Top Ten Most Annoying Girly Stereotypes

Even tough I am not a girl I want this stereotype wall to stop!

The Top Ten

1 We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice

Are you a girl or not? You said you are not a girl but, everything on this list starts with we - SamMcI0036

2 We wear puffy pink dresses

I'm a girl and I ABSOLUTELY HATE wearing puffy dresses. I wore them when I was little but now I'm a tomboy and I prefer suits instead.

3 We can’t play video games

I'm a female, a tomboy, and I LOVE playing video games!

I'm good at video games

I'm tomboy, I can play! - Sugarcubecorner

Girls can play video games...
...but if they are me, they're just really bad at them.

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4 We are slower than boys

I'm slower than everyone.

5 We stay home and do chores
6 We are weak
7 We can’t play sports

The girls I know are better at sports than the guys. - RustyNail

8 We love the color pink

Well, I'm a tomboy and I hate girly things - Sugarcubecorner

Azure is better.

9 We love make-up too much
10 We are dumb

Excuse me? This is SEXIST

No - Sugarcubecorner

The Contenders

11 We want a prince

Lol disney be like

12 We don't like sports
13 We don't like to get dirty
14 We like long hair
15 We like dolly tea parties
16 We think boys all have "cooties"
17 We want to live in a castle
18 We are mommy and daddy's little girl
19 We like shiny Jewelry
20 We love to wear high heels
21 We like ballet
22 We want to be the queen
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