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21 Paper Mario Fans

They seem to not respect or accept the new games that well just because they're nothing like the first three games in the series, but I still enjoyed them as much I did with the older ones.

Can I ask why this was put on the list? What's annoying about them? - DCfnaf

What? - ToadF1


The reason why I put them on the list is because of how annoying and obnoxious they are. Look at the paper mario:colour splash trailer or rescue v video comments. It just says it all.

Ah okay. I don't think they should judge a game that hasn't even come out yet. But I agree with Sticker Star. It was not a good game because of the battle system and the poor story. But I didn't play the originals and even I think the game was bad. Ah well, that might be a matter of opinion. I guess you enjoyed sticker star. - DCfnaf

22 King K. Rool Fans

He's more of a Donkey kong character - Randomator

Smash 4 I've said enough. - DaisyandRosalina

I've never experienced these guys so I can't give an actual complaint. K Rool is more of a DK character anyway. - DCfnaf

23 Bowser Jr. Haters

I don't think Bowser Jr deserves so much hate. - DCfnaf

I used to be a Bowser Jr hater but I agree. I still hate his voice to this day but I have grown to love him - Randomator

+DaisyandRosalina the reason I put Bowser Jr Haters on the list is because he is really underrated. People don't like him since he "stole Ludwig's heir to the throne" and "replaced the Koopalings". Not to point out the obvious, but I don't think ONE CHARACTER can replace SEVEN KOOPALINGS. Also, people hate him because he is a spoiled brat. But that's what made me LIKE HIM as a villain! - DCfnaf

Bow Jr. Is Decent - VideoGamefan5

He's good - ToadF1

24 Larry Koopa Fans

I've had enough with this little turds.


A bunch of 7 year old kids who like the color blue and hate other Koopalings. There are two they hate.

1. Lemmy - He looks similar to Larry

2. Ludwig - He is the most popular - DCfnaf

25 Ludwig Von Koopa Fans

Why exactly do the fans hate Jr? If anything Jr and Ludwig would probably be good friends because they have similar motives, work for Bowser,and both have leadership skills - Randomator

Honestly, any fan of any Koopaling is terrible, but these guys attack Bowser Jr for "stealing Ludwig's throne"

Bowser Jr is developed and motivated.

Ludwig is a Koopaling. - DCfnaf

26 Honey Queen Haters

More Waluigi Fans - ToadF1

A.K.A Waluigi fans in disguise - Randomator

27 Toad Fans

Toad is definitely starting to steal Yoshi's spotlight - Randomator

What Dick put this Here? - ToadF1

28 Bowser Jr. Fans
29 Toadette Fans

This fanbase is turning into the next Yoshi, they also think Toadette is more important than Daisy or Wario... lol in your dreams maybe - DaisyandRosalina

Sadly that's becoming more apparent as time goes on. Toadette has been in everything recently. - DCfnaf

Toadette doesn't have many fans, so I can't say this fanbase is annoying. - DCfnaf

How are they bad?

They say bad things about Daisy, some think Rosalina is replacing her - yunafreya648

Their just some more Toad Haters - ToadF1

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30 Baby Wario fans

(Sigh)... Well then I guess that's a thing now - Randomator

Eh. - ToadF1

*Rolls Eyes* - DCfnaf

WHADA HECK? - Drawbox

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31 Bowser Fans

Actually Bowser has one of the most quiet fanbases. - Randomator

Their Silent Actually - ToadF1

Bowser’s fans don’t harm anyone but are constantly hammered by butthurt fans of other villains, just because they’re mad that bowser outshines their villain.

32 Fawful Fans

Not that bad - Randomator

33 Funky Kong Fans
34 Yoshi Haters

I came across this guy who hates Yoshi because he 'is gay".Like seriously, gay.

Eh everyone likes Yoshi to be honest. But everyone says stuff like that. - DCfnaf

I disagree, almost nobody hates Yoshi. Don't hurt me fans ^^' (I like Yoshi). Also haters said the same on Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Mario. - DaisyandRosalina

35 Wendy O. Koopa Haters

Oh god they hates her for a non canon show! But she isn't bad at all! She's one of the most unique koopalings: she shoot rings instead of magic attacks, she's the only girls and she's sassy. How many sassy characters we have in the Mario universe? Daisy and Wendy. If people can like Morton or Iggy why they can't like Wendy? - DaisyandRosalina

Also, I really like Wendy myself. I think she's more interesting than Larry and Roy! They are so overrated! Wendy needs more love! - DCfnaf

Wendy still Deserves Hate - ToadF1

Probably Waluigi fans

Wendy deserves it

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36 Iggy Koopa Fans

DaisyandRosalina, can I ask what's so annoying about them? Then again, Iggy is my second favorite koopaling (not counting Bowser Jr) - DCfnaf

Ironically, Iggy IS THE INSANE ONE. But I can see why Iggy is overrated since I personally really like him. I don't understand all the love for Larry though. - DCfnaf

37 Luigi Haters

What? These really don't exist! - DCfnaf

38 Wario Fans

Ah, I knew that Wendy Fanbrat would do this. That's the sacrifice I make just to piss off a 2 day old embryo. Anyways, yeah, these guys can be rude. Admittedly, I've been a bit of a jerk too, but only because the reasons people hate him are childish. - DCfnaf

They are unmannered just like Wario

What? This is not bad, Wario's fanbase is pretty silent. - DaisyandRosalina

They are rude to Wendy

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39 Candy Kong Haters

Candy Kong deserves more love. Stop hating her you animal haters.

Now we have a visitor that shoves Candy Kong down our throats. Wonderful. - DCfnaf

She is a DK character not a Mario one - DaisyandRosalina

How about "NO" to Candy Slut Kong! TAKE THAT OFF THE LIST!!! - ToadF1

40 Candy Kong Fans

Definitely them - ToadF1

They Suck - ToadF1

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