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I don't think EXO-l's whole fandom is annoying. I think the small percent of immature ones that every fandom has, EXO-l's ones take the cake. From their holier than thou mindset to just being crude for the sake of it or because a certain group is actually getting ridiculous. These immature ones think that EXO is original and that everyone else copies what they do. These immature ones are arrogant about EXO. Don't get me wrong, is good to be proud of your group but to bash people in the process is just wrong. I'm not going to go about what that small percentage did in the past but what I've been hearing now about them *cough*BreakWings*cough* is absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, there are a small percentage of immature fans in every fandom and sadly when you get popular, these small percentage paints the whole fandom. It's just that EXO-l's small percentage of bad fans take the cake in comparison to other immature fans of other fandoms. They go to the extreme.

I think Exo L became the worst fandom now. Unlike before. They have a lot of more immature fans

They are just too cruel


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I've been in korean and non-korean fandoms for years and armies take top 3 overall on the annoying scale. It's a pity because BTS actually produces pretty great music but we have their obsessed fans (not all) pretending as if the leading reason for their obsession is the music when most of them are in it for the looks and the fact that they're ridiculously active on social media so they feel connected to them and it feeds to the boyfriend image overall. While armies' arguments to everything is BTS' quality music, it's clearly not why they've gotten their level of popularity isn't it? Which is such a shame because it means their fans are not ones who give them the proper respect and admiration for their passion which is their music. Wish more of their fandom were made up of people who are in it primarily for the music, perhaps then I'd have some respect for the fandom. Not to mention they are really disrespectful to other senior groups who BTS obviously respects (yes, even exo). They ...more

Holy Crap. These people ate the most toxic people I have ever come across. They're rude, perverted, stupid and just so annoying. All the do is look down on other groups and whine when people call them out. Their all a bunch of horny 12 year olds who weren't disciplined as a kid. All of you need to shut up and grow up

I'm and army but some people here annoy me, they are literally EVERYWHERE and they are beyond obsessed where every video they watch it's all about bts, I would watch a video on baking, and I would see comments talking about bts, and then a bunch of replies screaming JIMINNN at each other, I was fine until recently because I can never escape them

Armys are the worst.

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3 SNSD - Sone

Honestly if you try and put even a slightly negative opinion on snsd sones will go at you. Like if you don't like a persons voice when they rap but think their pretty good at singing sones will say your bashing that person because you think they're not perfect. They put snsd on a pedestal and worship them like goddesses.

Sones are so immature. They crap on whoever doesn't like SNSD. Like won woo had to write an apology what. They are the real poison in kpop

Sones always sees SNSD as the 'perfect' girl group ever even when they are talent wise pretty normal. Also the way the handled Jessica and kicked her out was ugly. T-Ara is bashed for a false rumor but Jessica even wrote a statement and SNSD is still the 'angel' of k-pop

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6 Big Bang - VIP

When Big Bang is promoting they are practically non existent to the Kpop world. Seriously. But when they promote, it's like the worst fandoms with that small percentage of immature groups combined. Severely arrogant and rude to other fandoms and their groups because Big Bang is the best and kings of Kpop and your group is not. It's literally a I'm better than you parade with VIP when Big Bang is promoting.

7 2ne1 - Blackjack

They are so annoying. Bratty, selfish, rude, hateful, everything you could imagine in an immature fanbase. They spew hate because they don't get what they want and wish death upon people when they don't even know anything about business nor anything that's going on with the company. They don't even know that YG isn't the CEO. They don't know that he only has 20% and don't know how decisions including shareholders are made. They just throw shameless hate because they are upset. They aren't grateful for teasers or music that is released. They hate on more talented groups or any of their rival groups. Overall disgusting human beings

They seriously are the bullies of the k-pop fandom world. They pick on anyone who doesn't like 2ne1. Not only that but they come in packs. So if you say " I don't like... by 2ne1" they all jump on you for no reason at all.

They bash like there's no tomorrow. Spreading unpleasant rumours. They are the worst fandom. Boastful. Pathethic creatures. They always compares 2NE1 to the much "BETTER" groups. Claiming that they have the best kpop girl group, but hey haha we all know whos the best one and for sure its really not 2NE1. And for all groups you acussed to have undergone beautification surgery, are you just insecures for the beauty they had? And do you think yours hasnt? Why? Are you that expert to conclude that your group hasnt undergone any surgery? When it can be clearly seen that they are not surgery free.
Tch. Please grow up. You all are immatures, clearly.

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8 Twice - Once

They keep saying "Oh they'll improve" or "dancing while singing is hard". Idol groups should be able to dance and sing so they should be good at that. They were training and that's when they are supposed to improve to be at a certain level. They just can't admit that Twice honestly isn't ready to be performing and instead provide excuses. Also all the comments are "_____ is so (cute/pretty)" Yes they are pretty but can't they talk about something other than that.

Dude, they're seriously have a bad manners... like, what's their probl em? t hey're always talking' about other fandom, starting the fanwar, and bragging about their idol WHO CAN'T SING PROPERLY and did lots of lipsync...
Once makes lots of spam on other idol post... they're always talking' about:
-Red Velvet
-Mamamoo (rare, but they did it... they're mocking Mamamoo for didn't reach 100M views on MV but their concert's ticket was sold out in 1 minute, so Once is jealous)

e ven now, other fandoms is workin' together to report Once in every agency for spreading hate about other idols... I know Moomoo didn't like fanwar and they're just ignoring Once, but other fandoms now defend Mamamoo from Once's harsh words...

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11 TVXQ - Cassiopeia

They get mad over a fandom color what

12 EXO-L

Exotics are already first place, why is there also this?

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13 BlackPink - [???]

Their fandom name is Blink

I like BlackPink, but the fandom is so messy. They claim that they saved K-Pop with their "new" concept, but literally YG didn't even hide that they are literal supposed to be 2NE1 2.0. Also bash other girl groups for their "girly" concepts and use that to say how much better BlackPink is. They belittle I.O.I for getting the best rookie award saying it's a waste because they are disbanding. - JojoBean

14 4 MINUTE - 4NIA

They were think whoever has that bad dads vibe is copying 4miniute

15 PinkPanda

They always act like Apink is the best even though they always copy other artists and even though 5 or 6 clearly had surgery, they deny it.

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