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They get salty when I say I was almost an ARMY but backed out because of the immense hate I keep seeing they have directed towards EXO. They say I'm fake and flood my Twitter mentions with "THAT'S A DUMB REASON TO UNSTAN A GROUP YOU'RE A FAKE FAN" But like... I was never a fan so I can't be a fake one? See these are the type of people who really push you out of fandoms. Personally, to like a group, I have to be able to get along with the majority of their fans. Now I know this isn't all ARMY's so I guess it' just a very bad coincidence that the ones I've interacted with are like this. After I reply with "Lol I never called myself an ARMY but I still love BTS themselves and I buy their albums and support them" they fire back with 40 mentions on my Twitter every 30 minutes with " WE DIDN'T WANT YOU ANYWAY". You know, talking to some of them is like talking to a brick wall. Honestly, there was a point in time where when I just got into Kpop I liked BTS and ...more

The most toxic fandom ever. When you say they're annoying, they fight you like a 12 year old. They can't even take criticism. They are the epitome of cancerous. Just cancerous. Most of them are like heterosexual raging 12 year olds who still haven't got their period yet.

As a BTS stan myself, I've considered unstanning just because of the fans (sounds petty but their fans have just become increasingly annoying since the BBMAS). Like others have mentioned before, the fandom is extremely toxic. They constantly belittle other groups (especially senior groups who have actually paved the way for Kpop) to make BTS seem superior, can't argue rationally or take criticism, seem to think that anyone who is not an ARMY is the enemy, and consider legitimate issues to be a joke (i.e. the fact that Psy was actually the first Kpop artist to be awarded a BBMA, and that the claim that BTS was the first Kpop act in history to win said award was incorrect). The amount of ignorance and disrespect that is in the fandom is almost sickening; you could tell a BTS fan that they're not being correct and they'd fight you about it. I love the boys so much but it makes it hard to stan them when the fandom is so toxic.

Now ARMY are comparing BTS and Imagine Dragons ffs

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I don't think EXO-l's whole fandom is annoying. I think the small percent of immature ones that every fandom has, EXO-l's ones take the cake. From their holier than thou mindset to just being crude for the sake of it or because a certain group is actually getting ridiculous. These immature ones think that EXO is original and that everyone else copies what they do. These immature ones are arrogant about EXO. Don't get me wrong, is good to be proud of your group but to bash people in the process is just wrong. I'm not going to go about what that small percentage did in the past but what I've been hearing now about them *cough*BreakWings*cough* is absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, there are a small percentage of immature fans in every fandom and sadly when you get popular, these small percentage paints the whole fandom. It's just that EXO-l's small percentage of bad fans take the cake in comparison to other immature fans of other fandoms. They go to the extreme.

They just have a really toxic fandom. A fandom I am scared to get into. Don't get me wrong, all the members are really good singers. But their fans claim they are better than anyone else and they are the kings of kpop. If any group near their success a lot of their fans will do anything, to stop it.

I think Exo L became the worst fandom now. Unlike before. They have a lot of more immature fans

They drag down new fandoms and try to ruin the careers of other groups! They even sided with right wingers and nazis recently.

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3 BlackPink - [???]

Blackpink fandom have a lot of internal conflict in their fanbase. Many of them cannot appreciate all members, and even bringing down another members to praise their favorite members (many of Lisa stan do it). And they hyped their favorite too much, and with no shame bringing down a senior group such as Mamamoo, 2ne1, BTS, Big Bang. They should behave better.

I'm in love with BLACKPINK, but they have the most toxic fandom I have ever seen, and this is coming from an ARMY. They start fights between other groups, compare them to other groups to no end (as if BLACKPINK even has enough material to compare much bigger groups), and bully the very girls they stan so their bias is on top. What group does that? I've seen comments where the main comment was "Jisoo is so pretty, she slays" and the first reply was "shut the ---- up, Lisa is obviously better." I even saw a comment that said "Lisa is so pretty because she looks American! I love my bias! " with hundreds of likes and replies that agree...she's only pretty because she doesn't look Asian? What fandom says that about a KPOP group? I can't even stress my hatred towards BLINKS, they can start an argument over anything. There was arguments and petty fights because they couldn't figure out who sang a line in one of their songs, as if it's that big of a deal. They have a bunch of internal fandom ...more

I'm ok with fandoms fighting against each other and being over protective of their idols and such but BLACKPINK's fandom is quite different, the BLINK fandom is so toxic that it discourage me to join them they only praise their bias and such it's like everything is a competition (like the comment section on their live performance, dance practices. M/V, etc.) their fandom always rank the member who's better blah blah blah, they are so annoying honestly, I've met few blinks who are kind and stans the 4 member but I have met a lot of 'fake blinks' who tries to bring the other member down, they need to grow up the girls are all talented and some of them only focus on one member.

