Top Ten Most Annoying Girly Stereotypes

Even tough I am not a girl I want this stereotype wall to stop!

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1 We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice

Are you a girl or not? You said you are not a girl but, everything on this list starts with we - SamMcI0036

2 We wear puffy pink dresses

I'm a girl and I ABSOLUTELY HATE wearing puffy dresses. I wore them when I was little but now I'm a tomboy and I prefer suits instead.

No. - 3DG20

I’m female and I look up to Alan Walker, so I wear black hoodies! Not stupid itchy, uncomfortable princessy garb-age.

3 We can’t play video games

I'm a female, a tomboy, and I LOVE playing video games!

I can play video games, and I love them. I just suck at them. - 3DG20

I'm good at video games

I'm tomboy, I can play! - Sugarcubecorner

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4 We are slower than boys

I'm slower than everyone.

5 We stay home and do chores
6 We are weak
7 We can’t play sports

The girls I know are better at sports than the guys. - RustyNail

I'm female and I love playing basketball

8 We love the color pink

Well, I'm a tomboy and I hate girly things - Sugarcubecorner

Azure is better.

Don’t get me wrong, all the hate pink gets is really annoying, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I prefer black, blue, purple, orange, red etc. - 3DG20

9 We love make-up too much
10 We are dumb

Excuse me? This is SEXIST

No - Sugarcubecorner

The Contenders

11 We aren't gay unless we are tomboys

Just because I'm a tomboy doesn't make me a lesbian

YASSS! sorry I'm not propper at garmeer. This is so sutpid plus, tomboys are the best I'm a tomboy and I burp and fart in class, also I play in the dit and cath toads! plus girly girls are gay tomboys are hot and cool and way better. POOR TOMBOYS GIVE ME A HUG no not a hug that's gay and for girly girls lets do a high five that's boy like so people wont make fun of me. Yup, don't be a girly girl and have NOTHING girly in me they are gay furries will beat them up because they are awesome! and roblox charracters will kill them to! I HATE EVERY GIRLY GIRLS EVEN IF THEY ARE NICE TO TOMBOYS ME don't TRUST THEM-LPS tomboy

12 We swoon over boy bands

I hate boy bands. Most, if not all of them sound exactly the same. - 3DG20

I like BTS, but I like them for their music! I don’t swoon over them! That’s be yucky!

13 We want a prince

Lol disney be like

This isn’t a Disney movie... - 3DG20

14 We don't like sports

I personally don’t, but I know a girl who loves them and even plays in sports teams. - 3DG20

15 We don't like to get dirty
16 We like long hair

I'm a girl and I love long hair!

Personally, I don’t like having long hair that much myself and I mostly (with a few exceptions) prefer guys with shorter hair, but I like it on other girls. - 3DG20

17 We like dolly tea parties

I don’t know anyone over the age of 10 who likes dolly tea parties. - 3DG20

18 We think boys all have "cooties"

No, only 2-4 year olds and feminazis think that. - 3DG20

19 We want to live in a castle

No, I wanna live in a mansion. >:) (Jk) - 3DG20

20 We are mommy and daddy's little girl
21 We like shiny jewelry

I’m not a fan of jewelry. I find most of it uncomfortable. - 3DG20

22 We love to wear high heels

I constantly trip in high heels

No, I don’t care how good something looks. If it’s not comfortable, I am not wearing it, period, and high heels are the complete opposite of comfortable. - 3DG20

23 We like ballet
24 We want to be the queen
25 We are obsessed with fashion

I'm a girl and I find clothes shopping BORING!

26 We like rainbows
27 We like barbies
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1. We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice
2. We wear puffy pink dresses
3. We can’t play video games


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