I really like EXO's music, but I am terrified to ever identify with the fandom. I've seen what they do to other fandoms and some of the things are honestly horrific. I've noticed in particular that they like to attack BTS' 'ARMY' fandom because BTS has gained a recent rise in popularity, and beaten EXO out of their top spot. When comparing the two, I do believe that BTS deserves it more, but I am so unknowingly curious as to why EXO fans always attack so many fandoms rather than focusing on their favorites. It seriously drives me away from EXO more and more and makes me feel scared to post anything on twitter. But seriously, I've seen EXO-L's associating other fandoms with serious topics like the holocost and the kkk. I think those fans need some help and respect for all of the people involved in tragic accidents in regards to those happenings in history.

EXO-ls are nice until they see anything that is remotely a threat. It's like they don't understand how fast the Kpop scene moves. It's ok if your kings aren't on top anymore. They're still /your/ kings. But I've seen so many instances where their bitterness has tainted the fandom name. In 2015 they trended the hashtag "plagiarism boys" towards BTS for doing concepts that basically every other boy group has done. They tried to push a petition to abolish the MAMA on the Blue House website and made it crash, so the government scolded them. Imagine being so angry that your favorites didn't win that the government has to tell you to call down. Over an award show. They booed at Wanna One for their seats at MAMA, and yes, it's been proven that they were EXO-ls who booed. Personally, the EXO members have really appealing personalities, and that has drawn me many times, but each time, without fail, I see such awful toxicity that I haven't witnessed in any other fandom (except the One Direction ...more

I almost became an EXO-L but because of some of those fans that starts the fan wars, especially towards BTS, made me back out. I mean like come on, we all have different taste in music and style even in kpop. But those fans want to brag on how much better EXO is than other kpop groups. I mean like hello, have you even checked their lyrics, it very confusing and annoying me. They say EXO is the best kpop group and others can't be, I mean like I know a lot of kpop groups that deserved that and as well as their fandoms because they don't start off a fight, they just deffended their favorite group. Some EXO fans are very irresponsible and annoying, everything I wrote can't express the way I feel about them, both EXO and fans.

C exol and C army incident. Pretending to be other fandoms to spread malicious rumors so it can ruin a groups reputation. They have no confidence in their own favorites so they'll involve other fandoms to gain up another fandom in voting. They never apologize as a whole or own up to their mistakes. A lot of them right now pretended to be army on this platform so they don't have to be number 1 it's really obvious when you read the comments. They threaten any female idol that gets close to theirs favorites don't respect their own favorites. They don't protect their favorites properly from their own obsessive fans there quite a few clips out there to prove it. They openly threaten and harm other fandom. I can go on and on and tell you where to go for evidence but that'll take up a bit of time.

They simply piss me off. There's a difference of being bitter and realistic. Seriously, I like exo, just don't want to be part of the fandom. Exo-l concluded to harming other fandoms *cough* k-army. I mean it. Physical harm. I'm being honest here. 25% of that fandom is what makes their fandom the worst. The other 75% of chill. We don't here from that 75% because that 25% really shows their true form. When I think of exo it makes me happy, but when I think of how much hate because of their fandom they have to go through...it just makes me sad. I'm pretty sure 98% of the comments are army. And I'm pretty sure that number one on this list is exo-l complaining about army. I'm horrified of how fast our relationship changed.

Why I think exo-l the worst fandom well they done some pretty mess up things for example pretending to be other fandoms to spread malicious rumors so they can get a group disbanded if that group does better then their favorites. They gain up on female idol if they get too close to their favorites. If they're blame for something they'll try place blame on another group to try and divert it from them. There are so many terrible things they have done it hard to keep count. I know not all of them are like this but I've rarely met any honest and nice exo-l. I've met with a lot two face one though if you know what I mean.

