Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Character Fanbases/Haters

Please note that this is an opinionated list so yeah, don't expect Rosalina fans at number 1.

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1 Waluigi Fans

Yeah, they're totally dumb, they keep bashing Sakurai for not adding Waluigi to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I don't mind Waluigi, but his fans are just plain stupid and annoying. They keep making comments in YouTube saying "Wah, Where's Waluigi? This game sucks if there is no Waluigi." That is so stupid. There is a reason why he's not gonna be a playable character and it's that he more fits for an assist trophy. Waluigi fans, stop annoying poor Sakurai and get a life for yourselves.

It's stupid how these fans accuse Luigi, Daisy, and Rosalina of being unoriginal when meanwhile Waluigi is practically a clone of Wario and Luigi. IT'S IN HIS NAME. You could accuse Wario of being a rip off of Mario, but WA LUIGI. WA represents Wario. LUIGI represents...well...Luigi. IN HIS NAME, he's literally copying two people. - DCfnaf

They would treat Daisy and Rosalina like they're the antagonists in the Wah fanbase - yunafreya648

I HATE the fanbase. There literally everywhere, and complain about him not getting into Smash Ultimate. They treat him like a god for crying out loud. - RosalinaX

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2 Peach Haters

Here's my responses to some Peach haters.
-"She's a weak 'Princess' that can't defend herself at all." 1 of 2, she's not weak and can beat other girls like Amy easily. Amy just has a hammer while Peach has a wide variety of attacks like heart magic and floating.
2 of 2, Peach has a game where she has saved Mario, Luigi and all the Toads before. To top it all off, at the end she sends Bowser flying.
-"They don't rule the kingdom, the King does." The Mario Bros. 3 kings never did much. And besides, you don't think Peach has learned to rule since then?
-"She is too girly" Is there anything wrong with being girly? No. So stop acting like it's a bad thing and stop acting sexist.
-"She gets kidnapped frequently! " There are a couple year gaps between games, meaning it doesn't happen right after she's saved. - Qryzx

Princess Peach is probably one of the most underrated Mario Characters. Peach is very kind, sweet, civilized (most of the time), and even a little weird. Let me explain why the haters are so annoying...

- They pretty much hate every game where Peach is kidnapped
- They say she whines, gets kidnapped all the time, and cries when she loses when Daisy does all the same things (Daisy only got kidnapped once though)
- They hate the spinoff games simply because Peach is in them
- They always want Peach to get replaced by Daisy, Rosalina, or Pauline.

TOO BAD! Peach is one of the main characters and is going to be in most of the games! And FYI, these haters hate Super Mario 3D World since she is playable and Daisy isn't. Peach is not getting kidnapped this time and you guys STILL COMPLAIN. - DCfnaf

Peach haters are so stupid and annoying who wastes their time on hating a character they shouldn't criticize. She played her role as a heroine in some games some people forget or wouldn't even bother to do research about her character. If they want to see her role as the main heroine, they should criticize nintendo for always bringing up the damsel in distress role because nintendo is responsible.

This makes no sense to me. People hate Peach and want her to defend herself. When a game comes like that such as 3D World, they hate she's in the game. Peach is defending herself like you wanted Peach haters! So would you just shut up for once?!?!? Not to be mean, but I'm tired of Complain, complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain,complain! JUST ACCEPT IT! PEACH ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE! I love Peach, she is a beautiful Nintendo girl like Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette, and Pauline! They are all equal in my opinion! I don't like one over the other! George Shaw

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3 Daisy Fans

They ruin everything. They say that they're an okay fanbase and the ones defend them must be blind. They're rude and very civil and very mentally disturbed. They also have an obsession of her and it makes me sick. They attack anyone who hated her. For that matter, Peach's fanbase is much nicer than those stuck up brats.

So dumb and bratty I can't stand them and people like them because they feel bad for Daisy. I feel bad for Daisy but her fans are so vicious about that made me not want to support her. Worst fandom in Mario to be honest. And every discussion about Daisy her fans bring up Peach and mostly Rosalina for no reason. It's annoying because they have nothing to do with Daisy. I'm so sick of those brats. You thought Peach or Toadette fans are annoying? Well look at Daisy's.

