Top Ten Most Annoying Family Members

Who is the most annoying family member in your family?

The Top Ten Most Annoying Family Members

1 Sister

These types are very annoying and dumb if we do something they don't give it in return

She was sent here to ruin my life. Every little thing I do is bad! I'm not perfect. And now she says I'm talking back!? All I said was "I didn't do anything,your just getting mad at me". She says "You need to stop acting like a little smart ass""i'm telling mom that your talking back". Ugh older sisters. I hate them. She treats me badly. I sometimes cry because of her.

I love my sister, she always makes me laugh and makes me happy. I did have a friend my age with a younger sister that she used to hit because she annoyed her

She is annoying period. >:(

2 Nephew

The five-year-old? Yea, he/she enjoys chewing on wires only when I'm babysitting.

NO my nephew are awesome! >:(

3 Brother

I'm actually younger than my brother, and yet he acts like a SPOILED FIVE YEAR OLD.

Yes, my older brother acts like a FIVE year old. He constantly begs for things, he wants everything, and worst of all. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" - MasterHand

I just wanna crush his fat face. Spoiled punk gets everything I had to wait till 13 to get. He is 10 and has made my like a living hell. He can be liveable but 99.9% of the time I just wanna beat him until he treats me like a person for once. Has to ruin everything on purpose. He makes me wanna wish I was a single child, but I'm so nice I never do.

Brothers are by far the worst. They constantly pester you and basically make your life hell. Especially with one like mine, who acts a fifth of his age. - PositronWildhawk

My older brother treats me like I'm the only one being bossed around. Not joking. He always worry what I bring upstairs, always snitch on me, and asks if he wants to tell me what to do. I hate him so much! - HelloWhyImHere2

4 Grandma

I hate my Grandma so much! She takes 90% of what I say as an insult, she treats me like a baby, she keeps interrupting me every time I am busy, her dogs keep barking in the middle of night and won't shut the hell up, like I said: I hate her. -CandyBlood13

They always complain about how loud babies are. They were once a baby to.

My grandma only cares about herself and tries to make my sister and I feel horrible for not going to babyish movies with her.

My grandma is so annoying that when she’s out at work it’s a relief! Basically she nags everyday, saying ‘oh give me this’ ‘give me that’ when she can get it herself! Jesus!

5 Mother

Reprimanded me for everything

My mom used to brainwash me when I was little about my dad and she still tries to, now I realize everything she said about him is bull. - Henry1000

Same as the sis, only older.

6 Cousin

They always act so annoying. When I asked my cousin to play with her, she starts CRYING.

U should know if you have cousins, U R A COUSIN TOO. But anyway
One of them is always on her phone.
One is always never getting in trouble by his mom or aunts on dad or uncles, me and my sis on the other hand always getting in trouble by them. He always reads my diaries and messes up my stuff.
Another is always watching old cartoons or playing Fortnite and Call Of Duty Black Ops.
Another is always Snap-chatting.
Some other two always take my clothes when saying they just are borrowing it.
And last, the one always hurting the baby.

Do they screw things up for you on purpose?

UGH I HATE COUSINS. My little baby cousin is so annoying. She's drys abo eveyr single thing. When I am using a blanket she pulls it away. When she falls on her back she crys. It was only a little fall! SHE WAS ON THE FLOOR.

7 Uncle

Uncles are not that bad in my opinion - MangoFruitJuice

Need I say more?

Happy Easter everyone! WHO IS IT?!
It's your uncle!

I have one really good one on my mothers side.And one that acts like a 5 year old smokes,drinks and looks 21 years old than he is. - Ilyas678

8 Father

He spies on my computer all the time


My dad is dumb. And annoying too. - Ketrikal

9 Aunt

The one who makes sure you're eating well and then slips the diet book into your Christmas stocking.

10 Stepsister

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11 Stepfather
12 Stepmother
13 Stepbrother
14 Great-Aunt

Mine speaks to me, my sister, and my cousins like we’re 1-2 years old. Our ages range from 7-25 years old. Seriously, it’s so annoying!

15 Great-Uncle

Mine does inappropriate things to little kids like stick things down their pants

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