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I respect BlackPink even if they're not my style of music, but their fans are getting to me. I understand that every fandom has their fair share of immature fans. This fandom in particular though, LIKES and has NO SHAME in BELITTLING other groups and CREATING FIGHTS in the comment section. They act like their queens are better than other groups, as if they don't know that PREFERENCE exists. This happens especially to the Twice fandom, Once. I also stream Twice m/vs (and other m/vs that have a goal) like you guys do to BlackPink, and I see minimal hate comments which is normal for an old m/v...but those hate comments include saying that BlackPink is better. Also, comments that praise BlackPink and insult other girl groups can reach up to 200 likes instead of those that say not to compare others.

For a fandom of a group that hasn't been around for a year, blinks are somehow able to show the world how annoying you guys are. Flooding the comment section of knowing Brother preview on youtube with hate just because kim jong kook and not their precious blackpink is guesting that week is SO NOT OKAY! For the love of kpop, BP was NOT invited while kim jong kook was! They had a schedule so meaning his episode was planned before your privilege princess' was called for a favour to be on the show by YG! Stop your whining, Turbo is a senior in kpop by so many years as compared to BP he and many others paved the way even before many blinks were born SO SHOW HIM RESPECT! Many blinks are so arrogant I'm starting to get triggered just from seeing them in comments(I'm sure I'm not the only one) MAKE WAY WORLD ARMY 2.0 IS HERE!

Notice how BlackPink doesn't get much hate but their fandom does? Their fandom is one of the main reasons people don't stan BP. Blinks are immature as all hell.

I like BlackPink, but the fandom is so messy. They claim that they saved K-Pop with their "new" concept, but literally YG didn't even hide that they are literal supposed to be 2NE1 2.0. Also bash other girl groups for their "girly" concepts and use that to say how much better BlackPink is. They belittle I.O.I for getting the best rookie award saying it's a waste because they are disbanding. - JojoBean

Actually the BLINK fandom is the second the fact that fight more with their own fandom than other fandom and are always comparing the members and everything.

Their fans consist of Arrogant Delusional YG stan and some annoying rotten apple from other fandom, just waited until their fandom will be the worst fandom.

Their Fandom are like the update and the ruder version of VIP, ARMY, and Blackjack.

For a group that hasn't been around for 2 years, blink has shown the whole world how immature they are. I dislike their fandom especially Lisa stan.

I love blackpink and all but most blinks are just toxic. Aside from the internal war going on (pitting their bias against another member), they're highly disrespectful to other groups. Blinks resorted to calling others flops and when that group does better(i.e won more awards, ranked higher on charts) than blackpink, they fall back on the reasoning that they're just rookies not even one year old to be able to be up against older groups makes blinks proud. Oh please even if I'm a newbie I know to respect the seniors.

BLINKs (BLACKPINK's official fanclub name) are hands down the WORST fandom to ever exist. They get so cocky especially after As If It's Your Last's immense success. They bash BTS, EXO, TWICE, RV, and even SNSD and literally any groups in kpop just because they won against them in terms of views. Just because BP has lots of i-fans doesn't mean they can drag down other groups especially BP's senior groups. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Blinks honestly so annoying, like I get it you want blackpink to be on the top, but why they bully other fandom and other group?

Blackpink has so many hardcore stan who only stan one member, but doesn't appreciate another member and like to bringing down other member in order to praise their bias. Especially Lisa stan, they are so problematic. Blinks have a lot of internal conflict, they always fight each other, almost in every video. They got salty over small things like their bias didn't got a good clothes. And the worse of all, they had no problem to insult Blackpink senior group like 2NE1, Mamamoo, BTS, Big Bang, Ikon, etc just because they lost to Blackpink in term of youtube views. They didn't want to accept when Blackpink lose to Mamamoo in music bank and then saying immature things like "Mamamoo sucks..etc". Hands down, Blink are the worse fandom of kpoo history. A lot of internal and external conflict.

The most cancerous kpop fandom ever exist! They got mad like a little girl if you critize Blackpink a little or say that their fandom are annoying. Majority of them only support their ultimate bias and always got into fight with one another over a little things! What a bunch of crazy people.

I love blackpink, I really do, but the fans can make me very agitated sometimes. if you don't stream, you're a fake blink. all they care about is views. most comments I see are about Lisa - being Jisoo biased, this makes me sad as the others are underappreciated whilst Lisa is put on a pedestal. I love lisa, don't get me wrong, but the fans do not appreciate all four of them equally. They push so hard for views and aim for wild things just to get ahead of others. I've met some lovely blinks, but a lot of them are immature and make me sigh.

Remember blink, your blackpink didn't compose their own song or rap yet, so don't be arrogant. Don't say that Lisa and Jennie is better rapper than TOP, Suga BTS, or even another person that can be considered real rapper.

Blink fandom are so immature ouch, Lisa stan is the worse. They are like cancer.

Blinks are super immature, did I say more?

Blink fandom consist of 5 years old who can speak properly.

Blink are the epitome of cancerous fandom ever exist.

Blackpink is the most overrated group

This fandom is so cancerous on the inside and outside

Most fans of black pink are also army's so they are both annoying and immature. They share the same childish and stupid traits with army.

Blink is one of the worst cancer of kpop fandom, exo-l, once, and army is better than them

This fandom is literally toxic. Can't they just support their own group without bringing down other groups? The most ridiculous thing is that blinks keep comparing Blackpink to senior groups. They bash other girl groups for not changing their concepts when Blackpink has never changed concepts themselves. Blinks are so busy on hating on other K-pop groups rather than supporting their own.

Think they are unique just because they're doing an 'edgy' concept. Also they always push GG idols down and shames different concepts. Also very unhelpful and rude, they're one of the fandoms I might never join just because of their annoying fans