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1 Home on the Range

It's weird, but for some reason I was afraid of this movie and it gave nightmares...I seriously don't know why - Myuuu

I really hated this movie. It's really dull, boring and ugly. - RaccoonCartoon

2 Chicken Little

The only thing that I truly hate about this movie is chicken little's father - Myuuu

I will never get this movie. - RaccoonCartoon

This movie annoyed me even when I was little

My list is populour yay - Belle9090

3 Meet the Robinsons

I want a mission where every copy of this movie is taken to space and blown up!

I want a mission where every single one of your brain cells is closely examined for a disease. - CostcoHotDogs

The only annoying thing about this movie is how underrated it is! - 445956

I really like this movie to be honest, why is this even here? - Myuuu

It's not even that bad! - Phillip873

4 Mulan II

Disney sucks at making sequels. Mulan was such a good movie, but the sequel mainly revolves around romance, and the characters become jerks for no reason. - RaccoonCartoon

I like to pretend that this movie doesn't exist because I like mulan - Myuuu

The Disney sequels should take up the first 10 spaces on the list - Phillip873

5 Frozen

The story is kinda boring, the songs and most of the characters are forgettable, and Disney kept shoving this 2014 movie down our asses. They should have let it go - Myuuu

I am so sick and tired of it - atomicjellyfishdragon

I wish peopled stop bringing it up - EliHbk

6 Moana

Yes, it is a good movie, but slowly it is turning into nothing but bootleg bait. Even though the songs are still beautiful, I'm kind of getting sick of hearing them everywhere, and the merchandise's obnoxious, we do not need Moana baby dolls if Moana's purpose is to show what women can do! Other than that, Moana is a good movie. - RaccoonCartoon

I really like this movie. It's a nice one. But the 1st graders started a Moana singing group and I can't ever sleep on the bus! Plus, my sister watches it at least 2 times a day. Way to go, Disney. Your movies are taking over the world. - FrozenWhisker

This movie is actually pretty good, in my opinion, there are many other Disney movies that should be in here instead of this one - Myuuu

7 High School Musical

Why isn't this higher? - Phillip873

8 Nightmare Before Christmas

Just how is this annoying? And why lower than the disaster Home on the range?

In what way is this annoying? - kempokid

Who added it here it great - BoyGenius234

9 Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

I hate Sofia The First so I hate this too. - RaccoonCartoon

Sofia the first and last - Myuuu

10 James and the Giant Peach

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11 Treasure Planet

I like this movie actually, it's sad that it didn't received the attention it deserved - Myuuu

12 Hocus Pocus
13 Zootopia

But Zootopia is one of the best Disney movies - MegaSoulhero

This movie is great, yes. But many scenes in the movie just had me cringing. Just from the annoying personality that Judy Hopps has, the bad attempt at bullying by Gideon Grey, to the intentional (and pretty funny) beginning scene with the play, etc. - JakePlaid

14 Planes

This movie was so bad that nobody, even Disney themselves, ever talks about it again. Disney doesn't market it or sell any merchandise for it. This was simply a massive failure - Mcgillacuddy

Anyone even remember this movie? - Phillip873

Planes, we didn't need it, it sucks - Myuuu

15 The Wild
16 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

Why is this not on first place? - Myuuu

17 Oliver and Company

I pretty much hate all of the dog Disney movies. Yes, even the live action ones. - RaccoonCartoon

Now your really triggering disney1994 with his favorite movie without even noticing I'm actually like him and he's fine he has a problem of making his wrath perish in a short period of time and that's ok - Kevinsidis

18 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
19 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
20 G-Force
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