Honestly, I feel like sometimes Blinks are to worked up on competition and think that they are better than everyone but sometimes I feel like while of course I'm sure Blackpink work hard, it kind of seemed like their fame was kind of given to them. Like let's use Twice as an example, you may say they may not have good skill but they work hard to come out with new MV and they come up with catchy songs each time and that's why they are famous. But with Blackpink they only had one comeback this year and blew up. Than they compare their views to other groups views and bring them down. So I find them kind of annoying.

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4 Twice - Once

They're honestly so childish. Saying things like 'Everyone is just jealous because Twice is famous', 'you're saying that because you can't be as talented as them', 'Can you sing better than them anyway? ' And such. Like... No they're different, an idol should be famous because they're skilled, such as singing and dance. But like... They're only famous because they're pretty, their song is catchy and everyone know their dance. come on, let's be real right now. Their skill don't match the recognitions they got.

I can't seem to say one bad thing about Twice without them going "Well your just a jealous Thrice so your arguments invalid" I try and say things that are problems like their singing mainly yet they make excuses for them like "oh they'll improve" or "can you sing better" or "it's because they're dancing it's hard" 1.) They are improving but they should be at a level where their singing is at very least average 2.) Whenever someone attacks a person giving legitimate critique it;s childish. Like can I sing better? Maybe better than some of them. But it's not my job to sing it's theirs. 3.) Their dances are not hard and are very simple. Also the song is generally in a very simple and easy range for them. Their songs require little actual vocal skill. Yes it is harder to sing while dancing but their dances are simple and all of them (except the main/lead vocals) only sing 1 or 2 simple lines in the entire song. I don't even hate Twice and find some of their songs catchy but it's just that ...more

I felt sad for twice like they seem to be so kind to other groups but their fans just had to ruin it. Onces are very rude, arrogant, sensitive, childish, insecure, and likes to exaggerate little articles regarding twice. I like twice but I don't approve of their fandoms attitude inside and out. They like to boast too much which is starting to get annoying all the time. We get it u love these girls but try to be lovable and respectful too. Poor Twice.

Literally a bunch of toxic morons who stan a group that heavily relies on audio tuning rofl. Twice can't sing for shiet and you'd legit have to be death to not hear - Tshimon

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Exotics are already first place, why is there also this?

They fight with bts's army for whatever reason -but I can't say some of us don't- and keep saying "BTS IS A COPY OF EXO" like stfu, exo is exo, bts is bts no need to compare they're good in their own ways.

Immature fans.

They complain too much

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6 Red Velvet - Reveluv

Honestly, Reveluvs for the most part are really nice and supportive. But some of them are SO DAMN ARROGANT. Most of us know Red Velvet has talent- but they aren't that much more talented than the average girl group. I hear and see so much "Red Velvet will end your favorites" or "Red Velvet is the only group with talent" followed with aggressive hate and rude remarks towards other groups. It's a good thing this is only a small portion of the fandom, otherwise they'll get real toxic real quickly.

I hope red velvet will disband soon...
This fandom kinda annoying...
Very snobbery and sensitive,
They only care big fandom,
They don't care small fandom.

I already delete red velvet track on my playlist, bye bye because reveluv let me doesn't like red velvet anymore.

I am a reveluv before, but now I'm not. I am a victim. They are too sensitive and cannot accept any query easily get mad aggressive bash me leave their fandom. They always mention BlackVelvet are family, and ignore another fandom. This is really annoying.But they don't know blackpink most of streamer on US no a permanently fans. Actually blink can't help they so much. I can see a lot of thrice and blonk account had a comment sections in red velvet mv before. I guarantee most of thrice and blonk are reveluv, because they all come from big3, but they come back sametime, twice and blackpink can beat red velvet easily. They starting jealous make a fake once and blink account make fan war between once and blink.

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7 Wanna One - Wannables

Wannables want love and support them while they're still in the same group. Some people may be so rude, but doesn't mean this fandom bad. You guys don't understand how this feel, I mean, the feeling about their disbandment, they're just gonna spent their precious time with wanna one. So don't disturb our happiness.

