Top 10 Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World

The Top Ten Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World

1 People Who Talk Too Much

Oh tell me about it. I know what you mean, right. Some people just drone on and on and on for hours about nothing in particular, right? And you're getting so bored of hearing their boring voice going on non-stop, right? And you just want to shout at them to stop because your ears can't take it any longer and you think they've started to bleed but you can't tell them to put a sock in it because you're too polite to say anything and so they carry on and on talking until you can't remenber your own name anymore and you're not even sure if you even care anyway because nothing is making sense anymore you can still hear them talking jibberish and you wished you'd never started a conversation with them in the first place and you can't leave them because they're still talking and it would be rude to leave them while they're still talking and soon you fall asleep where you stand because the same tone of their voice has nearly sent you into a a coma and when you come to, you find them still ...more - Britgirl

Britgirl, Britgirl, Britgirl; how ironic. - PositronWildhawk

I talk too much but I don't even think abt it its crazy but I don't text a lot because I don't like typing

I hate these guys, they irritate me to the extent where I could SLAP them. If anyone was irritating me like this, I'd tell them the only positive thing about them is their HIV status. Savage roast and good enough to get them to shut up forever. - TwilightKitsune

2 Parents Who Don't Discipline Their Kids

I'm a cashier, and I get lots of families with very young children (2-4 year olds) who keep on whining about how they want this and that and the parents go to the extreme to letting the kids climb all over the belt and register and not say a word at all. Not to mention the parents that let their kids just throw things everywhere and not respecting the "break it buy it" rule anymore. It's not the kids' fault, it's the parents for letting them getting that way and not doing anything about it

We've all been in an experience where there's a bratty little kid screaming it's head off in a public place. Usually the parents say "Stop" or "no" come on really? Teach them a lesson! Some parents hit, but if you don't want to put them on time out or start taking things away from them.

Oh, gosh, my three year old cousin is a BRAT! She doesn't get disciplined. So my mom had to do it! She's such a BRAT! - funnyuser

Quit complaining about this generation and actually be a good parent - hurjelert

It's not our generation that's the problem, it's the previous one for not disciplining their kids. (I was born in 2003.) - RockFashionista

3 Bullies

I do agree that they're the worst and that they should be Number One on this list. The ones who voted the one suggested that they should get murdered are the ones who probably support those jerks.

This should b 1

The worst of the lot and should be murdered

Bullies build character - LuckyLeftist

4 Spoiled Children

I'm bullied by becky the nerdy tomboy at my school I am girly nice and popular she always call me spoiled rich girl well I was rich and she is normal she is the spoiled one

I hate when people are spoiled because they always think that they are the queen of the house and they think that they can just be bossy, sassy and they blame everything on and of course they believe the spoiled brat instead of you!

The hell with these brats! Who do they think they are, owners of Earth?! If they think that they can get away with whatever they do, they're sadly mistaken.

One time I went to a sleepover and this kid was so annoying but not any less spoiled

5 Animal Rights Activists

If they had their way we wouldn't be able to even have zoos the way animals are treated now is fine I disagree with the way the environment is treated but other than that it's fine I have a girl in my camp and we had a trip to a place medieval times basically guys acted out a spar and a show and did tricks with numerous animals, and we were served a bunch of food. So she was whimpering the whole time because they were riding horses what horse's bodies are built for riding

Humans are ABOVE animals, but I believe that you don't have to kill animals in such unethical ways. It's just that I hate how they just shove things down our throats.

Animals have rights, I get that I Just do like them forcing their believes on everyone. - egnomac

Well, not all Animal Rights Activists are bad. Just the ones that work for/support PETA. - Vancedapurpleguy

6 People Who Agree With Everything You Say Without Even Thinking

They just nod and then I say "what are your thoughts" and they say "I wasn't even listening" it pisses me off id rather not say anything at all when I do they get derived crazy cause their soused to me talking and then they say "What are your thoughts" and it just starts it all over again

You don't have to agree with every thing I say to be friends

Yes Man they are called. - GREYBOYY

Hmmm, yep.
It it're explaining something and they're sitting silently- as if they don't care to listen or give their opinion about it 🤷 - Ananya

7 People Who Ask Stupid Questions

This has been a problem for me. When I ask certain questions, they think it's stupid, but they completely miss the point of why I asked. Sometimes the word "stupid" has different boundaries among people.

I work at a fast food restaurant and I get asked stupid questions on a daily basis.

