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1 Puppy Dog Pals

Maddox 121 is so wrong! This show is not bad! it is the best show ever, and I'm the #1 Fan! Also, somebody said that other comment. I hate that people think this is Paw Patrol. It is better that Paw Patrol, and it's own show. paw Patrol is overrated. The Paw Patrol toys are junk. paw Patrol is one giant ad! By the way, person, Puppy Dog Pals is not a cringe show! You make me so mad! It is not so weird! you say nobody watches it? I watch it! You're wrong! This show is amazing, and everybody needs to forget Paw Patrol is a thing, and know that this show is way better. When Paw Patrol gets canceled, believe me, Puppy Dog Pals will take that fame.

Take every redeeming quality out of Paw Patrol and you would still end up with a show more entertaining and less annoying than Puppy Dog Pals. Puppy Dog Pals is the worst show ever, annoying stupid protagonists - just the worst.

Skinny Bob is a bad role model for kids... I get it's cartoonist but he's too skinny for kids! Disney junior used to be good!

This is my favorite show. To make fun of! I'm fine with it if you like it, though.

2 Fancy Nancy

The book series was better. Why did they have to make Frenchy a boy in this? She wears the same outfit every episode and half the fun of reading the books was seeing her homemade outfits. Also she's older than I thought she was when I originally read it. But this is my personal opinion and you are welcome to adore it if you wish.

This has no real plot. All I see in this show is some kids playing together in each episode. Seriously?!

I'm pissed off that good shows like Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure are so underrated. That show may not have the best animation, but it has a lot of unexpected twists, the best character in the galaxy (Varian), the songs don't pop up every single episode and are actually good.
And Raps is a complex protagonist, not a flat character.

I rest my case.

Fancy Nancy is basically about this spoiled "fancy" 7 year old girl who tries to make things better but just make them worse. Her voice is on multiple levels of painful to listen to to, like, modern fairy odd parents levels annoying! I appreciate other shows on this list for teaching good morals to very young children, but WHAT does this show teach you? How to be FANCY?!

Nancy sucks. I call her Poopy Nancy. You should take it off because it is inappropriate for little kids, they will think that what Nancy is doing is what they should be doing.

3 Nina Needs to Go Nina Needs to Go! is a Disney Junior animated series that takes the titular 4-year-old Nina to a variety of settings like the zoo and the beach. In each location, Nina finds she "needs to go" to the bathroom after becoming too engrossed in play, and the mission is to get her there before it is too late. more.

[Disclaimer: the folliwing post is based on MY PERSONAL OPINION. If you disagree - that's fine. Simply don't be rude.]

To be honest, I don't think this is the worst show in the world or at least not the most unwatchable cartoon ever made (? ), but it seems clear like this one surely ain't no "Code Lyoko" or "Bakugan".
The animation is fine, the voice acting is OK, but I can't personally get past the bland writing and so-so characters.
All in all, it might not be that terrible, but it certainly isn't really good, either, to put it mildly. I'd definitely skip this one.

They should just let the kid pee herself! And what is up with the British grandma super-spy, when they’re not even British!?! This show makes no flipping scene! I blame this show for why my niece doesn’t want to potty train.

This is the cringiest show I've ever seen. The promo on Disney Junior was even worse.

Nina needs to go die and get flushed down a toilet

4 Vampirina

This show is awful. So are a lot of shows on Disney Junior. The Hot Dog dance makes me want to blow my brains out. I feel like reaching into the new muppet babies & grabbing Animal by the throat & euthanizing him for being a spoiled, loud, out of control brat, but man! Vampirina deserves to be tied to the roof of my black Honda Accord with rope soaked in minced garlic juice on the hottest summer day & left on highway 15 about 20 minutes out of town into the desert to die a slow miserable death by baking in the brightest of the mid-August sun. Meanwhile, I would be ripping off those stupid batt wing hair pig tails that serve her no purpose but to look like a total moron. So I guess you can say I don’t particularly like Vampirina.

She definitely deserves to have me make her lunch with garlic bread to dip in garlic sauce and then thrown outside to slowly die

Her mom is the mom from Gilmore girls
Her dad is dawson from dawsons creek & for a new show, its constantly on- Now do you see why this show is annoying?!

Splash holy water and garlic powder all over her and threw her out to the sunlight to die!

5 Little Einsteins Little Einsteins is an American animated children's television series on Playhouse Disney. The educational preschool series was developed for television by Douglas Wood who created the concept and characters, and a subsequent team headed by Emmy Award-winning director Aidan Abril and JoJo's Circus co-creator more.

Quite frankly I want to RIP my ears off and scratch out my eyes after watching this show. The most annoying cartoon of all time.

I liked it as a kid so it's a bit nostalgic, but unfortunately it ruined perfectly good and beautiful classical music for me :'( I regret watching this show.

Come on, this used to be my crap when I was younger.

Oh come on! This show is from my childhood!

6 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake and the Never Land Pirates is an Annie Award-winning musical and interactive American children's animated television series shown on Disney Junior.

This show sucks. For several reasons.
1. They completely ruined Captain Hook by making him laughably unthreatening. Now he's even more of a joke than in Return to Neverland. The weird redesign doesn't help. It's like the writers forgot that he MURDERS PEOPLE ON THE REGULAR.
2. The stupid fourth wall breaking. Do kids even respond to that? Because I never did.
3. The writing is so damn cringy. Even for Disney Junior standards. every time they say something I die a little inside. Ugh

It was kind of annoying.

Not a good show.