Their fandom is starting to bring out some of their rude and disrespectful attitude towards senior grps like snsd. Some of them also had sexualized Guanlin when most of them are still a bunch of kids. They're insensitive and only cares for their oppa.

They fat shamed an idol. What a cheap way to insult another fandom.

So, I'm a wannable too and I can't say that this is false, it's really true. Recently wannables have been trashing Daehwi because he was happy/excited that Sandglass got #1 on the chart and other wannables complained about how Sungwoon ended up as a main vocal with many lines. There are also many akgaes that I've seen online. Wanna One is not a bad group, but the fandom is just getting worse than originally.

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Elf is the best!

i'm Elf

The korean Elfs yes are very rude. They want Sungmin out of Super Junior because he got married seriously he just got married and you want him out of his own group what kind of fans are you. I feel really bad for Sungmin whi couldn’t even be in Super Junior’s comeback because of these dumb k-Elfs - Pewdie_septiceye

9 SNSD - Sone

Honestly if you try and put even a slightly negative opinion on snsd sones will go at you. Like if you don't like a persons voice when they rap but think their pretty good at singing sones will say your bashing that person because you think they're not perfect. They put snsd on a pedestal and worship them like goddesses.

They always say that new groups copy SNSD concepts and I really hate it. I think they are even worse than Army or Once. This is just my opinion of course. Everyone is free to see their idols as their kings or queens, so they need to stop bashing other groups just because SNSD won a lot of awards or they are called "national girlgroup". I know myself that they're talented but their fans are very immature and I also think that new groups have to be recognized because I find interesting seeing the evolution of Kpop with new idols. SNSD will stay in Kpop history forever so there's no need to start fanwars

They're a senior group and yet their fans are very arrogant, quite disappointing

Lmao some sones said snsd invented sparkling lights, and the white t-shirt and denim pants concept. bye

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10 Big Bang - VIP

VIP is one of the most peaceful fandom stfu u KINGS of KPOP- hating butthurt peasants. Unless we're being dragged, we don't start beef ok the 2nd generation fandoms are the best. Fandoms belonging to 1st generation can tear each other down for all I care.

I'm a VIP, not since 10 years but BigBang is my first kpop group since 5 Years and it will stay forever my favorite kpop group. People saying here VIPS are the most toxic -really sorry to hear that- but I never saw that VIPs been rude to other fandome if you don't start to fight them first. Maybe there are immature peeps around us but do not compare us to Armys or ExoL we are in a completely different leagu and not crazy obsessive and crazy protective about your oppas and walking around with our high nose around like you and never attck you with rude comments if you guy's don't start to pick fight. So please don't talk about Vips like this! - Lp69

VIP's the best. kkk - lmao

They are toxic and immature, always trying to discredit other group. Since they are YG stan, they are the definition of arrogance. They are 10 year old fandom but act like 5 year old brat who cannot keep their filthy mouth down.

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Nah, seventeen's fandom is pretty chill and most are mature as well.. why is this on here?

Carats are nice people, we are just supportive and love Seventeen from the bottom of our hearts. Seventeen should not be on here

Pfft, out of a majority of fandoms, Carats are pretty chill, and we get along great with Monbebes

Carats r actually pretty chill you know. Imma carat and I love all of the members

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12 SHINee - SHINee World

The person below should stfu.

How is SHINee World even here? We don't deserve to be tagged as annoying. Hardly we comment on something that's not even SHINee related. We stick to our own and never dragged anyone down. And to the one comment below, how are we even rude?

In my opinion Shawols are the most caring and supportive fandom ever (I know that others are too but I see more shawols sorry) but I'm glad that they aren't at the top of this list lol but then again I feel like it's not everyone in the fandom that is annoying, in every fandom there's 2 handful of people that just ruins it for everyone. Everyone should be praised equally in the industry and that 2 handful of people in those fandoms should shut the heck up cause you don't own the idols. k by lol.

Shawols are amazing and SHINee are amazing! Shinee World Forever! - V_nn_G

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13 Got7 - IGOT7/Aghase

About Produce 101... They keep accusing others of plagiarising. And comment loads of curse words to the said group of trainees. Not only them, but the aghases continuously swore towards people supporting the said trainees. So annoying and don't know how to appreciate music. The fandom has a shallow music sense, since even the most important essence of the song- the keys! are different. And they even said the dance is copied. There are other moves that other groups did that are the same. You don't see their fandom complaining, yeah? These aghases just hate seeing the success of other groups.

