Top Ten Most Annoying Girly Stereotypes

Even tough I am not a girl I want this stereotype wall to stop!
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We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice

I am female and my relatives all think that I have the voice of a man

I'm a tomboy but my voice is higher than most of my friends

I have a deep-ish voice

I’m girly and my voice is not high pitched

We wear puffy pink dresses

I'm a girl and I ABSOLUTELY HATE wearing puffy dresses. I wore them when I was little but now I'm a tomboy and I prefer suits instead.

My favourite I hate boyish stuffs and I'm a girly girl and I'm nice

I hate wearing pink dresses. I think I look weird in them

I wear a dress like, every two months

We can’t play video games

I'm a girly girl and I love to play video games like Spyro the dragon, Ratchet and Clank, Crash bandicoot, Minecraft and Skylanders

Mobile Legends, Cyber Hunter...what are those, huh? Baby dress up games?

I can play video games, and I love them. I just suck at them.

I'm a female, a tomboy, and I LOVE playing video games!

We are slower than boys

I'm slower than everyone.

No. I walk very quickly

We stay home and do chores

UMMM their girly girls not goodie two shoes chores sucks only goodie goodies do them

Chores are boring, in my opinion

We are weak

I managed to fight off three boys

I’m female and I'm stronger than my dad

We can’t play sports

Oh my gosh this stereotype is annoying! Two of my guy friends are so sure they can beat me in basketball one v one. Well I clobbered one using a FLAT basketball and haven't played the other yet (but when I do I think I’ll win...wish me luck! ).
Just recently my girls basketball team played against a guys basketball team and they were sitting there laughing before the game even started bcs they figured we were gonna suck bcs we were a girls team! The guy who defended me was laughing the whole time he was doing so...until I faked him out, drove by him, and made my lay up. Then he got all embarrassed and respected me. The next game we played against them, his jeering mouth shut up for almost the whole game. He was too busy worrying about losing to a girls team, which his team almost did!
If there's one thing I love it’s proving myself to boys who think girls suck at sports, bcs I gave those boys something to worry about! 😉

The girls I know are better at sports than the guys.

I'm female and I love playing basketball

I play tennis, do tae kwon do, and ski. I also do yoga and Pilates

We love the color pink

I am female and I like pink but I am not obsessed with it and I also like other colors as well

Pink is a pretty colour, but I like neutral colours like black, white, navy, and grey

Well, I'm a tomboy and I hate girly things

I like purple instead

We love make-up too much

I hate wearing make-up

I hate make up

I’m female and I believe that makeup is not necessary

I don’t like make up

We are dumb

Okay, I am a girly girl, and I fit in all of those stereotypes, but dumb? Not all girly girls are dumb. Just look at Elle Woods!

I get some of the highest grades in the class

It's time to stop! ✋

Excuse me? This is SEXIST

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We aren't gay unless we are tomboys

This list sickens me.
I like the colors blue, black, red, and purple.
The closest amount of "girly" I can get with what I wear is a random t shirt, a pair of jeans, and some hoodie.
I'm not stupid, and I make good grades.
WHY do people think this makes me a lesbian?
I'm not one.

Just because I'm a tomboy doesn't make me a lesbian

Nah. I like girls and I’m kind of girly (not very, though)

YASSS! sorry I'm not propper at garmeer. This is so sutpid plus, tomboys are the best I'm a tomboy and I burp and fart in class, also I play in the dit and cath toads! plus girly girls are gay tomboys are hot and cool and way better. POOR TOMBOYS GIVE ME A HUG no not a hug that's gay and for girly girls lets do a high five that's boy like so people wont make fun of me. Yup, don't be a girly girl and have NOTHING girly in me they are gay furries will beat them up because they are awesome! and roblox charracters will kill them to! I HATE EVERY GIRLY GIRLS EVEN IF THEY ARE NICE TO TOMBOYS ME don't TRUST THEM-LPS tomboy

We swoon over boy bands

I hate boy bands. Most, if not all of them sound exactly the same.

I like some BTS songs, but I don't worship them!

All of these are bad, but I just hate this one...

Boy bands are crap

We want to be the queen

No way I want to be an artist instead

Nah. I want to be the king

NO! I wanna be a killer!

artist over here

We like unicorns

No. Unicorns are stupid and lame

I’m female and the only unicorn I like is the one in the Squatty Potty commercial

mlp. that's the only exception

We like dolly tea parties

I'm a girl and the only dolly that I like is Dolly Parton

Those are for babies

I don’t know anyone over the age of 10 who likes dolly tea parties.

We think boys all have "cooties"

No, only 2-4 year olds and feminazis think that.

Only American girls think boys have cooties.


no that's not girly girls only young girls think of this (2-6)

We like shiny jewelry

Jewelry is okay, but I can go without it

I’m not a fan of jewelry. I find most of it uncomfortable.

I don’t own jewelry

We love to wear high heels

I'm a girly girl and I like flats shoes more than heels!

No. High heels are uncomfortable for me

I constantly trip in high heels

No, I don’t care how good something looks. If it’s not comfortable, I am not wearing it, period, and high heels are the complete opposite of comfortable.

We hate action movies

I adore marvel and power rangers.

I love Marvel a lot

I love action :D

We are all hot and sexy

I wish I was sexy

I don’t really think I’m sexy :(
I’m more cute

no. not all girly girls are sexy. UNLESS JUMPY GHOSTFACE AS A GIRL HAS SEXY ASS HIPS FROM HERO 108

We don't like sports

I like some sports

I personally don’t, but I know a girl who loves them and even plays in sports teams.

We are mommy and daddy's little girl

Not true! Parents love their children equally! Not just "Mummy's and Daddy's little princess! "

We like barbies

Barbies are dumb

We love romantic movies

I'm a girl and I'm not a fan of romantic movies. I like them a little bit.

I'm girly I hate romance

We want a prince

Lol disney be like

Nah. I want a king

This isn’t a Disney movie...

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