Top 10 Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World


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41 Terrorists

Lol, should be much higher

42 Paparazzi
43 People Who Borrow Money From You and Never Pay You Back

How about someone who crashes your car and never pays you back? That actually happened to me when I was working at a radio station in Eveleth, Minnesota, back in the eighties. A friend (or so I thought) of mine needed wheels and I did have access to another car at the time, so I loaned him mine. He crashed it and never told me about it, I had to find out from a co-worker who saw it being hauled down the street by the wrecker, To this day, I have never received a penny from the "friend" ( his name was or is Brad) and I don't have any idea where he is these days. The whole incident made me a lot less trusting of people as a whole, I'm sorry to say.

I bought a Minecraft account for my brother YEARS ago. Whenever I tell him that he owes me money he bursts into tears and says it's his account. NO IT isn't! I bought it so either pay me or I will take away your account! - SammySpore

On you mean Brad the car from liberty mutual? yeah... No one cares - SanicHeghog123

Agreed, it's no big deal unless it happens to you.

44 Popular People

Obviously posted by someone who has no friends.

Some of them are bratty snobs, but some can be fine

45 Old People Who Blame Everything On Today's Youth
46 People Who Say "Like" As a Slang Word

" like, I have like, so much swag! " Cool, but if you use "like" 20 times a sentence, no one is gonna care how much swag you think you have because they'll be bored from your rambling.

My boyfriend like totally like Dumped me and like I'm like SO SAD! (Cry, cry, like, cry ) - funnyuser

Totally right. If you use like as a slang word, A) we've got problems, B) you are a official dweeb.

47 Sexist People
48 Racist People

The most ignorant people you'll ever meet. Hating someone because of the color of their skin. People think it's funny to use words like N----- and are unaware how much of a jerk it makes them sound.

49 People Who Hate People Who Hate New Spongebob

There's a reason to hate new SpongeBob. Look up the episodes The Splinter and One Coarse Meal and you'll see what I mean.

Yeah but the pre 1st movie episodes had bad episodes 2 like wormy (I extremely hate that episode) and I was a teenage gary

50 Beliebers

Justin Beiber would be no. 1 on my dweeb chart. (And he is ),

51 Gravity Falls Haters

Um then again,not everyone likes gravity falls for some reason. Just like me though.

52 Neo Nazis

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

53 Narrow-Minded People
54 Beybladers
55 PETA Supporters
56 Disrespectful Customers

Like when I was at my job last summer and I lightly bump into someone, and they were yelling at me for whatever dumb reason they could think of. This happens even if I apologize for bumping into them or say "excuse me". - NuMetalManiak

57 Media People

Yes, I love the way people complain about the "liberal" media. One statistic I saw recently showed that ABC news had given 81 minutes of air time to Donald Trump since his campaign started. They had given 30 seconds to Bernie Sanders, even though Bernie is actually defeating Trump in some polls! And I'm not even a Bernie supporter although I would vote for him over any Republican.

58 Jealous People
59 Meddling In-Laws
60 Whiners
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