They seem to love verbally assaulting other groups and their fandoms... Seen enough from the Brand New Music Incident.

They're delusional if they thought they're a peaceful fandom. If we're talking about fandoms that can be quite peaceful, I can name some but Aghases surely are not one of them.

"Aghases are peaceful"

Peaceful my ass!

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14 LOONA (???)

Seriously... Why does people have to say "Stan Loona, Stan talent"? Why? Now I want to share with you my experience... I didn't know Loona well, but I always read about them while surfing the web... I thought they were a new group who just debuted, but back then it wasn't like that! When I knew it, I was a bit confused... Ok, they were already showing a new member every month, but how can you already say that they're going to be so talented all together? Their "fans" were so hyped and they haven't even debuted yet. Your can stan whoever you want, but please, don't claim someone is talented ad all people have to think like that

New, but the worst. They tear down every group until they fill validated. They're all bad.

I was supposed to stan Loona but their fandoms are so annoying. Commenting Loona that doesn't related to Loona. This fans bringing up Loona.

They promote themselves far too much. The groups music is overrated and repetitive. The fans even promotes themselves on a post about Jonghyun's suicide.

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15 2ne1 - Blackjack

They are so annoying. Bratty, selfish, rude, hateful, everything you could imagine in an immature fanbase. They spew hate because they don't get what they want and wish death upon people when they don't even know anything about business nor anything that's going on with the company. They don't even know that YG isn't the CEO. They don't know that he only has 20% and don't know how decisions including shareholders are made. They just throw shameless hate because they are upset. They aren't grateful for teasers or music that is released. They hate on more talented groups or any of their rival groups. Overall disgusting human beings

They seriously are the bullies of the k-pop fandom world. They pick on anyone who doesn't like 2ne1. Not only that but they come in packs. So if you say " I don't like... by 2ne1" they all jump on you for no reason at all.

They bash like there's no tomorrow. Spreading unpleasant rumours. They are the worst fandom. Boastful. Pathethic creatures. They always compares 2NE1 to the much "BETTER" groups. Claiming that they have the best kpop girl group, but hey haha we all know whos the best one and for sure its really not 2NE1. And for all groups you acussed to have undergone beautification surgery, are you just insecures for the beauty they had? And do you think yours hasnt? Why? Are you that expert to conclude that your group hasnt undergone any surgery? When it can be clearly seen that they are not surgery free.
Tch. Please grow up. You all are immatures, clearly.

They are so mean! Slut Shaming all the others Girl groups. And saying that it's sexy when 2ne1 is showing skin or dancing in a "slutty" way too (like they are saying for the others ) Accusing them of doing PS when there is Bom and Minzy

16 Gfriend - Buddies

Yes maybe some person on this fandom are really disgusting and spreading toxic comments. But this is a fandom where I can share my opinions and nobody really curse me. They can discuss thing and not get mad easily like any other fandom. Well you maybe say that my opinion isn't valid because I'm a buddy. But I'm objective. If you ask me to list negative sides of gfriend, I can do that. Every group has positive and negative side, and so that their fandoms.

Buddies are disgusting but people rarely recognise it. All I see buddy do is put down other groups like red velvet, twice and blackpink, always saying Gfriend are better. Gfriend have dance/sung covers from SNSD and say they are fans but couldn't even be bothered to give them their album? They never bow to their seniors either. Guess a disrespectful group leads to disrespectful fans...

I find this fandom not really annoying, most of buddies are enthusiasm. But a lot of buddies keep consider gfriend is the top one in the world. Sometime they don't show respect another groups, I know everyone fans think their group is the best. But please show more respectful on your posts. - Henryyap

Please Buddies, stop that competition between GFriend and the other popular girlgroups... Stop it because it's annoying. I'm so sick of seeing posts like "GFriend are going to take place in the Top3 girlgroups". Do your know what are you saying? I don't want to put names here, but there are other girlgroups that aren't know by everyone and their fans don't say similar things like that. Please enjoy their music and if you have chance, listen to some other groups, so you can make an opinion

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The list maker must be drunk. Lol

A u kissing me? Meh reason

18 U-kiss - KISS ME

Just really annoying

The way they attacked Rhea Lyn was disgusting and I peaced out of that hot mess of a fanclub.