How do you make a comment?

Yes, this is a pet peeve. It's so distracting and annoying.

8 Men Who Mistreat Women

Actually a lot of men have been scared to fight back if they are being mistreated by their woman because they will get a bad rep. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Women who mistreat men as well, some women just take advantage of their gender and of the perception society that they are innocent and soft, Then act as a victim when they are caught red handed... - Ananya

Yes this is dreadful

Yeah, this is a terrible thing. It isn't necessarily always men mistreating women though. I mean, look at Matthew Santoro. Abused by his girlfriend!

9 Bad Drivers

I HATE THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE! A few days ago, me and my dad were driving home when this lady that was in the lane next to us swerved right in front of us without turning on her blinker. She flipped my dad off and then we both pulled over in a nearby parking lot to talk it over. My dad tried to tell the lady that when you wanna switch lanes, you have to put your blinker on so the people behind you get a signal. But the lady was like you don't have to turn your blinker on when you wanna switch lanes. I was just sitting their listening like OKAY YOU IDIOT! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CAUSE AN ACCIDENT OR KILL YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE, GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL AND LEARN THE RULES TO THE ROAD!

The worst thing that happens with these guys is that you change lanes when there's someone directly front of you who is driving slow, and THEN they decide to drive fast, while the next person in front of your lane decides to go slower. It's like they are part of a cult to slow down the ones who are in a hurry to get home. - NuMetalManiak

If they are going to be retarded and swerve around the roads. They should just fall off a bridge on their way - Amaimon

Once I was 7 or 8,I was going to the market with my mom,a text diver almost crashed me! Thank god I have a good mother.

10 People Who Blame the Fast Food Industry

People who blame fast food industry are just people who eat healthy food

It's incredibly stupid how some people blame the fast food industry for getting them fat and having health problems when in fact there the ones to blame for eating too much. - egnomac

Yep. I don't see why the fast food industry has such a problem with those insane people who are like "mediocre radioactive" - SuperBacca

Blame your self for eating it. - SamuiNeko

The Contenders

11 Hypocrites

Funny that a lot of people who's voting belongs to this section - jkk

Ironically, most people who are hypocrites don't know WHAT a hypocrite is, and if you tell the hypocrites they'll talk back and say that you're a nerd who thinks he knows everything... which he usually is, what hypocrites!

Haha like women that leave a mess all over the bathrooms and then get pissed off when you leave the toilet seat up. THAT is a hypocrite.

They tell you no to that but they flipping do it! - ArpstaAmy333

12 Attention Whores

NOBODY CARES! - PositronWildhawk

Noah, some idiot kid in my class is this. He's always trying to get all the girl's attention for stupid reasons:

1. He think he looks popular when he is around girls.

2. He says something stupid like, "I just farted." And laughs.

3. He does something stupid like picking his nose and eating the nasty boogers.

I hate him, I always have hated him, and I always will.

- LisaFrank💜

I wouldn't use the word 'whore' but these 'look at me' people are annoying. - Britgirl

PLEASEEE— - Limeyy

13 People Who Blame TV and Video Games

Does it ever occur to people that some people may be a bit unstable to begin with and that it has nothing to do with T.V. or Games. - egnomac

I HATE THOSE PEOPLE! They totally don't know anything about mental problems and bullies. - QwikSand

I blame the video game for taking my video game! - funnyuser

Hey parents, just a reminder...
Studies have shown that video games CAN in fact be a good influence on the brain, for example, increasing mental sharpness and agility.
Your kid failing in school? Let them play video games for one hour everyday after school, it helps!

14 Woman Who Blame Men for All Their Problems

If a woman blames all of his problems on a man when it is CLEARLY NOT HIS BLOODY FAULT than he should leave her for good. Men should NEVER do the same thing to a woman as well.

Oh I do so agree with you! Isn't that just the most annoying thing? (tsk) But you know who's to blame for all this, don't you? MEN! - Britgirl

My lord, they are ANNOYING.

All weman are like that

15 America Haters
16 Annoying Classmates

Oh god, I hate the people at my school and former school sometimes. Every class I go to always will have those people who misbehaves and gets everybody in trouble. It's always the same dang people!

17 People Who Leave Shopping Carts Lying Around In the Parking Lot

You want to park here, you say? How about NO? - shawnmccaul22

18 Peope Who Hate New Spongebob

New SpongeBob is the same as old. True SpongeBob Fans like old and New. - toy

The hell with you jerks who can't stand modern SpongeBob haters! They have every right to hate it.

