Most Annoying Internet Scam Adverts and E-Mails

From iPhone cases to Nigerian princes, scams are everywhere. However, very little people fall for this stuff, which is why it's so hilariously bad.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Internet Scam Adverts and E-Mails

1 Nigerian Prince Scam

This is one of the Worst and Most dangerous scams - Martinglez

2 Free Online Game Currency*
3 "You Won a Free iPhone!"

I hate these. - RiverClanRocks

4 "Your Bank Account is In Danger! Log In to Save It!"
5 Dating Site Scandals
6 "Mugged On Vacation" E-Mails
7 Virus Infection Adverts
8 False Charity/Raise Awareness Adverts
9 "The Skinny Pill Controversy"

For god sakes, some of the women don't even look the same in the comparison. - Swellow

10 Craiglist Scam

The Contenders

11 SMS Scam
12 "Woman is Old But Looks Young"
13 "Please Find Attached the Document You Asked For"
14 Gift Card Generators
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