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21 The Show-Off Who's Only Famous for Looks
22 The Wannabe Parents
23 Goofy Fat Guy

Come on, they are just annoying, not funny at all and almost destroying the movie. We see it in "The princess and the frog", "The lion king", "Atlantis", "Up". In "Pocahontas" he is the villain so he must be annoying and also Jasmine's father is kind of funny, but in other movies I just don't understand why is this charachter necessary, he is dumb and unlikable for me.

24 Villains That Look More Androgynous Than the Heroes
25 Outcasts Who Don't Fit In

This is on literally every movie known to man.

Lizzie McGuire is also another example. - DynastiSugarPop

26 Girls That Start Off With Bad Lives
27 A Jerk Who Becomes Nice
28 Sexist Stereotypes
29 Woman Protagonist
30 Damsel In Distress
31 Someone Starting Highschool and Wanting to Date a Jock

Why? Like in some Disney movies, the girls just start school and they already want to date jocks? And why jocks? There the most arrogant people in the movies. And there's always a 'popular' girl that says "hands off" or "he's mine" etc. Like WHY? It's just messed up to be honest.

32 Sibling Yin Yang
33 Older Siblings Overshadowed by Younger Siblings
34 Love-Hate Relationships
35 Adventurous Action Girl Who Turns Out to Be a Helpless Damsel in Distress During the Climax

The Lion King is the worst offender here. Nala starts out strong as a cub until the hyenas chase Simba and Nala (which Simba saves Nala by scratching Shenzi on the face) and it gets worse during towards the end of the film where Nala and the other lionesses can't fight Scar and his (insult to their real species) henchmen without Simba's help and protection.

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