Top 10 Most Annoying Female Characters from Animated Movies


The Top Ten

1 Lucy Wilde - Despicable Me 2

She says what she wants to say! She doesn't listen to others' words! Very annoying! - Victoryboy

She's ok in DM2, but in DM3 she's awesomne - darthvadern

2 Kiara - The Lion King 2: Simba' s Pride Kiara - The Lion King 2: Simba' s Pride

No. She's a great strong female lead. The pic of her as a cub is cute! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, but she doesn't listen to her father, Simba's words. Other things are fine with her! - Victoryboy

This film was awful! - Victoryboy

So true, the TLK franchise as a whole is awful.

3 Jessie - Toy Story 2
4 Ellie - Ice Age
5 Rapunzel - Tangled Rapunzel - Tangled Rapunzel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short sequel Tangled Ever After. She is the tenth Disney Princess, the first Disney Princess to be CGI-animated, and the first Disney Princess to have freckles or green eyes.

She's funny too! - Victoryboy

6 Jewel - Rio

Its Fine If You Don't Like Her

7 Dory - Finding Nemo Dory - Finding Nemo Dory is a major character from the film, Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory. She is a blue tang known for her short-term memory loss and tends to forget almost everything, even the fish that she knows personally. This makes the mission to find Nemo even more difficult for Marlin.

She was funny but annoying too! - Victoryboy

8 Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6

For all her knowledge and talent, she is pathetically naive-'Let's not jump to conclusions. We don't know he's trying to kill us.' Her reaction to seeing the super-villain in the mask was to photograph him with her camera phone. Also, needs to wear problem glasses to give a stereotypical image of being intelligent/educated/smart (even though she may not be myopic). - bst

9 Fiona - Shrek
10 Vanessa Bloome - Bee Movie

The Contenders

11 Anna - Frozen Anna - Frozen Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

She's nothing but a huge major insult to Gerda (The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen) anyway

12 Joy - Inside Out Joy - Inside Out
13 Minions - Despicable Me
14 Barbara Gordon - Lego Batman Movie
15 Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)
16 GoGo Tomago - Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago - Big Hero 6
17 Queen Elinor - Brave Queen Elinor - Brave
18 Aunt Cass - Big Hero 6
19 Helen Parr - The Incredibles
20 Elastigirl - The Incredibles
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