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Home on the Range Home on the Range Product Image

Forgot this existed and even as the kid they were targeting, I didn't want to watch this

It's weird, but for some reason I was afraid of this movie and it gave nightmares...I seriously don't know why

Zapped Zapped Product Image

Feminism dream here since it revolves around a girl using her phone to control boys and the way it happened was stupid and illogical.

James and the Giant Peach James and the Giant Peach Product Image

It's just creepy. It bothers me a lot. Just the pictures are disturbing and ruins the whole movie.

Chicken Little Chicken Little Product Image

The only thing that I truly hate about this movie is chicken little's father

This movie annoyed me even when I was little

G-Force G-Force Product Image
Frozen Frozen Product Image

It's everywhere and I was forgetting it existed by the time the sequel came around which didn't need to happen. I hated it when it came out and I hate it now and forever will.

How bad is frozen the 5th worst Disney movie the worst is chicken little
Home on the range inspector gadget 1 and 2 song of the south Mulan 2
Cinderella 2 and dinosaurs.

I'm not a fan of musicals in general, but Disney knows a brilliant way to really piss me off. and looks like they're ready for round 2 with the sequel around the corner. Kill me.


-"Let it go" constantly gets stuck in my head!
-Their characters are EVERYWHERE. I saw them in VEGAS. Why can't they just stay in Anaheim?
-too many character merchandise
-they appeared in NYC! (Olaf in Macy's parade)
-people won't stop talking about it.
-little girls are crazy over them. (Like teen fans of One Direction and Bieber)


Mulan II Mulan II Product Image

I like to pretend that this movie doesn't exist because I like mulan

The Disney sequels should take up the first 10 spaces on the list

High School Musical High School Musical Product Image

High schooler speaking here, this movie series sucks and tried to hype kids for high school when we came to and it was all a big joke. Should not have been made

Why isn't this higher?

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Product Image
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True Cinderella II: Dreams Come True Product Image

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The Black Cauldron The Black Cauldron Product Image
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Product Image
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Product Image

Why is this not on first place?

Meet the Robinsons Meet the Robinsons Product Image

The only annoying thing about this movie is how underrated it is!

I want a mission where every copy of this movie is taken to space and blown up!

I want a mission where every single one of your brain cells is closely examined for a disease.

I really like this movie to be honest, why is this even here?

How can anybody hate this movie it?!

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess Product Image

This series and movie is stupid and shouldn't exist

Sofia the first and last

Would she ever shut up?

Moana Moana Product Image

I really like this movie. It's a nice one. But the 1st graders started a Moana singing group and I can't ever sleep on the bus! Plus, my sister watches it at least 2 times a day. Way to go, Disney. Your movies are taking over the world.

This movie is actually pretty good, in my opinion, there are many other Disney movies that should be in here instead of this one

This movie annoyed me even when I was little. An its awful.

How to Build a Better Boy How to Build a Better Boy Product Image

I said this about Zapped and I'll say it here. Feminist dream. Creating a simp that eventually turns evil. Shouldn't have been made

The Wild The Wild Product Image

This is a horrible ripoff of dreamworks’ Madagascar!

Nightmare Before Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas Product Image

Just how is this annoying? And why lower than the disaster Home on the range?

In what way is this annoying?

Who added it here it great

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Product Image
Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus Product Image
Zombies Zombies Product Image

Movie about segregation. enough said

Ralph Breaks the Internet Ralph Breaks the Internet Product Image
Zootopia Zootopia Product Image

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" is more annoying than this, and for similar reasons, but it wasn't on here and I didn't want to vote for the original.

The terrible puns and overt SJW preaching do not "one of the best Disney movies" make

I never knew there were so many furries and SJWs in this world until this movie got insanely popular and fans defended it like their child

This movie is great, yes. But many scenes in the movie just had me cringing. Just from the annoying personality that Judy Hopps has, the bad attempt at bullying by Gideon Grey, to the intentional (and pretty funny) beginning scene with the play, etc.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves Aladdin and the King of Thieves Product Image
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