They're not all bad, but some of them are very vocal with their opinions about what games they want to see Daisy in next. That's not a bad thing at all, but if Daisy isn't in that game and someone else is, it's an excuse to hate the character that "stole Daisy's spot" and start a fan base war. (Keep in mind that the people that do this are probably a small percent of the fanbase.) Take the Rosalina vs. Daisy war for example. That was mainly started over Rosalina getting into Smash 4. But the war got bigger and bigger and it still isn't over. It's one of the most annoying wars ever now. I'm sure this happens with other fan bases as well, but every war involving Daisy just seems to be bigger and more annoying than the others.

I'm not sure if it's a small percent because I see most people do that - ParkerFang

Anti daisy's attack I see? How painful pathetic of you 51 sensitive commenter.

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4 Rosalina Fans

Her fans are pervert losers or arrogant snobs.

They're the most annoying ones due to being extremely aggressive or perverted. - HiImFarty

Well I don't see the rapid fans anymore. All I know is that they really are perverted and always bringing down other people. At least they're better than Waluigi fans - ParkerFang

Most are Daisy haters or just dense and stubborn fangirls who can't accept that not everyone is going to like their waifu.

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5 Mario Haters

This and the Rosalina and Daisy haters are super annoying. They don't care about the fans feelings about those characters. They bully you and when they make you feel bad, they laugh at you. I'm so sick of them

I think he's the most hated Mario character next to Birdo and Pauline - yunafreya648

They literally believe that he's mental and would go against anyone who would go against Mario is mental. They think he's overrated when he's overhated by many

Someone needs to email MatPat. His theories are making everyone go ballistic! - RosalinaX

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6 Rosalina Haters

And some of them actually think that Rosalina is a ripoff of Elsa from Disney's Frozen?! You have got to be kidding me. Super Mario Galaxy came 6 years before Frozen! That is like saying that Sneak, Snoop and Snitch from Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels are ripoffs of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King when they are absolutely not! (Gulliver's Travels was made 55 years before The Lion King, although I don't like neither film to be honest) Would not be surprised if that were the case, since Disney fans treat most non-Disney movies like trash with a few exceptions. As Walt Disney said "We can make a better film than this with our second-string animators! ". You don't see Frozen fans saying anything bad about Super Mario Galaxy, let alone the Mario franchise, to this ridiculous extent.

Anyway, back on the subject... I don't like Rosalina haters either but at least I choose to ignore them and focus on something more positive. And no, she did not replace Daisy! ...more

They would bash Rosalina and her fanbase mainly because they don't like the fandom. They think they're smart when they just live in their parents basements because they are retards.

Check out the list "Most Overrated Video Game characters" "Reasons to Hate Rosalina" "Worst Nintendo characters" and you'll see how stupid they are. I got attacked by a attack on Titan and a Daisy fanbrat that calls people Space Whore worshipers when that person is a hypocrite. Or there's this Peach/Daisy fan who would say that Rosalina has no personality and that they obsess over Peach and Daisy too much her name starts with a K. They're the reasons why I hate being a Nintendo fan. They're the reasons why I left the Nintendo fandom for good. They're the reasons why I left the Mario fandom.

A few of them say that she's a ripoff of Elsa (around 1% of the haters say that) but in all cases, look and see Anti Rosalina club on Deviantart made by some rapid Yoshi and Daisy fan.

I HATE when people express they're hate for Rosalina. I'm not saying everyone should like her, I'm just saying that people have to stop saying that people who like Rosalina are snobby and arrogant. - RosalinaX

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7 Daisy Haters

There are similarities and differences between Daisy and Rosalina haters

Similarities: Attacking the fanbase, thinking that they are better than the fans, spreading hate by using memes, wishing death to those fans, spreading loads of hate in the Smash community, accusing them to be Peach clones, hate the characters for the fanbase.

Differences: Daisy haters say the dumbest excuse to hate her. They are dumb when they think Daisy only says "Hi I'm Daisy".
Rosalina haters thinks that she's too OP and undeserving. They think that she's everywhere and doesn't realize that she's just an addition.

I used to hate daisy because of the war between Rosalina and Daisy. They were hating on Rosalina, so it seemed that fighting fore with fire was the right thing to do. Now I see that most of the reasons the haters give are stupid and if you don't like the fanbase, don't hate Daisy, hate the fans.

They would literally bash anyone who likes daisy. And would act like they wre the only ones who possess opinions.

