Twice - Once


I do not hate people for having different ideas of the same thing, and I do believe that everyone should have the right to share their opinions. However, whenever people comment on Twice and point out what part they dislike about them (just take it as an advice, seriously? ). They will start to say annoying things like "You're just jealous of their popularity! " or "You just envy their beauty because they are prettier than you." These replies given by Once really irritates me so badly.

I actually like Twice itself, but some immature Once really know how to pissed you off to no end. There's several occasions when I was having a civil discussion with a fellow Kpop fan and exchanging pros and cons when all of a sudden, handful of Twice's fans started butting in on our conversation and accusing us of ruining Twice's image when we're only discussing different concepts of Kpop music and I'm like sitting there in front of my computer thinking, "What the heck just happened? "

They are very rude and bad attitude. Twice is claimed to be the "Queen" but they have many lacks especially in vocals. In addition, ONCE often insult other idols / artists and considers it can't compete with Twice's position.

They just go around bashing groups on the other group's live stages or music videos. Honestly they don't accept the truth when it's placed right in front of them and it's just toxic

Not all Twice fans are annoying and immature but I've came across many that are. I've met Onces that would throw shade and put down other girl groups just for the benefit of their fandom. They would say other girl groups are not as hard working or talented which is 100% not true. They would immediately attack the roast people whenever they hear people say one thing bad about Twice. I'm not a huge fan of Twice but I enjoy their music and whenever I would state my opinion on social media, like "I like Blackpink more than Twice", some Onces would go like "Don't hate on us, you're only jealous of Twice's success" and it's really annoying.

"They are always making rude comments about old girl groups such as SNSD"

They really have too many toxic ONCEs to count. It's so tiring to block and report all of them one by one because of their death threats, drags and hate speech towards other artistes. And the really sad thing is that their account isn't deactivated even though it's considered harassment after they have tagged the artistes and post rude things about them. Just hype up your favorites and leave the others alone. What did they ever do wrong to you?

and also we get that you wanna protect your favorites from hate and stuff but it gets annoying when you run out of receipts esp for their talent zzz

I seen a bunch of pathetic Once attacking other people just because those people said that Twice need to improve their musicality. I understand if that people said that Twice sucks, but he/she only give their opinion and some good critism. Geez, Once is so pitiful.

They have so much immature fans, like duh... it's okay if they're praising their idols, but big no to bringing down others

They're too childish and rude with others fandoms and kpop groups

This group has the most annoying fandom to date. Constantly starting arguments just because they are more famous.

They keep saying "Oh they'll improve" or "dancing while singing is hard". Idol groups should be able to dance and sing so they should be good at that. They were training and that's when they are supposed to improve to be at a certain level. They just can't admit that Twice honestly isn't ready to be performing and instead provide excuses. Also all the comments are "_____ is so (cute/pretty)" Yes they are pretty but can't they talk about something other than that.

Not that I vilify Twice, but since I first heard their names I always hated them

Onces are seriously the most annoying K-pop fandom. Every time somebody criticizes twice, they just like to shove Twice's achievements at people's faces. Some other fandoms are accepting towards critisims, but this fandom just like to think anybody who criticizes their Twice are all haters and is jealous of Twice.
Yeah, and they act like Twice is the only group who gets hate, always likes yo play their victim card.

Their eyes and look just fit the perfect most annoying beat. they make me want to throw up and hate all Asians, but I am one, so

They know Twice is a group with talent but they only said in other mv of others groups things like: Twice is the best. Lol

They're way too confident, its good to have confidence but arrogance? no.

Onces hate on immature blinks most...i mean onces are not that bad its just like others fandoms especially blink make them angry

"Their fans always sumging their achievements as if they are already legends always compared to their sunbaenim's without respect"

Some of them are so annoying really, a lot of them keep saying that twice will be the next SNSD but we all know that it's not possible because SNSD was stable from the start with an hard choreo, but twice didn't have stable vocals at the debut with a super easy choreo(they're improving though, but really stop)

Onces are so childish. They cannot accept criticism even though all the criticism is true. TWICE is only popular because they're cute and have catchy music. Onces can't accept the fact that TWICE lacks talent. From when TWICE debuted til their recent comeback (What is love? ) Onces claimed they improved but Did they? to be honest they didn't really improved at all their choreographs are still way too simple and vocals are still unstable. I hate when Onces tell you stop hating on Twice and support your favorites maybe you onces should stop so childish and rude to other groups (especially SNSD and Blackpink) and go support your TWICE - Gashina2018

Most Once doesn't know how to respect senior groups like snsd/bts/kara and etc... also when there is just an article or pictures or discussion regarding twice, they suddenly get all defensive and the most annoying part is that they all try to agree to their co-onces even if what he/she had said was lowkey disrespectful to other grps. They don't teach their co-onces how to be peaceful and to stop responding to their haters aka thrice. This is why most fans loves to start a war with twice its because of all the drama onces brings with them. Hahaa.

They act like their group is the best when really they're not even that talented and the whole 'theyll improve their just rookies'thing is getting old and annoying and I don't even know why JYP decided to debut them.The lyrics of their songs are actual trash as well

The most immature fandom I've ever seen, and the real reason why I don't like Once is because they don't respect other fandom and always bashes them. I also don't get why they are so jealous of BLACKPINK, I keep seeing them comparing TWICE with BP, I mean seriously look wise both groups have it but singing wise n song wise, I've my hands down to BP, I once listened to TWICE MR removed and I felt sorry 4 my ears. But heck no Once can't accept that too. This fandom should really humble themselves and for peace sake leave other fandoms and groups alone. -_-

They are really annoying, if you say something like "twice's song was catchy but not very complex production or lyric-wise," they come back with annoying comments like "um the song was a bop bye" "well they are korea's girl group so stfu" bla bla bla. they can't handle the fact that twice's music isn't to some people's taste and even have a name for twice "haters" - thrice. honestly just stfu