Top Ten Most Annoying Legend of Zelda Enemies

There's been quite a lot of talk about how Zelda's games, dungeons, bosses, and characters can be annoying or cool, but never one for enemies. Quite a lot of Zelda enemies appear in recurring games, so I will not be basing this list off of certain games.

The Top Ten

1 Beamos

What makes Beamos truly annoying is that they always catch me every single time. The lasers from those things hurt a lot more than they should and the worst part is in the games that they are at their most annoying, they are also completely indestructable. They are not so much a problem in Ocarina of Time, et al. since you can kill them with bombs, but in games like Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and the Oracle games, they can't be killed whatsoever. Especially annoying in Link's Awakening because for some reason they shoot multiple times. - NuMetalManiak

You know what would be worse is if these grew legs and chased you around... - Thisgoronsonfire

They arnt as hard in twilight princess.

ABSOULUTELY! Can't say enough about how annoying they are. At least in OoT and MM you can destroy them despite the fact they respawn. In LttP and LBW you can't do jackdiddlysquat about them!

2 Wallmaster

Evil hands that grab you and send you back to the beginning of the dungeon you were in. Especially annoying the further you get. What annoyed me most was that I got lost in Dungeon 7 of the first Legend of Zelda, and in the room with Wallmasters, I didn't actually know you had to kill all of them (I played a few Zelda games after the first and I knew that they would infinitely appear in those games) to be able to push a block to continue. - NuMetalManiak



3 Darknut Darknut

I easily get confused between the two enemies, so I'll lump them together. They are both big knight enemies Link has to face, and have very good frontal defense. In the original Legend of Zelda, you can't harm Darknuts from the front, and don't get me started on Iron Knuckles and how annoying they were in Zelda II. These big knights end up in later games with more aggressive AI, and the Iron Knuckles in Ocarina of Time hurt you for about four hearts of damage, big ouch. - NuMetalManiak

4 Keese


Lord knows how many arrows I've wasted trying to kill those fire keese at the beginning of the fire temple...

Electric keeses are most annoying enemy ever

No, but in Breath of the Wild, there is packs of Keese and it is so annoying because there are hundreds of them at a time. They also live in caves and they glow! The electric ones SOOO EVIL >:( - Foxillusion

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5 Bubble

Also possibly known as Whisps or Anti-fairies, these floating skulls would be one of the more annoying dungeon enemies, especially in the 2d games. In the original, you can't kill bubbles, and touching one prevented you from using a sword (although they do no damage to Link in that game). Their random movement patterns annoy me to no end. Later games had bubbles moving alongside walls (these are called Whisps) or in diagonal motion (these are called Anti-fairies). Not many ways to actually kill them in 2d games, you either have to have magic powder or a magical boomerang to do it. They got a bit easier in 3d games though. - NuMetalManiak

6 Spiny Beetle

Going under one of two names, these things first appeared in Link to the Past, hiding under rocks and bushes. They were actually harmless in that game, but in Link's Awakening and the Oracle series, they are at their most annoying. They actually harm Link in those games, sometimes found near pits, and for the ones under rocks they can only have their cover lifted by using the Power Bracelet. At the worst, Link is always risking his health when lifting their cover. - NuMetalManiak

7 Wizzrobe

Among the most damage dealing enemies in the original game they would mostly appear, shoot at Link, then disappear to strike again. In the original and in a few other Zelda games, there are Wizzrobe variants that can move about, worst is when they also teleport avoiding damage. They are usually tanks with their health too. In Link's Awakening, you can't kill them with your sword or even the overpowered boomerang, must use bombs instead. - NuMetalManiak

8 Like Like

Like Likes aren't actually too annoying in the 2d games, mainly since they have very little defense, all they have is a tank of HP. Still, getting sucked by one of those and losing your shield is one of the last things you want in a Zelda game. Later games, particularly the 3d ones, have them hunting Link, sucking him in if possible, and there are variants such as the Rupee Like which can also take Rupees away. - NuMetalManiak

I DISLIKE LIKE LIKES! The jump you get when one sucks you in!