I know. As a Mario fan I think daisy fans are smart and that’s why daisy deserves more respect

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8 Yoshi Fans

They hate everyone who hates Yoshi: "Yoshi is cute and you jump off a cliff! " In a YouTube video a guy said that he hates Yoshi and a rabid fan made like 20 comments full of "you suck" or "Yoshi is cute! " - DaisyandRosalina

Needs to be higher.

I love barney and I also love yoshi

Fetish.. Makes me vomit. That's why I don't really like Mario fans, they ruin Koopalings, Yoshi etc with their foot and other types of feitsh.

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9 Luigi Fans

These guys are so annoying! They treat Mario like he's mental (wow where did I get that from) and Luigi as a god. We all know Luigi has more character than Mario, but that doesn't mean you should compare him to Mario. - DCfnaf

Oh boy! Where do I even start with the Luigi fanbase?! These people are the absolute WORST. They treat Luigi like a king while they bash on other fan favorites like Yoshi. Yeah, I don't like the Yoshi fanbase either but that's no excuse to go hate on him like that! He doesn't deserve that much hate! What did Yoshi ever do to you?!

I hate you all who say the luigi fan base is bad. I love this fan base. It is my absolute favorite Fanbase of all time. This was the Fanbase that started this entire love video games. This really affects me and just. Oh God. I don't know what to say it's just so beautiful. (If you don't like it, You can not comment on thisif you hate it. Leave opinions to yourself.) Oh God That was actually really menacing. But still. Some people like it, and I Am one of those those people.

I like Luigi, all my respects to him, but people are crazy about him. I used to be part of Super Mario Amino and I would find chatrooms that worshiped Luigi like a god. Seriously, chill! - RosalinaX

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10 Peach Fans

The worst types of Peach fans are Daisy and Rosalina haters. They always be like: "Oh Peach is so pretty, she's so cute and sweet." They literally worship her like she's the daughter of Jesus and the other two like they were Satan's daughters. I mean that's all Peach is is just sweet and cute. Daisy and Rosalina don't need to show it. That's what I like about these two. I don't have a problem with Peach but Daisy and Rosalina shows more badassery.

Her fans are rude elitists especially towards the other female characters that aren't her clones.

Peach is like the most underrated character ever. Rosalina's fans are even worse on deviantart though. That's why I put Peach Haters on the list.

I'm a Peach fan, but I love all of the Mario girls. :( George Shaw

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The Contenders

11 Waluigi Haters

To be honest, Waluigi haters are getting just as annoying as the fans, if not, worse (as the Waluigi fandom isn't common on TheTopTens nowadays). They are just self-centered, narcissistic hypocrites who may have a few points, but just overreact, bandwagon and say the same crap over and over again. - TheYoshiPyro64

They're awesome people!

No, they are hypocrites who overreact to everything. They hate Wario haters they hate Wario because he's fat, but Waluigi haters hate Waluigi because he's skinny, their logic is just absurd. - darthvadern

How are they annoying? - yunafreya648

They spam hatred and have weak points and offend innocent fanbases (Larry Koopa Fans). - darthvadern


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12 Pink Gold Peach Fans

You might be thinking 'wait... Pink gold peach has Fans? '.I know. But believe me, I have met some.

I hate Pink Gold Peach. She is an absolute waste of space in the roster where King Boo could have gone. (I didn't play as him in MK Wii, but I know lot's of people would love to play as him) This reminds me on Nathaniel Bandy's video, where he said that one of the reasons people use to defend her is "Metal Mario needs a girlfriend." - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Thank you for adding this. Completely forgot about them (COUGH COUGH Greenviolet8236 COUGH COUGH) - DCfnaf

List of characters who could've replaced all the Peach and Mario Clones:

1. Pauline
2. Birdo
3. King Boo
4. Honey Bee Queen
5. Kamek
6. Fawful
7. Petey Pirahna
8. Geno

So much potential wasted. Thanks Nintendo. :C - RosalinaX

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13 Toad Haters

Um excuse me. Please replace this with Toad Fans. Toad is actually hated for good reasons such as being incapable of protecting his own princess. When she gets captured Toad just runs off and hides from Bowser's minions which is the reason why I hate Super Mario Odyssey in a nutshell. But worst of all, once player has beat the game Mario ends up getting ditched as well as being stung by Peach's criticism and rejection. If Super Mario Odyssey never existed (especially Toad) I would be eternally greatful.

