Top 10 Most Annoying Legend of Zelda Characters

The most annoying characters in the Legend of Zelda universe

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1 Navi - Ocarina of Time Navi - Ocarina of Time

So glad it's not as bad in major as mask

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2 Tingle - Majora's Mask/Wind Waker

That sucker makes you pay 398 rupees 8 times in Wind Waker.

3 Kaepora Gaebora - Ocarina of Time

He's is such a pain in the ass. At least in Majora's Mask you only talk to him once. Which is why I like the game more than OOT.

Dear Kaepora Gaebora or however you pronounce it, shut the Hell up!

Anyone who' s ever played Ocarina of Time knows how FN annoying this guy is all he does is bore the hell out of the players with his boring dialogue stuff you've already herd about and if you accidentally select No when he asks "did you get all that: or Yes when he asks "would you like to hear what I said again" you have to sit through his boring dialogue again. - egnomac

4 Fi - Skyward Sword

Urgh - As a character; zero personality, as a guide; unhelpful, forever stating the obvious and even sometimes simply telling you how to solve a puzzle before you've even looked at it. This character would've been far better suited as an option to turn on for younger gamers.

She gave so much pointless and useless information. Trust me, I never even found Navi annoying!

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5 Scrapper - Skyward Sword

Go up the volcanic mountain they said, it would be fun they said

6 Goron Elder's Son - Majora's Mask
7 Jolene - Phantom Hourglass

So you're sailing to an island and she just approaches you and you have to fight her...
Why is Malo in this list? He's cute lol.

8 Ruto - Ocarina of Time

Why do I have to carry her? Can't she walk? Also, shes a zora.. THAT can't SWIM

9 King Zora - Ocarina of Time
10 Chudley - Twilight Princess

This guys a total dick when you first meet him for starters he won't even let you into his store unless you pay him money to shine your shoes so you can get in which is pointless since he charges a ridicules amount of rupees for everything. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Malo - Twilight Princess
12 Ravio - A Link Between Worlds

He shows up out of nowhere, you can't tell him to go away, he essentially kicks you out of your house (I know I barely spend any time there, but it's the principle), he then proceeds to charge you rupees to borrow his items, then charges you more if you want to buy them. Need I say more about why this guy is annoying? - DragonHarrier

13 Joy Pendant Lady - Wind Waker
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