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1 Sadness Sadness

She touched the memory ball after joy told her not to - jbella9000

I watched Inside Out for the first time yesterday and sadness was the most annoying character in the entire movie. - railfan99

Touching something after someone says not to doesn't count as "annoying"

Wastes Joy's time saying she can't walk like hoe tf. Also how hard is it for her to not touch the CORE MEMORIES, not gonna lie Sadness is constantly wasting everyone's time 24/7 and can't even follow the simpleat instructions. The whole mess was caused by her lack of processing instructions.

2 Joy Joy

I hate Joy. Honestly she pushes every emotion towards the side. Plus, she decides that no other emotion should have a core memory with their colour apart from herself. Joy shows that she loves Riley more than any thing and will do any thing to keep her safe and happy. But what makes her really unlikeable is how she is neglectful towards Sadness but she takes it too far when she abandons Sadness in long term memory. Even though she becomes kind-hearted towards Sadness in the end and has Sadness save Riley, Sadness always has to say 'Sorry' to Joy, whilst Joy has never said 'Sorry' to Sadness once for all the neglectful behaviour Joy gave her. To be honest Joy was a total jerk in the movie and she was more insufferable than that Anna (Frozen).

She can't stop talking - jbella9000

She's not annoying. - Fandomstuck

Why would you hate these guys? :(

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3 Riley's Friend

Meg and Riley's friend are the exact same character!

Her name is Meg! And she's already on this list

4 Disgust Disgust

Why is she on the list someone made a mistake didn’t they

5 Bing Bong Bing Bong

How dare you, Bing Bong was my favorite!

Bing bong was annoying as hell

6 Fear

None of these characters were annoying, you idiot!

A purple stickbug on crack, wears a sweater vest, and won't stop SCREAMING! At least Joy knows how to shut up and keep her cool sometimes!

How is Fear annoying?! he's hillarious!

7 Meg

Okay, I agree that Meg was annoying, but the OTHER characters on this list are all good

Meg didn't even have that much screen time to be considered annoying. - Mugi

She sucks

8 Anger

He made everything worst - jbella9000

Does making things worse count as "annoying"? cause it doesn't!

9 Bill Andersen
10 Riley Andersen Riley Andersen Riley Andersen is a character from the 2015 Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. She is originally from Minnesota and when she turned 11-years old she and her family moved to San Francisco. Inside her mind she is guided by her emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

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11 Jill Andersen
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