If I didn't know better, I'd lay you are biased who can't seem to respect other people's opinions. If I'm you, I'd leave those haters alone and let them hate the new SpongeBob all they want.

I think many people expect Post-Sequel Spongebob to be bad because of seasons 6-8. Most Spongebob haters have seen seasons 6-8 but not post sequel.

There is a reason to hate new SpongeBob. It's far more inappropriate than the old SpongeBob.

19 Overly Religious People

Ok I have respect for religious people but I mean sometimes they try to take their beliefs into other peoples lives- like get out of here I don't care what you think. I can believe my own stuff and don't try to make a big deal out of it.

They make us respective religious people look bad!

They're usually hypocrites too.

Religion is just retarted in general.

20 Bandwagon Fans
21 Special Snowflakes

Yep, Very annoying...they walk slowly..they move slowly..act like princesses Get offended over the trivial things, open their mouth & eyes wide when they hear the mildest of criticisms about themselves. - Ananya

"Look at me! I’m 7 and I headbang to Metallica 5 hours a day! m/” - 3DG20

22 Beliebers

Justin Beiber would be no. 1 on my dweeb chart. (And he is ),

23 Terrorists

Lol, should be much higher

24 Beybladers
25 People Who Chew With Their Mouths Open

I don’t want to see chewed up meatloaf in your mouth! Jesus Christ! - Limeyy

If you live in Asia people who do this aren't bad cause it's a custom

Always there to ruin the day. - Ananya

They make stupid sound.It's symbol of an uncivilized person.

My sister Jenna does this whenever she gets the chance, and she always does it close to my face. - IceFoxPlayz

26 Feminists
27 Smart Asses

Actually the ass is apart of the human anatomy and does not have a brain, so it can't be dumb nor smart som smart asses does not exist - Morefunthanfun

That's rude people say I'm one but really I just like things done right

I can't stand smart asses always telling you things you already know. - egnomac

I'm smart for my age, but I'm not an ass.

28 Bubsy Fans

Yes why would people like this guy - dinosaur

29 Racist People

I hate these people

This should be #1

The most ignorant people you'll ever meet. Hating someone because of the color of their skin. People think it's funny to use words like N----- and are unaware how much of a jerk it makes them sound.

30 Narrow-Minded People

Humanaboos in a nutshell

31 Parents Who Are Nasty to Their Kids

These people are colder than a Polar Bear's pyjamas! - Britgirl

Especially if your Asian who force the kids to do things they don't want

People who are strict are also bad

Yes, discipline them, but that doesn’t mean torture them. - 3DG20

32 People Who Blame Everyone But Themselves for Their Own Problems

There are a lot of people out there they know who they are who never take responsibility for their own actions and just look for someone to blame all there problems on. - ZZDOORAL

I think I blame somebody or nobody. And that is definitely not myself. If it's my fault, then no regrets.

Another name for hypocrites - jkk

33 People Who Complain About Immigrants Stealing Their Jobs

Well, it's not very fair really, is it? Seriously, my friend went to an interview and so did a rather lovely Polish girl BUT she had no experience and was hardly able to speak English. My friend on the other hand was experienced and very well-spoken. The Polish girl walked away the victor. My friend was heartbroken. It's NOT fair. Hate me if you will. I'm just telling it like it is. - Britgirl

So true, I apply, get interviewed and get turned down for some foreigner who speaks little English or broken English that people can't understand well

But it sucks if the foreigner isn't really as capable in working compared to the one who was naturally born in the place, and then gets the job because of him/her "being an immigrant". What are we looking for? The capability or the pathetic sympathy certain people are asking for?

Hey, if you complain about immigrants stealing your job, think about how hard it was for them to get here! Congrats, you've gotten a place on my dweeb chart.

If a "Legal" Immigrant wins the position more power to them.

34 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Bronies are a bunch of stupid 20 year olds who are obsessed with My little pony: Frendship is magic!

People can like what they want, and there's nothing wrong with the people who can actually take an opinion. I just can't stand bronies who shove MLP down your throat like it's the most precious thing on Earth. Every where I go there's pony-fied versions of everything, including my favorite Nintendo characters. It gets extremely annoying. Especially when they full out rage at you just because you don't watch MLP. As I said before, there's nothing wrong with the ones that actually have common sense.

There are good bronies and there are bad bronies. - Vancedapurpleguy

They don't know what "outside" is.