Toad Haters. Yes. The ones that hate Toad because he says "Thank you Mario but your princess is in another castle" and the ones that are all "is he flipping me off". - DCfnaf

So hating him because of a game made over 25 years ago even though he has evolved into a more complex character. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate Toad but not for that reason. The reason I hate Toad is because has the most obnoxious voice I ever heard, Toadette and Toadsworth are better in every way!

Gets hated for a game made 20 years ago. Big deal. - RosalinaX

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14 Wario Haters

It's probably because Shadow the Hedgehog fans hate Wario simply because he's too fat or not edgy enough for their tastes. I don't see anything wrong with either character to be honest. (But Shadow's fanbase on the other hand...)

Wario hardly ever has loud fans what are you guys talking about? - DaisyandRosalina

Some of his fans are kinda rude, but I don't see it. AM I RUDE? OH NO! (Lol) - DCfnaf

They give out stupid reasons like he's fat. - Randomator

Peach fans

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15 Toad Fans

Toad is definitely starting to steal Yoshi's spotlight - Randomator

16 Wendy O. Koopa Haters

Oh god they hates her for a non canon show! But she isn't bad at all! She's one of the most unique koopalings: she shoot rings instead of magic attacks, she's the only girls and she's sassy. How many sassy characters we have in the Mario universe? Daisy and Wendy. If people can like Morton or Iggy why they can't like Wendy? - DaisyandRosalina

Also, I really like Wendy myself. I think she's more interesting than Larry and Roy! They are so overrated! Wendy needs more love! - DCfnaf

Wendy deserves it

I'm not saying people can't like wendy, but she's really annoying

Ugh. Why is she so hated? The only girl koopaling, how is that not cool? People are just so stupid for using evidence from non-canon 50 year old shows and comics. Get over yourselves. - RosalinaX

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17 Pauline Haters

They're rude Peach fans for sure

She's original, the first female character in the Mario games, even older then Peach but she's still hated for no reason at all. The Peach Fans and they're ridiculous reasons. - RosalinaX

It feels like someone is talking fireworks outside, but I saw nothing there. It keeps happening so I get outraged. I'm saying Pauline is all potential, no hints of anything other than Super Mario Odyssey, where she was the Mayor of New Donk City. And yet, she's still more appreciated than Peach in certain stuff. - Qryzx

People think it's Peach fans that hate her but it's actually Daisy fans because they envy any female that gets accepted into canon before her.

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18 Birdo Haters

Ah, yes. Birdo, the most hated Mario character along with Waluigi and Pink Gold Peach. People only hate Birdo because they don't know what gender it is. No one knows what MANGLE's gender is from Five Nights at Freddy's and MANGLE doesn't receive any HATE! (Then again she's/he's an animatronic fox). Well, here's something for you Birdo Haters. Yoshi is considered a male, but he lays eggs. THINK ABOUT THAT! Another reason why she is hated is because she spits eggs out of her mouth. Which...yeah that's disturbing. - DCfnaf

Wait, the most hated characters are really Birdo, Waluigi and Pink gold Peach? I thought Peach was super hated too. - DaisyandRosalina

Birdo isn't THAT bad, at least SHE has a personality, she spits eggs off her mouth for defending herself but there's nothing wrong with that. - DaisyandRosalina

She's got personality unlike SOME OTHER PEOPLE (cough cough Waluigi cough cough) - DCfnaf

Currently I find it very stupid hated Birdo. - Julieta

Please replace Pink Gold Peach woth Birdo. I would literally give up my life for that. 😊🙌😊 - RosalinaX

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19 Koopaling Fans

The Koopalings (more like the Krapalings) have a weird fanbase. I don't understand why these guys are loved so much since they have absolutely no character. - DCfnaf

These guys are weird because there are some who only like one and not the others - Randomator

They're poor losers

Those are Bowser jr haters - yunafreya648

20 Wendy O. Koopa Fans

The person who keeps bashing Cloud Strife, Rosalina, Daisy, and Sephiroth just to make me mad? Yeah that one - ParkerFang

They're so annoying I'm glad this hoe gets hate

The one trolling on our lists and shoving his opinions down our throats, enough said. - DCfnaf

I h8 them

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21 Toadette Haters

Peach fans

Mostly Peach fans, but come on, Toadettes awesome! - RosalinaX

Peach fans hate her because of peachette.

