Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Character Fanwars

Fanwars... they're everywere! LITERALLY everywhere! And of course some are present between the Mario fans too, here we have the most annoying.

The Top Ten

1 Daisy vs Rosalina

It's everywhere. YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Any forum, Smash Brothers, Deviantart. You see many art of Daisy killing or injuring Rosalina or you see many art of Luigi cutting Daisy's head off or some random cat named Lele just scratching her rapidly (poor Daisy). This fan war is just so annoying that everyone is now hating on both characters thanks to those rapid fans.
For Daisy fans, they should just stop complaining so much. Not every mainstream Mario game has to have Daisy in it. Blaming Rosalina, Peach, or any female character is stupid and comparing them to Daisy is stupid. "Daisy needs to be in this game, not Space prostitute." Hey it's not just Daisy fans who think this. Every Mario character fan hates Rosalina for taking someone's spot when she isn't. They should also stop bullying Rosalina and Peach fans.
Now for Rosalina fans, they should stop claiming her as their wife in real life. They also shove "Rosalina is sexy" down into people's throats and constantly saying ...more

I cannot stand this. Just because Rosalina is popular doesn't mean she's bad, and Daisy isn't too bad either. In all due honesty though some of Daisy's fans make me vomit in my mouth because of how obsessive they are, but Rosalina has 'em too. - Wereweegee

Of course, this is one of the most stupid fanwars EVER! It exist because Daisy is usually ignored by Nintendo while Rosalina has started to appear in games like Smash or SM3DW and so what? "! ROSALINA STEALS DAISY'S PLACE IN SMASH! OVERRATED SPACE PEACH! " and "HAHA DAISY IS JUST A PEACH CLONE! "

STOP THIS! This is so annoying! Rosalina was chosen in Smash because they wanted a puppetter (I don't know how it's spelled) character, Daisy is not that good for this. Oh and BOTH Daisy and Rosalina are NOT Peach clones. - DaisyandRosalina

See Deviantart for example, but Daisy's is worse on that one. Especially after I deactivated my account, I stopped hating Daisy and two Daisy fans (one said she didn't like Daisy anymore but she could be lying) spreaded hate towards me. The other replied to me with rude comment but I'm glad someone hid it from her. Kids, if you're going on Deviantart, be careful around them they always insult Rosalina and her fanbase

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2 Peach vs Daisy vs Rosalina

Rosalina is the worst I hate HATE HATE her fanboys, they're always rude, arrogant, and obnoxious. I dislike Peach but she's more tolerable than Rosalina. Daisy is the victim here everyone picks on her just because she's not a dumb ugly bimbo.

I vote this #1 please get it there because not only does it have #1 in it, but all around this fanwar between them all is ridiculous

Daisy and Rosalina >Wendy and Peach

Daisy fans are irritating

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3 Mario vs Luigi

This was Game Theory fault, he started that Mario is mental, abusive and mean so everyone has started to hate him and love Luigi, Game Theory is just a Game THEORIST! IT'S IN HIS NAME! Stop taking it as a fact because it isn't! - DaisyandRosalina

Dear Game Theory and fans, Thanks a lot for releasing this hell about the Mario is mental theory. Because of this people treat Mario worse than Adolf Hitler while treating Luigi like he is Jesus. You created a mess that nobody wants - Randomator

Luigi isn't living under Mario's shadow geez his fandom are such crybabies

Luigi would win. Every. Time.

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4 Everyone vs Peach

I'm not a fan of Peach but honestly she has the dumbest hate base. They've taken over the top tens, keep their delusions in their heads that she is cranky and bossy, when she obviously isn't, and they'll take terrible characters and say they are better. - DCfnaf

Very stupid arguments basically, People compare peach to trump, Justin Bieber, jake paul, gene (the emoji movie), dora, etc - VideoGamefan5

Basically Justin Bieber, Trump, Amy, Chris Thorndyke, Mario, Daisy, Rosalina, Walugi, Toadette, Wendy, Bowser, Luigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad vs Peach. Everyone thinks (person/character) is better than Peach - ParkerFang

"Trump > Peach"
"A Rock > Peach"
"Toilet Paper > Peach"
"Cheese > Peach"
"Dirt > Peach"
"Mud > Peach"
"Hitler > Peach"
"Bieber > Peach"
"Penders > Peach"
"Anything in Life > Peach"
"Pinhead > Peach"
"Dracula > Peach"

Proof that Peach Haters are Horrible People - ToadF1

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5 Bowser Jr. vs Koopalings

Obviously since the one that pisses me off the most is already Number One, I had to vote for this one. It's honestly really stupid. Bowser Jr is hated for taking the Koopalings place which makes no sense since they appear together all the time! And let's face it, a unique and developed child of Bower is better than seven lame and uninspired filler. Sorry, but that's just my take on it. Though I still like Ludwig, Wendy, Iggy, and Roy.

This was so damn stupid. Thankfully it died off nowadays as people appreciate Junior more for his own merits while at the same time they're sick of the Koopalings.

This is the same thing like "Rosalina stealing Daisy's spot" - yunafreya648

Remember when this was relevant? Thankfully I don't.

