Top Ten Most Annoying Levels in Donkey Kong Country

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1 Mine Cart Carnage

We start this list off with one of the worst levels in any Donkey Kong game, Mine Cart Carnage. Honestly, this is just one of the worst video game levels of all time. It's one of those levels in which you traverse the level riding a minecart. There are a couple of these in the Donkey Kong Country, and I've never really liked any of them. You don't steer your minecart at your own pace, but are forced to do the right thing at the right time. And the Minecart itself is way too fast for me to react properly. Sure you can jump a lot to slow it down but then you risk not being able to jump over certain larger gaps. Like sure, it would've been fine if certain bits of this level were like this, but this is an entire level of irritation. It gets even worse in the second half, when Kritters in Minecarts come towards you and you need to jump over them to not die. I swear, they have cost me a life how many times? Overall, this level is just atrocious. It's not clever or interesting, just a chore.

2 Trick Track Trek

Trick Track Treck, the second level of the Kremkroc. Industries is by far the most BORING level of all time. Why is that so, you might ask? Well for one it's a Walkway-themed level, which in my opinion is one of the blander themes this game has got to offer, but the real reason it's this low is because it's an auto-scroller. And unlike Mine Cart Carnage, it is so slow! You're basically waiting on this platform avoiding enemies, and that's it really. It's the only level when I ask myself, where is the exit? It's boredom at its finest. And that's not a very good achievement. It's only better than Mine Cart Carnage and the two Mineshaft levels because it's at least playable and doesn't make me rage-quit.

3 Loopy Lights

Surprise, surprise, another Mineshaft-themed level, Loopy Lights. Similarly to Misty Mine, it's another relatively bland and unappealing level aestethic-wise. The gimmick, as implied by the title has to do with lights. You need to turn on the lights to make sure you can see anything, by walking into the On/Off barrels. This gimmick alone makes it slightly more interesting and fun than Misty Mine, but it's still not very fun, because when they go off, you don't see anything, at all. The worst thing though are the Purple Klaptraps, who jump when you jump, and it has caused me to lose a life a few times. And not to mention just the general fact that it's a Mineshaft-themed level. I don't hate this level as much as the top two, but I wouldn't mind not playing it. In a way it's a slightly better Misty Mine.

4 Misty Mine

Misty Menace, my second least favourite level, is one of many recurring Mineshaft-themed levels you will see on this list. And it being a mineshaft-level greatly contributes to my disliking for it. Really there isn't much to enjoy about these kinds levels. For example, Misty Menace is my least favourite ambience in the game, as it feels depressing and dusty. Misty Mine is the worst of these levels. The title does NOT lie, it really is misty, and annoying. The gimmick of this level though are the enemy drums, spread out all over the level, spawning enemies. It might not seem that bad at first, but it's gets really frustrating when every two metres is a spawn point for a frustrating enemy, like armies or Klaptraps. And again, the Mineshaft theme contributes to why I dislike this level even more. So, this level is overall just not fun to play. Better than Mine Cart Carnage but come on that doesn't say much.

5 Manic Mincers

Manic Mincers starts off what are the mediocre levels of Donkey Kong Country, in my opinion. This level is in no way bad like the bottom four, but I still don't really like it. I actually like the Underground theme in this game a lot. It's got a laid-back atmosphere, a calming ambiance, and it just looks pretty nice in general. However, it is also home to the most levels, at six, and as a result the Underground levels from pretty good, to meh. And Manic Mincers is pretty mediocre. It just feels kind of dull. The background is a very monochrome grey, as opposed to chocolate brown, which makes it feel artificial. What also makes it feel artificial are the mincers that go up and down, and they do it a little too quickly. It's a bit annoying. On another hand though, it's one of the few levels to feature everyone's favourite Animal Buddy, Rambi, so I guess that's good. But overall, Manic Mincers is a dull underground level.

6 Poison Pond

Now we arrive at the onslaught of underwater levels. Normally, water stags is something every gamer frowns upon when it comes up in a game. Water levels overall, just tend to be very slow and tedious, as swimming is far slower than walking, which breaks the pace. But what if I told you Donkey Kong Country actually has GOOD underwater levels? Yeah in DKC the swimming controls are surprisingly swift as opposed to say Mario, and it also helps that the legendary Aquatic Ambiance plays in the background. Of the four underwater levels though, I think it's safe to say that Poison Pond is easily the weakest. I definitely don't mind the green water, as it makes for a unique enviroment. But what I do mind is the awful camera. For some reason, this level does not have a very cooperative camera, and I feel like part of why is because of those goddamn mincers. They rotate around / between spots pretty quickly, and once they come up on the screen, it's usually too late to move out of the way. So ...more

7 Tanked Up Trouble

Tanked Up Trouble is basically a better version of Trick Track Treck, just like Loopy Lights is a better version of Misty Mine. Similarly to Trick Track Treck, it's another relatively slow auto-scroller, but it's way better in a lot of ways. Instead of just slowly waiting on a platform, you need to make sure the platform doesn't run out of fuel by constantly hitting fuel barrels, or else you will lose. It makes an otherwise dull auto-scroller kind of hectic and interesting. That said, it's still a slow auto-scroller, set in a Walkway-themed level, which is a bit of a bland level theme. So ultimately, it can't be any higher for me.

8 Torchlight Trouble

It's a..., surprisingly ok level. Squawks is easily one of the better animal buddies in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, but that was only after the second game. In the first installment he has a single level and his only objective is holding onto a flashlight. You know what that means. A dark level where our only source of light is a lantern. It's not a bad level despite that though, but it's easily one of the lesser fun ones, closing in the top ten worst of this game. It's also pretty short so this annoying gimmick doesn't drag. It could've ended up being an even worse level than it is, but as it stands, Torchlight Trouble is ok.

9 Snow Barrel Blast

If there is one theme in the game we can all agree is simply soothing and atmospheric, it has got to be the snow theme. Northern Hemispheres is easily one of the calmest and most atmospheric tunes in the entire game, not to mention the theme looks amazing. So it obviously lifts up what is in my opinion, an otherwise kind of frustrating level, Snow Barrel Blast. This level takes the barrel blasting-theme from Barrel Cannon Canyon and goes all out with it. The barrels rotate in 360 degrees in addition to zingers infesting some of them, which makes for one of the more time-consuming levels which require patience. It's a good level. The snow theme really makes it stand out, but I've always been kind of annoyed by this gimmick. You need to be 100% exact when to shoot in 360 degree barrels, or else you will shoot wrong into the deep abyss below. Overtime, I have gotten better at this, but it's still kind of frustrating. The best part of the level would obviously be, the Snow theme. ...more

10 Tree Top Town
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11 Blackout Basement

My favourite level is annoying too, yes.

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