The Most Annoying Groups of Video Gamers


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1 PC Elitists

Quit acting like you're superior to everyone else just because you have better graphics. Last time I checked, gameplay was the most important part of games. - Infamousdeejay724

They seem to think that having a superior gaming platform makes you some kind of superior human being, having fun with a console is a true sin in their eyes.
It seems like they have forgotten that the main purpose of gaming is just having fun.

The PC master race sucks. There, I said it. - ThatOneRacer

2 Console Fanboys
3 Call of Duty Community

I mean seriously, it's where the whiny racist 12 year old gamer stereotype originated. Keep giving Activision your money you sheep. - Infamousdeejay724

4 Sonic Fanboys

"I hate sonic unleashed and sonic colors for having the same problems the sonic adventure games had." - Infamousdeejay724

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5 League of Legends Community
6 Sport Simulator Fans

You literally buy the same game every year, even though little to no changes or effort are being put into them. - Infamousdeejay724

7 Kids That Tell You to Stop Killing Them.

That is sooo annoying

Me: -tries to kill them-
Me: Chill - Emberflight_of_StormClan

8 Mobile Gamers
9 Ragers
10 Angry Teens That Say "Hacker" When You Didn't Hack.

Just because someone is good at a game doesn't immediately mean they are hacking. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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11 Indie Hipsters

These people think that all popular video games suck, and then go say journey is like the best game ever and a true work of art. - Infamousdeejay724

12 Hackers
13 Glitchers
14 Gamers That Try to Be Cool by Swearing a Lot.
15 The FGC
16 Mario Fanboys

Someone added this here, because they were mad that sonic fanboys were number 5. - nintendofan126

17 People That Leave If They're Losing
18 Undertale Fanbase

They are horrible, but not all of it is bad. I recently met an Undertale fan and I said this. "I hope you do know your Fanbase is terrible." and he replied with "Yes. I know." But that percentage of good Undertale Fans are only 5% of the Fanbase. - yoshiclay

19 Trolls
20 Parents Letting Their 7 Year Old Play Violent Games.
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1. PC Elitists
2. Console Fanboys
3. Call of Duty Community
1. Kids That Tell You to Stop Killing Them.
2. Ragers
3. Angry Teens That Say "Hacker" When You Didn't Hack.



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