Top 10 Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World


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61 Freeloaders
62 Deadbeat Parents
63 People Who Play Their Xboxes Too Loud
64 Bubsy Fans

Yes why would people like this guy - dinosaur

65 Sonic Fans
66 Boku No Pico Haters V 1 Comment
67 People Who Fake Diseases

Parents who go to Disney World tell their kid or kids that they have cancer so they can get on the rides or resturants before anyone else. - mrcoolface

68 People Who Use Hashtags Outside of Twitter
69 People Who Say Everything is Gay People Who Say Everything is Gay

Maybe they mean it is happy... gay means happy... watch the gurtrude interview... His mum said gay means happy, so he's quite gay (happy)

You know those people who say oh that's gay about everything. - egnomac

This reminds me of that Anal C*** album...

70 Radical Anti Theists V 1 Comment
71 People Who Make Really Long Excuses

But what if the person was being logical and they had evidences?

72 People Who Say that Rock and Metal are both the Devil's Music

I remember that user who kept on saying that with moronic reasons.

Why is it so low? Should be in the top tens! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

73 People Who Make Lists Just to Insult the Same Thing Over and Over Again
74 People Who Fake Being a Military Veteran

One guy on operation repo tried to make an excuse to avoid getting his car repossessed by making up a story about how he was in the army and just got back from overseas, they get suspicious ask him what division or something so he me makes up a fake one and say's he was in the 420th something (there's no such thing) so that's when they bust him for lying about being in the military, they find out he is a scam artist and he is on parole, and the person they thought was his recruiter or something was actually his parole officer, so that was an epic bust, but anyway posing as a vet is one of the worst scams people can carry out

Exactly! My because is a vet, and some dude fibbed his way into cutting my because. Total dweeb.

75 Americans

Whoa! Now you are insulting a lot of people here! You mind? I think I will need another slot on my dweeb chart.

What the hell? This is racist! I'm not American, but I can tell you that they are amazing people! - TwilightKitsune

I'm not even american, but I am still insulted!

Ok whoever put this on the list is a racist - SanicHeghog123

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76 Man Haters
77 Wolfaboos

What's a wolfaboo? A cross between a weaboo and a wolf fetishist? - TwilightKitsune

78 Pokémon Genwunners
79 Call of Duty Fanboys
80 Neo Nazis
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