Probably Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina fans - yunafreya648

22 Paper Mario Fans

They seem to not respect or accept the new games that well just because they're nothing like the first three games in the series, but I still enjoyed them as much I did with the older ones.

Can I ask why this was put on the list? What's annoying about them? - DCfnaf


The reason why I put them on the list is because of how annoying and obnoxious they are. Look at the paper mario:colour splash trailer or rescue v video comments. It just says it all.

Ah okay. I don't think they should judge a game that hasn't even come out yet. But I agree with Sticker Star. It was not a good game because of the battle system and the poor story. But I didn't play the originals and even I think the game was bad. Ah well, that might be a matter of opinion. I guess you enjoyed sticker star. - DCfnaf

23 Wario Fans

Ah, I knew that Wendy Fanbrat would do this. That's the sacrifice I make just to piss off a 2 day old embryo. Anyways, yeah, these guys can be rude. Admittedly, I've been a bit of a jerk too, but only because the reasons people hate him are childish. - DCfnaf

They are unmannered just like Wario

What? This is not bad, Wario's fanbase is pretty silent. - DaisyandRosalina

They are rude to Wendy

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24 Larry Koopa Haters
25 Bowser Jr. Haters

I don't think Bowser Jr deserves so much hate. - DCfnaf

I used to be a Bowser Jr hater but I agree. I still hate his voice to this day but I have grown to love him - Randomator

+DaisyandRosalina the reason I put Bowser Jr Haters on the list is because he is really underrated. People don't like him since he "stole Ludwig's heir to the throne" and "replaced the Koopalings". Not to point out the obvious, but I don't think ONE CHARACTER can replace SEVEN KOOPALINGS. Also, people hate him because he is a spoiled brat. But that's what made me LIKE HIM as a villain! - DCfnaf

Bow Jr. Is Decent - VideoGamefan5

26 Dry Bowser Fans

Literally hate every other clone yet he gets a pass because he's cool.
HE IS SO AWESOME AND COOLEST MARIO CHARACTER OF ALL TIME! - every dry Bowser fan ever - Randomator

27 Toadette Fans

This fanbase is turning into the next Yoshi, they also think Toadette is more important than Daisy or Wario... lol in your dreams maybe - DaisyandRosalina

Sadly that's becoming more apparent as time goes on. Toadette has been in everything recently. - DCfnaf

Toadette doesn't have many fans, so I can't say this fanbase is annoying. - DCfnaf

How are they bad?

They say bad things about Daisy, some think Rosalina is replacing her - yunafreya648

Have never seen one so I can't give an opinion - Randomator

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28 King K. Rool Fans

Smash 4 I've said enough. - DaisyandRosalina

He's more of a Donkey kong character - Randomator

DapperPickle will come after whoever added this lol - TheInsomniac

I've never experienced these guys so I can't give an actual complaint. K Rool is more of a DK character anyway. - DCfnaf

29 Ludwig Von Koopa Fans

Why exactly do the fans hate Jr? If anything Jr and Ludwig would probably be good friends because they have similar motives, work for Bowser,and both have leadership skills - Randomator

Honestly, any fan of any Koopaling is terrible, but these guys attack Bowser Jr for "stealing Ludwig's throne"

Bowser Jr is developed and motivated.

Ludwig is a Koopaling. - DCfnaf

30 Baby Wario fans

(Sigh)... Well then I guess that's a thing now - Randomator

*Rolls Eyes* - DCfnaf

HAAA! Hahaa! Please, Baby Wario has not fans - DaisyandRosalina

...Da heck? - IceFoxPlayz

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31 Honey Queen Haters

A.K.A Waluigi fans in disguise - Randomator

Um, okay. Next!

32 Bowser Fans

Actually Bowser has one of the most quiet fanbases. - Randomator

Bowser’s fans don’t harm anyone but are constantly hammered by butthurt fans of other villains, just because they’re mad that bowser outshines their villain.

33 Pauline Fans

They're starting to get annoying. They hate Peach for being "mean, bossy, cranky" towards Mario. They make fun of Daisy and say that even Pauline has more "importance" than she does. They hate Rosalina for some reason.

