Literally all I want is to enjoy the fact that BTS have won a BBMA and that I'm so happy for them because they have worked so hard for it and really deserve it. But their victory is completely turned sour for me by so many of the Army's and their RUDE and HEADASS behaviour. When I first came into the kpop fandom I was most into BTS - but I didn't join the fandom because of how annoying and unbearable Army's are.

It's a shame that a small percent have to be so damn toxic cause they ruin the entire fandom.

And I hate how so many Army's literally don't understand why we hate them - like some Army's are reasonable and understand that there is rude behaviour within their fandom, but most get all high and mighty and won't stop denying it, or trying to defend themselves or other Army's.

I also heard how an Army told Namjoon he should leave the group because he was so ugly and he said "I know" & obviously it's a fake stan but it makes me SO ANGRY! So many Army's ...more

ARMY...I beg you...Please, just shut up...Just stop you're all so annoying I want to rip my hair out.Stop with the unfunny memes, the repetitive edits, the annoying comments, the childish references. Stop thinking your oppas are ALWAYS supposed to be first. That they're natural and perfect and accepting and that they will date you; just stop. How old are you all? Why the hell do you make gross comments about the poor members when you're like 12?! Ugh

I've never encountered such an annoying fans like ARMY. Let me tell you, there's so much annoying fans all around the Internet, but this one takes all the cake.

When I watched a YouTube video, and this video about abused and the victim, in a very bad shape and psychology. Then there's the top comment that's support the victim and give a very touching speech. But guess what, that person have a BTS name and PP. Then suddenly those retards reply the comment and say, "Hi ARMY. ARMY IS HERE. ARMY EVERYWHERE. BLA BLA BLA... PROUD TO BE ARMY."


And guess what, when people call them on it, they become a raging baby. And this wise top commenter turned into a very nasty witch. - SHJ

They are so rude just to start off with. They will go to other artists' video and will just start talking about army's and bts when it was ON ANOTHER ARTISTS VIDEO. I find that just plain rude. They will also go into things that aren't even in the same category as kpop and comment some things like "army here" or "he reminds me of xxx". That's also rude. Then they decide to bash other fandoms and artists and say that they're not on as good as or on par with bts and, you guessed it ITS RUDE. Then there are the fan wars inside the fandoms that are always saying that "xxx is better than xxx at dancing/ singing" and there are the toxic fans that say "xxx is so ugly, why is he even in this group? " I really just don't get why they can't be chill and just get along. And also, when others voice their opinions saying "I like this song better than that because it's more of my genre", army's will just go at them even if they are in the same fandom. It's really sad.

Their fans made me not like BTS anymore. Sad, right? They're so irritating and childish. And they're EVERYWHERE.

I've been in korean and non-korean fandoms for years and armies take top 3 overall on the annoying scale. It's a pity because BTS actually produces pretty great music but we have their obsessed fans (not all) pretending as if the leading reason for their obsession is the music when most of them are in it for the looks and the fact that they're ridiculously active on social media so they feel connected to them and it feeds to the boyfriend image overall. While armies' arguments to everything is BTS' quality music, it's clearly not why they've gotten their level of popularity isn't it? Which is such a shame because it means their fans are not ones who give them the proper respect and admiration for their passion which is their music. Wish more of their fandom were made up of people who are in it primarily for the music, perhaps then I'd have some respect for the fandom. Not to mention they are really disrespectful to other senior groups who BTS obviously respects (yes, even exo). They ...more

Holy Crap. These people ate the most toxic people I have ever come across. They're rude, perverted, stupid and just so annoying. All the do is look down on other groups and whine when people call them out. Their all a bunch of horny 12 year olds who weren't disciplined as a kid. All of you need to shut up and grow up

Honestly one of the worst fandoms I've ever seen (and the Skeleton Clique exists, so that's saying something). Most of them have to remind you 24/7 that they're ARMY's (especially in non-kpop related youtube comment sections) and mindlessly threaten people who don't like their music or even "worse", fans of other K-pop bands (especially when they're EXO-L's). They use the fact that they won a Billboard award to mindlessly insult and harass other fandoms, while simultaneously "defending" BTS from non-existent hate, which is just stupid (like seriously, since when is "guys, please stop spamming BTS' related stuff" on a video about strawberry jam hate? ). Some of the reasons why I left ARMY, I still listen to BTS' stuff though, a toxic fandom is not gonna hinder me from listening to good music. I feel really sorry for BTS and normal BTS fans for being associated with those crazy people.