19 VIXX- St✩rlight

Starlight is pretty chill? Why is this even here

Heh, propply the most chillest fandom I've encountered - LalaMore

20 Momoland - Merry-Go-Round

The fans are so arrogant and can't accept the fact that Momoland is a one trick pony.

They are imma

They’re are hella rude. One I asked if Momoland’s saejaegi have been solved and all Momoland fans kept telling me that I was being salty or jealous that Momoland was getting popular. How was I being salty or jealous for asking a simple question because I was curious and obviously I really think Momoland did do saejaegi just saying.

Stupid, rude, most of them care about one or teo members and these members Nancy and Joee happeb to be the least talented in the group. Thry act as if their girls are on the same level as hit groups like TW and BP when they already floped with their new comeback but still can't handle it so they hate on ggs with real talent and success.

21 NCT - NCTzens

Nctzens are not annoying. We're just weird. And we just want Kun to get more lines

NCTzen is a pretty chill fandom but I don't like their lightstick because it looks like a meat tenderizer.

This is the cutest fandom
humble and hardworking
respect their seniors
i fell inlove with their no negativity mantra

The cutest fandom
humble and harworking
respect their seniors
i fell in love with their no negativity mantra - independentmind

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22 TVXQ - Cassiopeia

They get mad over a fandom color what

The Old Gods Legends of kpop

I'm surprised that this fandom isn't on the top of this list! maybe because they keep their fights inside their own fandom. anyway, this fandom has many many internal problems and conflicts. all you can see in this fandom is: Fight! I'm a cassie, and I'm really tired of all of these fights! there's not one day in this fandom that you don't see a group of people are fighting over something. commenting on this fandom is like barefoot on a glass-filled floor - one wrong word and BOOM! a fight has started. whatever you say someone will get mad and would find you and rip your head off! really this fandom is toxic, and also boring.

Play the senior card all the time... like stop. funny how they believe they own a color... I'll have to admit, the first thing that comes up when people talk about red would be taylor swift lol... if tvxq is like worldwide legend like Michael or beatles or queen b, I might consider accepting the fact that sb thinks they own a colour and whoever use the same colous will be damned, but...yeah. lol

23 Sistar - Star1

:/ nothing wrong with the fandom...

They are way too judgemental about almost all the Girl's Day video saying that Girl's Day copied SISTAR, like what? Girl's Day and Sistar is way to different in their MV's and Music's! THEY ARE HELLA HILARIOUS TOO!

24 Taeyeon Akgaes or Fans

Most of them acts like 5-year old kid, and keep babbling Taeyeon is the greatest singer, the queen of OST, so you should like her voice rather than Ailee, IU, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Young... Once I had an arguement to one of her fan in YT, just because I am an Army and Exo-l, she just labelled me as toxic. Haha. Maybe, army and exo-l are annoying sometimes, but this fan, very rude. And very hypocrite! :D

25 Stray Kids - Stays

Yeah, we stays are chill. If there's one toxic fan, we stay out of it

I’m a Stay and our fandom is pretty chill!

26 PinkPanda

They always act like Apink is the best even though they always copy other artists and even though 5 or 6 clearly had surgery, they deny it.

They mad PSYs comeback alla about their Visual...

Okay, they almost peaceful fandom. But I found some annoying, most of pink panda are eunji biased. Actually, they can't appreciate other members. Especially, namjoo. - Henryyap

I mean all of them except Hayoung... - blinkarmy

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27 Monsta X

Monsta X is my favorite group and I thought it's friendly fandom, but every fandom has some problematic parts, right?

I honestly never met a rude Monbebe before. They're like Melodies to be honest... and I'm sorry to Monbebes out there but you guys are like the 'introverts' of kpop fandoms because every time a fandom drag Monsta X or Monbebes in a drama, guaranteed you'll see a Monbebe saying, "Leave us alone! " 😂

I’ve HIGHKEY never met an annoying monbebe though?
I’d like to think we’re a kind fandom. uwu
I mean the fandom name is soft too-



31 MeU - F(x)

I'm a MeU and overall, our fandom is not too bad. Like yeah there will be great people trust me, but to be honest, the most toxic you'll come across WILL ALWAYS be Amber stans. Trust me, especially the solo stans, they usually don't even care about the rest of the members, or only know Amber, and are the most sensitive too. Say one negative thing about Amber, and they'll come attacking you (And Amber by the way is my bias as well, but jfc chill out! ) I'm very surprised that although Krystal is the most popular member, her fans are the most chill. Victoria fans are usually the most mature and least vocal, and Luna stans are the most innocent and rare (and are the kindest! ) Sulli stans are kinda divided with the ones hating on f(x) cause of Sulli's departure, and the other half supporting both f(x) and Sulli. So overall, our fandom aren't people you should expect to be as toxic/annoying, however, be VERY careful if you ever meet an Amber stan. If you're unlucky, then prepare for the ...more

