Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Character Fanwars


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21 Toad vs Toadette

How did this happen? - ParkerFang

22 Wendy vs Daisy

Daisy over Wendy anyday

This has started here on TTT - ParkerFang

23 Wendy vs Rosalina

This has started on TTT - ParkerFang

24 Rosalina vs Everyone

People whine about Rosalina making appearances. They also think she's going to replace everyone and even Mario - ParkerFang

25 Toad vs Wendy

Toad fans are tr4sh

26 Daisy vs Peach

The war makes me want to jump off a cliff - ParkerFang

War between the most useless Mario characters lmao

Wendy is more Useless than Peach and Daisy, at Least Peach and Daisy are Good and Have Personality - ToadF1

27 Luigi vs Everyone

Not sure how it started. Luigi fans mostly bash Mario. - ParkerFang

28 Pauline vs Peach

Peach fans started this and bullied Pauline fans and Pauline fans fought back - ParkerFang

I'm a Pauline fan and you're right, but I don't completely hate Peach. - SweetBasil

29 Lemmy vs Iggy
30 Toad vs Luigi

Toad is underrated compared to Luigi, I hardly see Toad fans bragging about him having his own games/merchandise or putting others down. Luigi isn't a bad character but his fanbase could tone it down a notch or two. - SweetBasil

How did this started? Is it because of who's a better partner for Mario? - ParkerFang

31 Daisy vs Everyone

People think Daisy is more useless than the Koopalings which isn't true. - ParkerFang

I see comments like "Trash can>Daisy" and "Everyone >Daisy" like seriously?

32 Mario vs Luigi vs Yoshi vs Toad
33 Wendy vs Everyone

Wendy Deserves this Abuse, She Sucks so Damn Much - ToadF1

34 Rosalina vs Peach
35 Wendy vs Peach
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