects than men" JUST STOP!

Four words: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Woman Protagonist

I like women protagonists. They prove that women can be strong

What how is this a cliche? there are only two genders...

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