9 Stalker Guardians

This is the worst because if you get caught creepy music plays and if you get hit once you fail. This is what is annoying during skyward sword silent realm trials

These are the reason you have to always be running in the silent realm

10 River Zora

One of the problems with swimming is that you can't use your weapons to defend yourself, and that makes evading these fireball spewing enemies that emerge from the water a pain. It's rather hard to actually kill these things too, since they usually spawn far away enough that Link often can't hit with his sword. Don't confuse these with the friendlier Zora race in Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask. - NuMetalManiak

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? Magda the Flower Lady

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11 ReDead

Ah the ReDead, one of Ocarina of Time's more terrifying enemies, emitting a bone shrilling scream enough to freeze Link in place and then jump and try to eat his face off or something. They are at least slow in movement, and are weak from behind, but are still one of the more nastier enemies encountered. - NuMetalManiak

It's really annoying when ReDeads scream and paralyze Link.Redeads are annoying.

12 Miniblin

I hate these midgets.They're quick,when one group dies another one comes,they laugh when they poke you,and worst of all,they wake the most annoying sounds.Nyeh neh nyeh neh nyeh neh.Miniblins deserve to be in a slaughter house.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

I'm fine with a speedy enemy, but this is just insane! their laugh made me wanna quit v=QW5mKikFfsY da-nant! da-nint though. there's a difference between being a hard enemy and being ANNOYING. darknut's okay even though he's almost as op as the black knight from fire emblem, and even the ganondorf tennis battles were fine compared to DA NANT (miniblin)

13 Freezards

All ice enemies are annoying. Including these. Well, itโ€™s not the fact that theyโ€™re FAST but the fact that they hide in treasure chests make them VERY annoying. In the Spirit Temple (OOT) the chests that are spawned with a heart inside has an incorrect sound effect. Spawn one with a a Freezard and hear the lovely correct sound effect. I am screwed.

14 Lynel

They killing in 3hits and breaks all of my shields

15 Octorok

An! appears above of one's head? Well bad luck, he's gonna aimbot you.

16 Guay

Guay's are actually enemies from the 3d Zelda games, and are birds. In fact, you can lump the other "pursuit" style birds into this kind of enemy, which includes the ones from 2d games like the crows and Dactos from A Link to the Past. Any small bird that swoops down on Link and then actively pursues him is annoying. The Takkuri is a notable variant for not only doing damage to Link but also stealing Rupees, the one in Majora's Mask is especially annoying. - NuMetalManiak

The guays from Skyward Sword are very annoying.They make the most annoying sounds.They also dive bombing you and poop on you which drains your stamina.So annoying.๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ก

17 Floormaster
18 Sandworms

Are these the non-botw versions of muldugas?
If so, I have only played botw.

They say you can sneak past them but you can't

19 ChuChus

These things aren't averagely annoying, but I find they are SUPER annoying in the stone tower temple block puzzle in majora's mask. whenever you try to get away from them they just hop on to wherever you are and deplete your health, easily killing you.

20 Moldorm

Worst thing about this enemy is that each time it knocks you over the edge, he regains all his life - Tisme_draGON

21 Lizalfos

1. They never sleep.
2. They are so fast! So if it sees you, there's no other choice but to fight it.
3. They have higher senses than bokoblins so you can't sneak up on them as easy.
4. They have a barrage of different attacks.
5. They usually have lightning properties so expect to lose your weapons a lot.
6. They can snipe you with arrows or they're annoying spit attack from miles away.

They are way too annoying (especially in BOTW) -- they are fast and a little bit strong. Not that strong in endgame though.

22 Blue Iron Knuckle

They do a lot of damage, they are really hard to avoid.

23 Yiga Footsoldiers
24 Hinoxs

The Hinoxs in Triforce heroes are the absolute worst. Maybe I struggle with deleting them just cause I'm playing the game all by myself. I don't know.

25 Leevers
26 Bokoblin
27 Cursed Bokoblin

They always appear without me knowing and rise up from the ground at night.

28 Technoblin
29 Rat

I played Wind Waker and what scares me the most is the rats. They are ugly, quick, creepy, annoying and they can come at you anywhere anytime. ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

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