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21 Parents Who Are Nasty to Their Kids

These people are colder than a Polar Bear's pyjamas! - Britgirl

Especially if your Asian who force the kids to do things they don't want

People who are strict are also bad

Sseriously!? not disiplining your kid is bad, but harshly disiplining to the point of corpral punishment is WORSE. if a parent makes a kid for example, forcing them to pull out a tooth that is a adult tooth, or beating themwith a metal baseball bat. this list is ridiculous. this should be no.2.

22 Republicans

They're not all annoying but they are all wrong.

23 People Who Blame Everyone But Themselves for Their Own Problems

There are a lot of people out there they know who they are who never take responsibility for their own actions and just look for someone to blame all there problems on. - ZZDOORAL

I think I blame somebody or nobody. And that is definitely not myself. If it's my fault, then no regrets.

24 Bronies

Bronies are a bunch of stupid 20 year olds who are obsessed with My little pony: Frendship is magic!

They don't know what "outside" is.

Brony LSD. One HELL of a drug. - SanicHeghog123

Grown up losers (most likely men) who enjoy watching MLP: FiM. BUNCH OF BRONY A$$HOLE$! They try to take over the internet with their lousy brony pride and possibly take over the world!

25 Internet Trolls
26 People Who Can't Take An Opinion

Kind of explains this list a little bit. "People who hate modern Spongebob".

27 Attention Whores
28 People Who Complain About Immigrants Stealing Their Jobs

Well, it's not very fair really, is it? Seriously, my friend went to an interview and so did a rather lovely Polish girl BUT she had no experience and was hardly able to speak English. My friend on the other hand was experienced and very well-spoken. The Polish girl walked away the victor. My friend was heartbroken. It's NOT fair. Hate me if you will. I'm just telling it like it is. - Britgirl

So true, I apply, get interviewed and get turned down for some foreigner who speaks little English or broken English that people can't understand well

But it sucks if the foreigner isn't really as capable in working compared to the one who was naturally born in the place, and then gets the job because of him/her "being an immigrant". What are we looking for? The capability or the pathetic sympathy certain people are asking for?

Hey, if you complain about immigrants stealing your job, think about how hard it was for them to get here! Congrats, you've gotten a place on my dweeb chart.

If a "Legal" Immigrant wins the position more power to them.

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29 Liberal Extremists

So what do you consider a liberal extremist? Someone who wants to spend money on education instead of the military? Someone who says hello to a homosexual? What?

Liberal Extremists sounds like an oxymoron to me.

99% of Australians. - coolguy101

30 Homophobes

Homophobia makes no sense.

31 Airport Security Agents

They just have nothing better to do then annoy expecting people for no reason. - ZZDOORAL

I'm sure you'll learn to appreciate them the next time someone tries to bring a bomb on your flight.

Do you really want life without them, though?

They banned a FART GUN from a child!

32 Anime Fans

In advance no offense to anime lovers. I can not stress how bad anime is. The animation is just irritating to watch! It's so ugly and the movements look fake! The voice acting is always horribly done, and the stories are just terrible! Plus it came out of Japan where everything is weird.

It's not the entire anime fanbase themselves that I hate, it's the 5% of it that tries to shove anime down your throat.

They hate on you for not liking anime and then tell you that you're wrong for hating it.

Unless you're talking about Weeaboos because normal fans are alright. - Tia-Harribel

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33 Kids

Depends, ages 2-5, yes very annoying. Older than 6, they are very cool. They always have the newest and best technology and have better political views than most adults.

Little kids aren't all that bad but babies, oh my god they are the worst because the cry and wake you up and crap themselves.

Child hater alert Child hater alert!

Whoever put this here is a fgt.

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34 Feminists
35 Five Nights at Freddy's Fanatics

Hey, I may be a fan, but I'm not one of those crazy weird ones I'm one of the calm, sane, and chill fans who don't ship others. Or make inappropriate stuff of them. Plus, I think Scott deserves a break don't ya think guys? - SanicHeghog123

36 People Who Hate Everything No Matter How Good It Is

Prety much the roblox forum

37 Vegans

They get offended a lot if you tell them that you are not a vegan, Non vegetarians...and caring about animals are two different things,I know... You don't know anything, You don't the science? LET ME TELL YOU :
I'm not telling anyone to eat meat, It's just that you should not criticize others for their food habits or delicacies, Being vegan does more harm than eating meat, And vegans take a lot of pleasure in telling others to change their eating habits an all, Production methods for meat substitutes are energy intensive and highly processed, commissioned by WWF, A switch from meat to tofu increases the quantity of arable land( Thus leads to deforestation ), and in many ways produces methane, that of course - is harmful.

I'm not telling anyone to start eating meat or anything like that, just saying that criticizing others and arguing over nonsensical reasons isn't right. - Ananya

38 Snobs

Hate them so much

39 Terrorists

Lol, should be much higher

40 Paparazzi
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