Top 10 Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World


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41 Kids

Depends, ages 2-5, yes very annoying. Older than 6, they are very cool. They always have the newest and best technology and have better political views than most adults.

Child hater alert Child hater alert!

HEY! I am going to need more slots on my dweeb chart.

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42 People Who Hate People Who Hate New Spongebob

There's a reason to hate new SpongeBob. Look up the episodes The Splinter and One Coarse Meal and you'll see what I mean.

Yeah but the pre 1st movie episodes had bad episodes 2 like wormy (I extremely hate that episode) and I was a teenage gary

43 Beliebers

Justin Beiber would be no. 1 on my dweeb chart. (And he is ),

44 Gravity Falls Haters

Um then again,not everyone likes gravity falls for some reason. Just like me though.

45 Narrow-Minded People
46 Vegans

They get offended a lot if you tell them that you are not a vegan, Non vegetarians...and caring about animals are two different things,I know... You don't know anything, You don't the science? LET ME TELL YOU :
I'm not telling anyone to eat meat, It's just that you should not criticize others for their food habits or delicacies, Being vegan does more harm than eating meat, And vegans take a lot of pleasure in telling others to change their eating habits an all, Production methods for meat substitutes are energy intensive and highly processed, commissioned by WWF, A switch from meat to tofu increases the quantity of arable land( Thus leads to deforestation ), and in many ways produces methane, that of course - is harmful.

I'm not telling anyone to start eating meat or anything like that, just saying that criticizing others and arguing over nonsensical reasons isn't right. - Ananya

47 Beybladers
48 Disrespectful Customers

Like when I was at my job last summer and I lightly bump into someone, and they were yelling at me for whatever dumb reason they could think of. This happens even if I apologize for bumping into them or say "excuse me". - NuMetalManiak

49 Media People

Yes, I love the way people complain about the "liberal" media. One statistic I saw recently showed that ABC news had given 81 minutes of air time to Donald Trump since his campaign started. They had given 30 seconds to Bernie Sanders, even though Bernie is actually defeating Trump in some polls! And I'm not even a Bernie supporter although I would vote for him over any Republican.

50 Jealous People
51 Meddling In-Laws
52 Whiners
53 People Who Fake Being Handicap

One time I was at Universal Studios and my mom was with me but she complains about back problems. They decided to give her a wheelchair for the rest of the day, and even though we got to the front of like every ride, I can't help but think why exactly any of this attributes to a back problem that's not permanent. Being weak! = disabled. - NuMetalManiak

People just do this so they can ride in a wheelchair and can get the nearest parking spot at the store. - funnyuser

That is just as bad as posing as a war vet

54 Freeloaders
55 Deadbeat Parents
56 People Who Play Their Xboxes Too Loud
57 Bubsy Fans

Yes why would people like this guy - dinosaur

58 Sonic Fans
59 Boku No Pico Haters V 1 Comment
60 People Who Are 100% Wrong and Yet Still Insist That They Are Right

Tell me about it. Abe Lincoln was the first president of the US. No, George Washington was the first president. Abe was the 16th. You are wrong. No, I'm right. How? Here I'll give you a story about Abe. There is your History lesson. - funnyuser

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