Top Ten Most Annoying Female Harry Potter Characters


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1 Dolores Umbridge Dolores Umbridge

I wouldn't say she's annoying as much as sadistic, evil, and close-minded. She was probably the most evil villain, even compared to Voldemort. Voldemort's evil is upfront, but hers is so quiet that you don't notice it until it attacks. Also she's basically the personification of the American Education System.

Most annoying person ever! I'm reading the book where u first meet her(5th) and I just wand to burn and shred her annoying sweater which she where's every hour of every day. She was rlly cruel to Harry when he did detention...HELLO CHILD ABUSE even though she technically did not touch him she knew he would get hurt and she did it on purpose. She wouldn't even let them practise defense against the dark arts spells not to mention her annoying rules

Voldemort is bugs bunny compared to this frilly pink toad

Jump off the face of the Earth you little beech - Swiftdawn

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2 Aunt Petunia
3 Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle

Stupid ugly fat dead decaying pale ghost that lives in the bathroom and looks at poor bathing harry who is naked and he is a boy and she is a girl such a twisted story I hate this ugly cactus that is pale and why pigtales that makes her even more annoying and stupid.


4 Lavender Brown Lavender Brown


God I hate this stupid ugly idiot. She should be number one. Also, FYI, some of the people on here (cough cough Dolores Umbridge cough cough Bellatrix Lestrange) aren't just annoying. They're close-minded, cruel, and delight in the torment of others (Umbridge, for example). Or they're mentally insane, permanently damaged, and have horrific killer tendencies (BELLATRIX HELLO )

5 Cho Chang

Why most annoying? she is very cute

6 Sybill Trelawney

Why is she even on here?

Annoying is right word word

7 Rita Skeeter

I liked Rita Skeeter more when she was a bug! ( In fact I didn't like her at all.) Then I could squish her! Now I'm turning into Hermione Granger! Now rita is driving me mad! that's how much I hate her! The End

The original 'FAKE NEWS! ' hehe


Ugh, this bitch. The other people on here are either "meh" or evil. But she's just like the paparazzi that follow around celebrities and never leave them alone. Actually, she's like a four-year-old who makes up stories to get attention. SQUASH THAT BUG!

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8 Narcissa Malfoy
9 Pansy Parkinson
10 Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

If she didn't murder Sirius, I would have liked her more. - Swiftdawn

She is a PSYCOPATH. She murdered Sirius.
Rip Sirius

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11 Ginny Weasley Ginny Weasley

She was not making fun of Luna, she told Neville that Luna is alright and then was polite to Luna when she went in the carriage. You should say Hermione was also making fun of Luna in the movie. Hermione had Ginny's line.
She was just a background characters in the earlier books, you hate that a background character married Harry Potter. You hate that a background character had been practising Quidditch since she was 6 years old. Hermione told her brothers who never let her play with them.
You hate that a background character could use hexes and could become popular in school at the age of 14. Early teens.
She was not a fangirl she was as excited as everyone else was in the first book to see Harry Potter, like in the Leaky Cauldron or before Harry knew he was a wizard people bowed to him or waved at him. Even Hermione had read all about him. Same with Fred and George.
She hid from him and was shy but Ron said she never shuts up normally does that sound like a fan ...more

Mary Sue means perfect. Ginny is not perfect! She mocks people( she makes up for it for Luna ) she is very rebellious and has major flaws( Boyfriends? )And I will say, she loved Harry Potter for who he is, after book 4.

She does not belong on this list she is not annoying - slushy

Perfect example of a annoying Mary Sue... - SomePersonYouHate

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12 Eloise Midgen


13 Hermione Granger Hermione Granger

Absolutely not. - Swiftdawn

Screw you guys I'm going to the PDF's of Tanya Grotter.

14 Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood was a witch, the only child and daughter of Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood. Her mother accidentally died while experimenting with spells when Luna was nine and Luna was raised by her father, editor of the magazine The Quibbler, in a rook-like house near the village of Ottery St Catchpole more.

She is sweet, kind, funny, wacky in a good way, beautiful, and a wonderful witch! Haters BACK OFF MY LUNA - Swiftdawn

She is like so hot

She's ugly, she's weird, she's looney, she's stupid, she's crazy, she's a wack job, she's freaky, she's ugly, she's annoying, she's the worst

What. she is so cute and sweet

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15 Merope Gaunt
16 Nymphadora Tonks

Hate putting her here, but all she did after a very strong debut in book five was spend book six obsessing and pining over a dude and all she did in the last book was give birth and get killed.

17 Winky
18 Lily Potter

She ditched snape

19 Hannah Abbott

What! she is amazing!

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