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6 Yoshi vs Everyone

Jeez Louise! Can we shut about how amazing Yoshi is? People complain about characters like Rosalina, Luigi, Shadow, and more for being overrated by the fandoms, but Yoshi gets a pass because he's "cute and adorable". Logic, my friends. - DCfnaf

Yoshi, aka the most overrated Mario character, everyone loves him because he's cute and bash anything else people prefer over him. - DaisyandRosalina

They love Yoshi and hate any other character or anyone who disliked him - yunafreya648

More so Yoshi vs Mario. They always bash Mario - ParkerFang

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7 Wario vs Waluigi

Honestly, a character that has a tragic youth and origin, character development, personality, epic adventures, and a badass biker outfit is way more interesting than a filler character who has no reason to even be a thing. At least give him his own game or something! - DCfnaf

I kinda wish Waluigi and Daisy were just put in a main game or something so their fans wouldn't complain about this so much. - Wereweegee

This is new, some people Waluigi is sexy and a better anti-hero than Wario which is "just fat and gross", Wario has done much more than do jokes to Luigi in Tennis games dudes. - DaisyandRosalina

I'm not sure about you Guys, but I think Waluigi Fans need to get Therapy, because Waluigi is literally just Lousy Filler - ToadF1

I've said it once, I've said it twice, don't tell me I need to say it again. Learn to respect the opinions of others. - Entranced98

"WALUIGI is AWESOME. Wario is just a fat yellow Mario clone"
Enough said - ParkerFang

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8 Daisy vs Waluigi

This was started because? happened, Waluigi fans have started, they think Daisy is just an annoying useless yellow Peach while Waluigi is way more important and unique. Well I think this is pretty pathetic, Waluigi is a filler character, Daisy isn't and not only because SML... oh and do you think Waluigi design is so unique? Watch the Witch from Super Mario Land 2 - DaisyandRosalina

But the thing is, the witch from Super Mario Land 2 isn't original either. She uses a very similar design as most witches do. So, yeah. Argument IS 100% invalid. - TheYoshiPyro64

Daisy has development the reason people hate her because they think she appears in every spin off and that she's filler when she isn't.

I don't really like either character but I'm guessing that it was Waluigi fans - Randomator

"Only losers like this yellow Peach clone"
Yep that's Waluigi fans - ParkerFang

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9 Mario vs Everyone

Basically, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, DK, Link, Cloud, Dante, Lara, Sonic, Call of Duty fans vs Mario - ParkerFang

10 Waluigi vs Everyone

Jeez, Waluigi...what's up with the sudden spike in popularity? Again, I wish they did something with Waluigi. At least Daisy and Toadette have been in SOMETHING. - DCfnaf

Specifically Waluigi vs Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toad or Wario, similar to Daisy vs Waluigi one. - DaisyandRosalina

Waluigi fans hate Daisy and Rosalina's guts. They need to chill - yunafreya648

Every Mario character (except Waluigi) gets bashed by Waluigi fans. - ParkerFang

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11 Toad vs Yoshi

I may not be a fan of Yoshi but ever since I played Mario Party 8 which was the second spinoff game after I played Mario Kart: Double Dash at my cousin Pete's house I have chosen Yoshi as my most frequent opponent. Cause I don't like Toad. I really don't like Toad so I usually never add him as a computer or anything.

I prefer Luma (for it's cuteness) - ParkerFang

How did this happen? Is it because Yoshi fans think Toad is useless? - yunafreya648

I think it's because of "Who is the cutest? " Both Yoshi and Toad are cute in their own ways, so I can see how there would be a fight about it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Too bad there's no Toad VS Toadette Fanwar because if there were which I'm unsure if there is. I would join it and fight for Toadette's side because she is more affectionate than Toad that means Toadette would win over being the cutest. And another thing Toad gives false information about Peach in Super Mario Brothers 1 for the SENES.

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12 Waluigi vs Rosalina

Ever fan of him blames her for just everything. - yunafreya648

It started because Rosalina got into Smash and Waluigi didn't.

Why does this happen exactly? This is similar to Waluigi vs Daisy. Not sure why it started. - DCfnaf

At least Rosalina is unique

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13 Candy Kong vs Rosalina

Rosalina over Candy any day. Candy is just a DK character that has a prostitute name while Rosalina has a beautiful name.

Stop hating Candy Kong you disgusting space doll peach clone #423689831.

14 Yoshi vs Luigi

Their both Overrated anyways... - ToadF1

I can't believe this is even a war. The only reason this war started is because they both are competing for the most popular character.


15 Ludwig vs Bowser Jr.
16 Yoshi vs Birdo

I secretely hate Yoshi with a passion. 1) how fans insult birdo and have the nerve to call her a clone when she was created first 2) they insult her gender and excuse yoshi 3) they drool all over him and his mediocre games.

"Yoshi is cute! Birdo is transgender ugh! " really do we really need to explain why Birdo is a girl? JUST LOOK AT HER! Also Yoshi van do eggs, if he's a male how he can do eggs? THINK ABOUT THIS! - DaisyandRosalina

Idiots who are afraid of transgenders. Cry me a river Yoshi Fans! Yoshi can lay eggs! - DCfnaf

17 Larry vs Ludwig
18 Daisy vs Toadette

I don't know how it started - ParkerFang

Toadette > Lazy (yellow peach) - WendyIsQueen

19 Peach vs Pink Gold Peach

Can't believe this is a thing. Any sensible person would pick Peach. - DCfnaf

Ugh - VideoGamefan5

This really exist? Lol even Birdo fanbase is huge compared to PGP one.

And why a war between the most important female character and the less important female character? - DaisyandRosalina

20 Wario vs Wendy

Nobody even likes Wario in his games lol Ashley is the most popular character oh well sad being obese Mario I guess.

No one likes Wario? Think again. At least he had reasons to be a character. Without him Ashley would not exist - ParkerFang

Yeah it started because of a Wendy fan here on TTT. - ParkerFang

Wario fans bully Wendy - WendyIsQueen

Wendy fans bully Wario

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