I was a ARMY before, I didn't realise what their fandom's true colours were. Firstly, their dirty minded. Secondly, THEY ALWAYS MUST MENTION BTS IN SOMETHING LITTLE TO NOT RELATED. Third, they only CARE about their own fandom. Whenever another group wins a award they go 'bts deserved it more' and they keep boasting about the awards they get...

Honestly, I have a hard time liking BTS since this is one of the most annoying fandoms ever. It basically ruined the group for me since it's always about being way over the top over the group or just being way too arrogant about them in the first place. Don't get me wrong. I love their cheoregraphy and music but I absolutely cannot STAND the fandom whatsoever. I have liked BTS since 2015 and as the years go by so many fans have just been literally everywhere on YouTube making me feel devastated. So many moments when I just scroll down the comments of a YouTube video that doesn't even have ANYTHING BTS related and I see comments all like "ARMYS WHERE U AT" literally at the top of the comment section. I guess what basically has happened is that the bad apples ruined the whole tree. Smh.

The fandom always act like their idol is the best of all kpop idols. That's disgusting.

They are immature and super annoying. They comment on things about bts when they are not related to bts in anyway, bash other groups, and just act like bts are some kind of gods. I like bts' music but honestly the fandom kind of ruined it all for me personally.

Ugh, I see these guys EVERYWHERE on YouTube and it's gotten SO ANNOYING - wrests

Aghhh... I'm a part of ARMY myself, and I wish that the immature fans would grow up. Yes, there are fans like that. Yes, there are fans like that in EVERY fandom. No, just because there's one bad apple in the tree, it makes it a bad one. It's the small part of ARMY that is rude. I know why people hate this fandom. I wish the ones causing that would stop. I've tried to reason with some of the immature ones, but they don't listen. I wish people would see that not all of ARMY is like that. I hate it when the immature ones try to bring down other groups. Groups that Bangtan respects, such as Big Bang and SHINee. Those groups actually got me into kpop so I hate it when I see some people doing that. Yes, I love Bangtan but that doesn't mean that I think that they're better than other groups. They aren't the kings of kpop because they're a fairly new group and there are others that have been around longer and that are more developed.

I was an Army when BTS first debuted and the fandom was small and tended to be really nice. Then when they got really famous the fandom went wack. Like not even kidding I used to think Army was such a nice group of fans, but now they're just ridiculously toxic. This is coming from and Exo-l so trust me when I say this: I KNOW toxic. Exo-l fandom can be really toxic but Army really just takes the cake here. Really the whole Kpop fandom is becoming extremely toxic and it makes me sad as an older fan to see this happen. It wasn't this bad before. That's coming from someone who went through the Cassiopeia, Elf, Sone, and Shawol fan wars.

If you may be new to Kpop you'll love them and stan them immediately, especially because they are one of the most -if not, the most- popular group currently but if you're not new and you've stanned another group instead of BTS then you'll understand the word "annoying", "toxic", "disrespectful", etc. I rarely go to any BTS related videos but I know some of their inside jokes...this is how much the fans are spitting on non BTS related material, if you're an ARMY then you'll find it funny but please understand how non-fans feel. I've considered to stan though but the fandom keeps holding me back when it shouldn't, they boast BTS too much and belittle and bring other Kpop groups down a lot by saying "bts is the best" on non-BTS related video and especially the sad truth is that some people stan because they are band-wagoning, they don't love all the members they only love their bias. If you are like that then you don't deserve to be part of the fandom. I know ARMYs are good people but ...more

They are absolutely one of the worst. There are so many reasons why I don't like their fandom. I'm not a hater, by the way. Being 100% honest.
1. The ARMYs boast about them. They give all their love to them and hate everything else that comes in their way (Especially EXO). It's nice and all to show A LOT of appreciation to a group you like, but don't threat other groups saying that your group is better. And the ARMYs ARE A GREAT EXAMPLE of that.
2. THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. SERIOUSLY. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. They are all over youtube in non-kpop videos. I remember watching a video from Buzzfeed that had nothing to do with kpop. I think they didn't even mention the word "Korea". And as I scrolled through the comments, there was THAT ONE PERSON who says "Any ARMYs here? " They should go say that on an actual BTS video and they shouldn't annoy others bringing up a topic that has nothing to do with the main topic.
3. They are now probably 90% of what kpop is known for. I realized that ...more