Death threats? Planning a project to eliminate an idol? Do not know what the word privacy means? Writing fake articles about others? The worst and toxic fans? This 'fandom' takes the cake with everything on it. The worst people (if they even are) to encounter with. I would rather drink a glass of bleach than breath the same air as those horrible sorry of excuse human beings. Thinking that their oppars own everything. I feel sorry for exo having such horrible insane fans, they deserve so much more. And just because exo hasn't been on top lately they get angry at every little thing that doesn't even concern them. A couple of jealous salty dry ass fetus who need to get breastfeed. Sit down and be humble.

EXO-l's are the most hypocritical and saltiest fandom I have come across. They can't tolerate it when other groups are surpassing exo. They don't hesitate to falsely accuse other groups and fandoms. They are definitely the worst kpop fandom and will be the same in the future.

Some of them are immature and instead of focusing on their own idol they always throw hate at other fandoms and idols. Don't get me wrong I mean I like exo but their fans...Are just overly obsessed with the idea of them being number 1

Worst fandom lol. They are notorious in spreading rumours about other groups.

In my opinion, not all EXO-Ls are immature but some are. When there's a post about other idol and not EXO, they (immature fans) will easily get upset and bring up the fact that EXO won more daesangs, EXO deserve more, EXO is better, etc,.. I mean, I know really well they're amazing (seriously I mean it). But you don't have to bash other idol so that your idol looks better. No you don't have to. Because you only made the whole fandom looks bad by doing so. What made me upset more is the fact that they usually say other idols won daesang because EXO-Ls help them, like if you did that so you can bring it up in the future, then just don't. Honestly.

A lot of them seem so insecure and just pathetic to be honest. They're petty and act like nobody could ever beat EXO, or that nobody can be better than EXO as if opinions don't exist. ARMYs are really annoying but I don't find them as bad as some EXO Ls. They're way too ignorant and hostile, I love exo but I'm often ashamed by what their fans do, it's sad. They're so threatened by other rising groups, it's pathetic sorry for any bad English, I'm rusty with it

Add this and the Exo L votes at the bottom and they are the worst toxic fandom. One Category wasn't enough to show how annoying they are.

They always bash and hate on my group and I just can't stand seeing them anywhere

Petition to White House, to Blue House. Way to go!

Exo as a group is great and stuff but their toxic fans just makes me stay away from the group.

I was a fan of EXO but I really don't like how EXOLs treat EXO. They don't even listen to EXO and just laugh at them when EXO is trying to discipline them whenever they're outside promoting stuffs. Disrespectful to other fandoms too. They always come up with the worst things possible just to ruin others career to put EXO on top but does not even respect EXO. This is so sad because EXO are the ones who always apologize to the people their fans bashed. EXO can't even have girlfriends because EXOLs harrass them. EXOLs are really toxic and... very annoying so I just decided to be a casual fan rather than associating myself to a toxic fandom. - Lolame

Exo is great and all but they have the worst fans. Talk about saesang and disrespectful. Yep, that's them. So rude and childish. They like to downplay everything that's not exo's achievement. - Lolame

EXO-l's hated on my group a lot...but to be honest I'm scared of this fandom and sometimes my own. I feel if I comment anything I'm gonna get bashed and I'm not the type of person who can take hate very easily..

Immature EXO-Ls really like mocking other idols don't they? Just because other idols don't have plenty of daesang, doesn't mean you can bash them for that. I know you know that well. But some still do it though. Many EXO fanbases insult other idols indirectly to convince everyone that EXO is better, too. Oh, trust me I know that EXO is a group of talented and skilled people. But their fandom? Nah.

They like making fake rumors because they are jealous of other fandoms they need to man up

Okay but what the heck was with Break Wings? That's just pure evil. - NotUrOppa

They always want exo to be on top so they fight with other fandoms

Right now they're propping up ikon and helping them chart, but as an ikonic I don't want it. I kno that if ikon ever manages to "steal" an award from exo, the fans will start to trash them the way they trash bts

They always hate on other big groups especially BTS, I mean BTS comments that they are on their video to stream and support exo and all they get is hate from Exo-l. Why are they so arrogant lol