They're perverted and rude towards Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina and their fanbase. I can't stand these "Peach sucks, Pauline is better." Or "Pauline is important, Daisy is irrelevant." Or "Rosalina has no personality, Pauline is more hot and sexier"

They're not annoying. They're better than Peach fans - yunafreya648

1. Much better than Peach fans, who attack any other princess or girl they find
2. Pauline doesn't have a lot of fans, in fact,she's probably the only one I haven't heard from yet - RosalinaX

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34 Baby Character Fans

I consider myself a baby fanboy

35 Bowser Jr. Fans
36 Fawful Fans

Not that bad - Randomator

37 Lemmy Koopa Fans

37, funny. Lemmy makes me sick. Where do I begin? Next to no personality or devotion to Bowser. Being an elite member of the Koopa Troop, the sworn enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom, and having absolutely 0 motivation to be evil, it just isn't worth it. We already have enough lesser evils in this group. The thing that makes Wendy, Larry, Ludwig, Roy, Iggy, and Morton good characters is that they have likable personalities with fleshed-out characteristics while still carrying out their job of being in an evil clan for the Koopa Troop, assisting Bowser with his plans, and being devoted to the takeover of Mushroom Kingdom. Even the ones who are less evil, like Wendy or Morton, still do their job, and still are devoted to defeat Mario. Lemmy couldn't care less about the position he is currently in, and even openly admits he would rather join the circus than defeat Mario. In Color Splash, even Morton tried his hardest to defend his Paint Star. Lemmy just insulted Mario and then left. Nothing ...more - GodFlowey

Just as bad as Yoshi fans when it comes to adoring the character - Randomator

38 Funky Kong Fans
39 Dry Bowser Haters

Knocking him for being a clone, but go and defend Metal Mario and Dry Bones

40 Yoshi Haters

Yoshi being popular doesn't stop him from having a lot of haters that actually overshadowed the fans in some sites (Giant Bomb and 4chan /v/ for examples). This very site even has this anti-Yoshi bias going on here due to the fact that people here goes out of their way to make it seems like Yoshi fans hate everyone and doesn't take different opinions. Seriously, do people in TheTopTens actually believe this? Outside of few, I'm pretty sure most Yoshi fans can like other characters besides Yoshi and can respect others' different opinions. Lumping bad fans with the entire fanbase is straight generalization.

I came across this guy who hates Yoshi because he 'is gay".Like seriously, gay.

Eh everyone likes Yoshi to be honest. But everyone says stuff like that. - DCfnaf

I disagree, almost nobody hates Yoshi. Don't hurt me fans ^^' (I like Yoshi). Also haters said the same on Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Mario. - DaisyandRosalina

41 Larry Koopa Fans

I've had enough with this little turds.


A bunch of 7 year old kids who like the color blue and hate other Koopalings. There are two they hate.

1. Lemmy - He looks similar to Larry

2. Ludwig - He is the most popular - DCfnaf

42 Iggy Koopa Fans

DaisyandRosalina, can I ask what's so annoying about them? Then again, Iggy is my second favorite koopaling (not counting Bowser Jr) - DCfnaf

Ironically, Iggy IS THE INSANE ONE. But I can see why Iggy is overrated since I personally really like him. I don't understand all the love for Larry though. - DCfnaf

43 Luigi Haters

What? These really don't exist! - DCfnaf

Hate these! Luigi is as good is his bro! - computerfan0

44 Candy Kong Haters

Candy Kong deserves more love. Stop hating her you animal haters.

Now we have a visitor that shoves Candy Kong down our throats. Wonderful. - DCfnaf

She is a DK character not a Mario one - DaisyandRosalina

45 Candy Kong Fans

This isn't even Mario... - RosalinaX

46 Metal Mario Fans

Ah yes these guys who say HE WAS IN MARIO 64. Come on we all know that he's the root of the clone garbage - Randomator

47 Lakitu Fans
48 Honey Queen Fans
49 Dimentio Fans
50 Roy Fans

Hey, Roy's my boy! They should have never cut him from "Smash Bros" and I'm glad they at least made him DLC. And yes he is in "Smash Bros" but that doesn't make him a "Mario" character.

Oh, you meant the koopaling named Roy, not the Roy from "Fire Emblem". My mistake.

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