Top Ten Annoying Kingdom Rush Enemies

The most annoying things in both games, these are the things you use the rain of fire in just because they are so annoying.

The Top Ten

1 Bluegale

Hate it so much - vidarg88

High health ummine to magic and summons storms.

2 Blood Trickster

They have good health, ranged attack and worst of all they raise savage zombies that are 3 times stronger and deal double the amount of damage. If you use rain of fire on it the warriors around it will die faster and he will bring them back to life before dieing himself. So you've got 10 zombies coming at you with no rain of fire to protect you.

Rain of fire can be useless...

3 Black Surge

High armour, can be invincible and regain health and disables towers.

4 Saurian Darter

Teleports past all your defences and are extremely annoying, plus extreme speed.

5 Saurian Night Scale

They become invisible and cannot be shot at.

6 Dune Terror

They cannot be defeated without barracks which I do not favour using.

7 Necromancer/sand Wraith/ Saurian Savant

These creatures just raise minions of some sort and when they build up, rain of fire is used on the minions and the real problem is left unharmed.

8 Lycans

Powerful fast annoying beasts

9 Troll Breaker
10 Troll Pathfinder

Unblock able on ice

The Contenders

11 Saurian Myrmidon
12 Desert Archer/ Shadow Archer
13 Bandit
14 Shaman
15 Savage Hunter
16 Demon Legion
17 Forest Troll

Rain of fire is useless

18 Troll Champion
19 Noxious Creeper
20 Swamp Thing
21 Demon Lord
22 Troll Chieftain
23 Earth Shaman
24 Spirit Shaman
25 Witch Doctor
26 Gorillon
27 Dark Slayer
28 Bloodspine
29 Husk

In large groups hard kill

30 Rocket Rider
31 Rotshroom
32 Fallen Knight

First 90% Magic Resist, and then Immune to Physical Damage. Also have a ton of health and deal stupid amounts of damage. The most annoying part is when your archers attack the Spectral Knights and your Mages are attacking the Fallen Knights.

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