They are EVERYWHERE and they need to chill sometimes, it isn't always about them, and stop commenting on videos that isn't related to bts ugh

As soon as BTS gained popularity in the States, it's honestly all I hear about and it sickens me. They're so oversaturated. Especially when new people enter the Kpop fandom, they miss out on all of the other amazing groups and their history because they're blinded by one group. And to be honest, the fandom makes it unbearable to even listen to them anymore. I used to love them years ago when no one even knew who they were and all of a sudden all these people hop on the bandwagon. It's not even real fans I'm talking about, it's people who don't even like kpop who just want to follow the latest trend. It's incredibly annoying. Their damn fandom is toxic to the Kpop community.

They feel the need to make anything and everything BTS related. They will mention BTS on comment sections that don't relate to them. Think that BTS is the true kings and will put down other groups. I could honestly go on and on about all the bad things they do. (not all armies are like that)

Probably one of the most annoying fandoms I've encountered in my years of stanning k-pop groups. It's sad because they produce really good music that I do enjoy listening to. On music videos or reality shows about another group I guarantee that you will find one comment that says 'Any ARMYs here? ". Like, if you wanna talk to other ARMYs, go to a BTS video? There's no need to drag them here when they're completely irrelevant to said video. And they've only gotten worse since they won a BBMA. I'm so happy for them, but (some) ARMYs feel like BTS is superior to other senior groups just because of that. I've seen comments like '! bts are kings of kpop why do you even like xxx? did they win a bbma? ' and such, with people shaming other groups just because they didn't win an American award. EXO made a comeback recently, and I've seen comments giving instructions on how to sabotage their views, and to not watch their title track. Why? Just so that they won't break the current record for ...more

Honestly, armies are so rude and annoying.I love BTS, it's just that fandom is EXTREMELY toxic. They disrespect other groups, say "BTS are the kings of kpop", and are sososososososo mean to each other. They think that it's okay to disrespect other fandoms and groups because they think it's a joke. I left the fandom because they were so toxic. Armies always compare BTS to other groups and when they don't get the answer they want, they end up going too far. Yeah BTS went to the BBMAS and stuff but that doesn't mean the fandom has full power. Also, we all know everyone hates when they ask for other members on vlive,tell other members to leave BTS, threaten them, say that one member is better than another, etc. Armies are evil and straight up insane. BTS is amazing but their fandom is so bad and just needs to chill. I used to be an army but I left the fandom. Overall to conclude, armies are so rude and annoying.

Go in the EXO-L section on this list as proof to how childish Army's are.

I was around Kpop since 2007 and now it is 2018. In all this time I've seem some ugly fan wars and destructive fandom but nothing compares to the ARMYs! As everyone has already said of their rudeness and arrogance I will not rehash any details. But I will tell you of one instance when I realized that this fandom had a dangerous and unhealthy mindset. A highly disturbing conversation took place where an ARMY attacked another ARMY for being a fake ARMY because that girl dared to listen to and appreciate another music group! ARMY's clearly stated that you can only listen and like BTS otherwise you are a fake fan. Can you imagine never exposing yourself to the wide world of music?

For example, if you grew up with One Direction would you never avail yourself the chance to enjoy the music of bands prior? Then you will never know the high of boyband era of Backstreet Boys or of the Jackson 5. You would have missed the legends of the 60s and 70s... The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Beach ...more

I'm a bts Stan but I don't get why army's have to leave comments in every exo thing like they're everywhere just like exols but just because people are immature (some exols ) you don't have to be the same but no army's are out of control and I don't care if they fight between fandoms cause that happens every day but what I don't understand is why they have to offend exo directly and say they're wanna be and have no talent when we all know that's not true cause even if they're not my bias group they do have talent and denying that make us look petty and we should not be putting ourselves at the same label of other fandoms we should concentrate in our boys and respect other groups