They ruined peterpan

7 PJ Masks PJ Masks is an animated children's television series produced by Entertainment One, Frog Box, and TeamTO.

I love this show. The best cartoon. It's not bad. You can and I can have lessons in here. Even you are a villain you can still a hero like luna girl. Whoever make this cartoon please make new shows so we can watch some more, please. Sofia the First is more annoying. You cannot learn anything. She is kind, but with magic. We do not have any magic. I know PJ Masks too, but no magic.

I love this show! I got so many friends from the fandom and they're all amazing!

Why does this exist.

PJ Masks can’t think for themselves, even in situations they are working together.

8 T.O.T.S.

Discovering this show is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

I am JP in this show! That's why it's my favorite, because I love myself so much.

The songs on this show are super annoying.

It makes me want to play in traffic

9 Dinopaws

They don't know how to talk


10 Miles from Tomorrowland

You ruined Tomorrowland, the entire Disney theme park franchise, and Disney itself. How rude!

So annoying after this show will be Mission Force One the more annoying

It sucks I hate it

Time for a crusade...

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11 The Lion Guard The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film "The Lion King". The series was first broadcast with a television movie titled "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January more.

This show ruined the Lion King ans so many predatory animals that are portrayed as antagonists in this show.

This show is overrated and a continuation of the Kimba/Jungle Emperor Leo rip-off Lying- I mean Lion King.

I don't think the target audience understands the growing drama.

I don't think this is a good addition to the Lion king franchise.

12 The Octonauts The Octonauts is a British children's television series, produced by Silvergate Media for the BBC channel CBeebies.

Who put this show on the list? I watch this show on Cbeebies, (which is pretty dumb because I'm 9.) It's not annoying, it's informative, NOW SHUT UP.

It's pretty cute, and I love sea animals. I used to watch this when I was around 9.

I think this one is actually pretty good.


13 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American computer-animated interactive children's television series which aired from May 5, 2006, to November 6, 2016. The series, Disney Television Animation's first computer animated series, is aimed at preschoolers.

This is a part of my childhood, but I felt that this series wasn't necessary.

€M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E, that’s me! ”

Theme song is unbearable.
Hot Dog is OK, but it does not cut the mustard.

14 Henry Hugglemonster

Henry is loud and immature and I just cannot take him.

Henry is so damn loud.

But at least it’s not as harmful as Fancy Nancy

15 Sofia the First Sofia the First is an American computer-animated television series that features a commoner joining the royal family as a princess.

I used to like this when I was younger. It's better than the dumb Vampirina show.

I like this show. Yeah sure it has it flaws but it also has good stuff.

Sofia’s voice is the most annoying thing I’ve heard and I just wanna explode.

16 Molang

Molang can be a bit annoying, but it's OK...

17 Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

No, I won’t. He’s your pet, so do it yourself! When did I, suddenly become his responsibility you irresponsible boy? And what mother lets a kid have an alligator aka something that can eat you, as pet!?

No, do it yourself.

18 Mickey and the Roadster Racers

I think Disney Jr. tried to combine Mario cart and Mickey together but failed

This show is racist.

19 Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins is an American-Irish animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films.

Used to like this when I was, once again, around 9 or 10 years of age, but now I grew out of it. Happy Monster Band, which is my favorite PHD/DJ show will forever be better than this show.

Why does her name is Doc?
So annoying how does those toys become alive and have her own world?

It's a cute show but if you dislike routines than you'll dislike this.

All the trees are felt. Why?

20 Elena of Avalor Elena of Avalor is an American-Animated television series created by Craig Gerber which first debuted on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior on July 22, 2016 and is currently airing on those channels. Princess Elena, the main protagonist is the first Latin-American Disney princess. The city of Avalor more.

Overall, nice show. I guess.

21 Muppet Babies Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, commonly known by the shortened title Muppet Babies, is an American animated television series that aired from September 15, 1984 to November 2, 1991 on CBS.

As a Jim Henson fan, I am alright with this reboot. It doesn't feature all the muppets (in most episodes I seen), Mostly Kermit, Mrs Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and Summer (a penguin). Stories are creative, and can teach morals, like not everyone can like the same things, even if they are your best friend. Also, Mrs Piggy goes from loving romance to stardom in this series.

22 Minnie's Bow Tique

"You're always welcome at Minnie's bow-tique! "
I would rather go to Michael's and buy art stuff than watch this segment!

Ross would sell her bows for a lot less

Voices are so whiny!

Shop ‘til you freak at Minnie’s bow-tique.

23 Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol

These little crap heads run around and get their kicks tattling on their poor innocent (former) “friends” (Lester is their favorite victim) and other kids for doing normal stuff like EATING A CANDY BAR or drinking a can of pop. The episodes really should begin like this.

[at the playground]
Black Boy:[ on jungle gym] ok all clear! We don’t see, Lou and Lou!
Asian girl:[on jungle gym] Better hurry and eat those dangerous “snacks”
[all the kids laugh”
Lester: I named my baseball Lou and Lou. That way I’m tempted to hit it further.
Asian girl: Run everybody run!
[everybody books it]
Lou and Lou: We can give that uhh uhh basketball a safety violation!
B-ball: Yeah I don’t think so losers, Do it and you’re getting a face full of “Wilson basketball”! Come on fellas[all the balls roll/bounce away]

24 Kate and Mim-Mim
25 Robocar Poli

This show isn't a Disney Jr show, It's an EBS & a Nickelodeon TV Show, I mean come on, They have eye windshields, Like just like the vehicles from Cars, Chuggington and Planes, TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST NOW!

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