35 Republicans

They're not all annoying but they are all wrong.

36 Homophobes

"Y'know, I don't really like the term 'homophobe' because it implies that you have a phobia of something, when in reality, you're just a jerk."- a video I once watched. Forget the title, but I'm still givin' credit.

Homophobia makes no sense.

Homophobia is gay - RoseWeasley

37 Neo Nazis

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

38 Internet Trolls
39 PETA Supporters

It’s the evil PETA! The wicked PETA has used mind-controlling powers on the innocent bystanders who got a dreaded PETA post recommended to them on their Twitter! The insane PETA used their mind-controlling post to take the innocent away from reality! Into the depths of despair and lies! Into PETA hell! - Limeyy

I'm surprised this group even HAS supporters. - Vancedapurpleguy

Who on earth would want to support this cancerous group? Idiots, that’s who’d want to support this group. - IceFoxPlayz

40 Liberal Extremists

So what do you consider a liberal extremist? Someone who wants to spend money on education instead of the military? Someone who says hello to a homosexual? What?

Liberal Extremists sounds like an oxymoron to me.

99% of Australians. - coolguy101

41 Americans

Whoa! Now you are insulting a lot of people here! You mind? I think I will need another slot on my dweeb chart.

What the hell? This is racist! I'm not American, but I can tell you that they are amazing people! - TwilightKitsune

I'm not even american, but I am still insulted!

What the hell?! Okay, whoever putt this on the list needs mental help RIGHT AWAY. - IceFoxPlayz

42 Call of Duty Fanboys
43 People Who Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else

I don't think I'm better than everyone else, but everyone else does...

Americans you mean

44 Rabid Fans and Rabid Haters
45 Vegans

They get offended if you tell them you are not a vegan.
Eating meat...and caring about animals are two different things,
I'm not asking anyone to eat meat, It's just that you should not criticize others for their food habits or delicacies.
Being vegan does more harm than eating meat, And vegans.. take a lot of pleasure in telling others to change their eating habits an all.
Production methods for meat substitutes are energy intensive and highly processed, commissioned by WWF, A switch from meat to tofu increases the quantity of arable land( Thus leads to deforestation ), and in many ways produces methane, that of course - is harmful. - Ananya

Some of them won't let us eat what we want without screaming "GO VEGAN! " in our faces all the time. The ones that support PETA are the worst. - Vancedapurpleguy

I disagree this is just how they are - Amaimon

46 Airport Security Agents

They just have nothing better to do then annoy expecting people for no reason. - ZZDOORAL

I'm sure you'll learn to appreciate them the next time someone tries to bring a bomb on your flight.

Do you really want life without them, though?

They banned a FART GUN from a child!

47 People Who Say "Like" As a Slang Word

" like, I have like, so much swag! " Cool, but if you use "like" 20 times a sentence, no one is gonna care how much swag you think you have because they'll be bored from your rambling.

My boyfriend like totally like Dumped me and like I'm like SO SAD! (Cry, cry, like, cry ) - funnyuser

Totally right. If you use like as a slang word, A) we've got problems, B) you are a official dweeb.

Oh my god, like, these people are so like, annoying! Like, stop using like, the word “like” in every like, sentence! It’s so like, irritating! - Limeyy

48 Anime Fans

In advance no offense to anime lovers. I can not stress how bad anime is. The animation is just irritating to watch! It's so ugly and the movements look fake! The voice acting is always horribly done, and the stories are just terrible! Plus it came out of Japan where everything is weird.

It's not the entire anime fanbase themselves that I hate, it's the 5% of it that tries to shove anime down your throat.

They hate on you for not liking anime and then tell you that you're wrong for hating it.

That's not true at all you people must be really really confused they don't hate you for not liking anime they just don't plain like you.

49 Kids

Depends, ages 2-5, yes very annoying. Older than 6, they are very cool. They always have the newest and best technology and have better political views than most adults.

Little kids aren't all that bad but babies, oh my god they are the worst because the cry and wake you up and crap themselves.

Child hater alert Child hater alert!

HEY! I am going to need more slots on my dweeb chart.

50 Five Nights at Freddy's Fanatics

Hey, I may be a fan, but I'm not one of those crazy weird ones I'm one of the calm, sane, and chill fans who don't ship others. Or make inappropriate stuff of them. Plus, I think Scott deserves a break don't ya think guys? - SanicHeghog123

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