MeU’s are getting really annoying lately, They keep asking when F(x) is a having a comeback? Just stop it quit asking it’s getting really annoying and I see it everywhere. Besides that they’re pretty calm compare to most fandoms. - hiddenlotus10

32 Shawols - SHINee

Whatever! Shawol for life! Your past your prime kid! Todo/a Pendejo/a...

33 Igot7
34 SNSD - Sones


Even though they are a senior group, their fandom does not be mature at all. They keep saying “JESSICA JUNG WAS KICKED BECAUSE OF TAEYEON DAMNIT TAEYEON” or other stuff... They keep saying the member is always outshined when SM is to blame it on the 1st place.

35 SF9 - Fantasy
36 MOMOLAND - Merries
37 Pentagon - Universe

When they got lucky with shine almost all of their fans starts belittling other rookies in same gen as Pentagon and calling them flop...

38 4 MINUTE - 4NIA

They were think whoever has that bad dads vibe is copying 4miniute

39 Ikonics/Inner Circle

The fandom is defensive even if jokes are made. They can't take anything seriously and I think now that they're becoming more popular more people are just joining the bandwagon.

They sort of bash on each other when they should actually be supportive...

They are extremely rude and lack teamwork...the sheer amount of arguments inside the fandom is annoying.

40 gu9udan - Dear Friends

As a Danjjak, I can only say: A big part of the famdom uses Sejeong as their bias, being the face fo the group.

But a bigger part actually agrees that everyone on the group needs to be appreciated too, bias or not.

41 AOA - Elvis

Why on this list? Elvis are most peaceful fandom I ever see. They seldom make a fan war, and they are modesty, also can appreciate all members. They is almost no promote their mv another fandom and show respect another groups. - Henryyap

43 JYJ fans

So damn annoying and the fact they're defending a rapist and saying he's innocent. Disgusting

44 Rapper Psy - Gangnam Style

Here we have a man rapping about bullcrap. The idiot cannot sing or rap,and get this: Psy is a grown-ass MAN who forces little boys to put their faces into his crotch in the Gangham style video. what? A fully grown man who makes LITTLE BOYS rub their faces into HIS CROTCH. That would even make Kanye West and Justin Bieber want to vomit huge amounts a thousand times over. I imagine they did just that if they found out what he did. And his fanbase is worse-I saw one where a rabid fan took a picture of the pokemon Psyduck and slapped a pic of Psy's head onto the poor pokemon's body..his fans act like that pic is 1000 times better than the Mona Lisa. The fan did'nt even bother crediting the creators of Psyduck,either. The rapper's fanbase is AWFUL. Even Justin Beiber acts more mature than Psy.

Psy isn't relevant in any way anymore so why did someone put him on this list (-~-)/

45 VIXX - Starlight

These fans will rip apart anyone who doesn’t like their artist’s music, assaulting all of their social media accounts, all with hateful information.

46 CLC -???

They are so mean to CLC’s junior group (G)I-DLE. A reccet picture of (G)I-DLE comeback photo was released they were wearing black dresses and CLC fans were accusing (G)I-DLE of stealing CLC’s concept. BLACK DRESSSES don't BELONG TO CLC. To me CLC is just ripped off of 4minute and seriously all of the members sound like Hyuna.

Sweetie clc fans please understand that clc floping has nothing to do with G idle. Their gg isn't that talented and eyecatching and most of their songs are averege so it isn't anyone else fault they floped. I even see them coming after MORE TALENTED groups like BP and GOT7 saying Sorn deserves more fame than Lisa and Bambam. Now I have ntohing against Sorn but you are stupid if you think she is more talented than the other Thai idols.

47 Victon - ALICE


Alices are like Babys, Starlights, Monbebes, Miracles, Melodys, Shawols, Ujungs, InSomnias etc.

48 LipBubble

Lip bubble always gets lots of hate, why? they have done nothing by far, and besides, does it help if you are spreading rumors and hate to put them down and demanding for them to be put down?!

49 Oh My Girls - Miracle
50 Day6 - My Days
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