Top Ten Most Annoying and Generic Nickelback Songs

The Top Ten Most Annoying and Generic Nickelback Songs

1 Something In Your Mouth (Dark Horse)

This song sounds pretty weird. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

This list, screams half-assed and targeted towards NickelBackLinkinPark4Eva.

Nickelback hate is old now. Last time I checked it was 2019. Not 2009. K mate. - B1ueNew

2 Rockstar (All the Right Reasons)

But it's so good :(


I think it’s pretty good after a few listenings. I might regret my Nickelback bandwagoning now. Sorry - Userguy44

3 S.E.X. (Dark Horse)

€Nickelback doesn't sing songs about sex.”
Look at the quotation - RadioHead03

4 Photograph (All the Right Reasons)

Best song, best album from my favorite band. - NickelbackYesColdplayNo


LOOK AT THIS GRAPH! - TheDarkOne_221b

5 How You Remind Me (Silver Side Up)

No offense, but this isn't a really bad song in my opinion. Chad's voice is pretty good and it doesn't as generic as normal. It's a really good song. - Userguy44

Is it bad that I actually kinda like this? Lol - Misfire

One of favorites. If you hate it, then you need to get a life. And that’s a scientifically proven fact. - NickelbackYesColdplayNo

6 Gotta Be Somebody (Dark Horse)
7 Someday (The Long Road)
8 Got Me Runnin' Round (No Fixed Address)
9 She Keeps Me Up (No Fixed Address)
10 Far Away (All the Right Reasons)
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