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1 Chewing With Mouth Open

My younger brother always does this and it's so annoying and loses my appetite

Absolutely disgusting. Sadly a lot of my family members do this.

Am I seriously the only one in my school who chews properly?! - DogsUnleashed

2 Saying "Literally" Too Much

That sounds like Lori from the loud house - DrayTopTens

Literally tired of this literally annoying habit. I literally can't stand it! Literally, you have to literally stop this literally old and literally tedious word from literally massive overuse! - PositronWildhawk


Saying Literally too much is STUPID! It's not like you have fill in a missing word with, ", literally Justin..."

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3 Smoking

My dad does this a lot. It's gross!

It's so unhealthy. - Userguy44

Horrible breath, yellow teeth, yellow nails. If your smile is supposed to attract people, then those who smoke have a much harder time. I would hate to depend on something that is affecting my health in a negative way. Its says that you really don't care about your health or looks. If you don't give a toss about yourself how can you possibly care about others around you. Worst habit -definitely number 1! STOP SMOKING. IT KILLS! Sadly lots of children my age between 11-16 would ask with out a second thought for 'just one fag' what a dirty word. Would I take a puff of cancer... NEVER. EWWW

It's super bad for you, and can kill you, but it's not really annoying. - lionsforlife

4 Talking With Mouth Full

I do it sometimes but not a lot

Everyone does this expect for me. :( - DrayTopTens

5 Nail Biting

Surely it's not attractive, Don't know anyone who'd talk to a person doing this. - Ananya

Sorry for people who do bit their nails :
"I think nails taste good NOM, NOM, NOM! So CRUNCHY! Nom, NoM, nOm!
Love my nails! NOM nom NOM! So Good!... " - funnyuser

I really need to fix this! - DogsUnleashed

6 Picking Nose

I have a nasty habit of doing that but I can't help it.

JUST DO IT PRIVATELY! - Bikerninja1997

7 Saying "Like" Every Two Seconds
8 Whining
9 Constant Sniffling

My relatives are Asian and they constantly do this thing to little kids called "sniff-kissing" where they go up to a little kid's face and inhale. It is so weird and annoying!

This drives me insane it's so annoying

10 Gossiping

I just hate all people

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11 Using Cancer as a Way to Describe the Things They Don’t Like

I can't believe people are using the word cancer to describe anything they hate. This is actually very disrespectful to those who are actually suffering from cancer.

12 Saying Your Mom Every Time Someone Asks You a Question

Something equally annoying (and about as mature as that) is when people try to insult you and just say "your face". "You know what else looks like trash, your face! " Well done, how long did it take for you to come up with that - Danielsun182

You guys are this getting this crap from regular show from muscle man.

I would find this really funny if someone tells you this every time you ask a question :
Who do you hate the most? Your mom.
What is 1*1? Your mom.
What is your favorite color? Your mom.
Who is your mom? Your mom. Really? Your mom.
Who is your dad? Your mom. That's starting to get annoying. Really? Yes.
What is your favorite animal? Your mom. My mom is not an animal! Oh, Really? Yup. Goodbye. ( make him/her leave )
Thank God! - funnyuser

13 Complaining

Man, when people complain it's just SO ANNOYING I mean, why can't people just STOP complaining? It's just way so totally annoying. - MoldySock

14 Clearing Their Throat Loudly

Go die somewhere else

15 Walking Around Naked

Like in the locker room or dorm room.

16 Twisting Their Back
17 Biting the Inside of Their Cheek
18 Hands in Pants

Don't judge me but I can't stop doing this. I am adddicted - DrayTopTens

19 Saying Someone's Name but Then Not Saying Anything
20 Sucking / Licking Fingers

Do you really need to eat every morsel of food? Use a napkin, animal.

21 Rolling Their Neck
22 Saying Stupid Jokes

I hate stupid jokes. My sister did this to me a lot of times. - Userguy44

Even worse...when someone laughs the first time, and you think 20 times after, the joke is still funny. Not!

23 Biting Their Tongue
24 Tapping
25 Using the Filler Word "Basically"
26 Lying
27 Snitching
28 Biting Their Lip

I'd just cringe away - Ananya

29 Bothering Others


30 Playing with Yourself
31 Rapidly Tapping Foot Under Table
32 Using Phone While Cycling

Something that annoys me to death. You need to heed the traffic. And it looks odd to me. I'm ready for all the people how will attack me for saying this. - Userguy44

33 Popping Acne

You may get scars doing that. - Bikerninja1997

34 Looking to Be Perfect

Its actually a phobia its called atelophobia.

35 Tattling
36 Jealously

Why can't people try to feel happy for the person who has achieved and try not to make them fell bad? I hate it. when it happens to me I can at least pretend I am happy (NOT SARCASTICALLY) for them

37 Talking About People's Private Areas
38 Keeping You on the Phone but Have Nothing to Say

I have better things to do than to listen to small talk or long moments of silence. I don't need a 30 minute phone call where all I hear is you breathing or asking "Are you there? " Why did you even call if you have nothing in particular to talk about?

39 Getting Mad or Upset Over Stupid Stuff

One time my Mom-Mom shared an opinion I don't like and I started crying. I know that is a dumb reason - DrayTopTens

I dropped one crumb! By the stars, this is so terrible! I hate this! And my acting skills! - Cyri

40 Adult Tantrums

I have em that was just plain old dumb

41 Texting
42 Spending Too Much Time on the Internet

I can relate - DrayTopTens

43 Putting Things in Your Nose
44 Being in Your Underwear All Day
45 Scaring People for Fun

I hate it when people do this to me - DrayTopTens

46 Swearing
47 Chewing ice
48 Beard stroking
49 Avoiding Eye Contact
50 Touching Your Face
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1. Chewing With Mouth Open
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1. Saying "Like" Every Two Seconds
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1. Saying "Like" Every Two Seconds
2. Picking Nose
3. Scaring People for Fun

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