Most Annoying Mario Fanbases

Every major Mario character has a fanbase but which are the most annoying

The Top Ten

1 Waluigi Fans

This is the fanbases that makes you want to rip your hair out. - Randomator

So true, they post stupid memes of Waluigi not in Smash. It's starting to tick me off.

Needs to be number one - ParkerFang

Annoying spammers - yunafreya648

2 Daisy Fans

Wait actually I meant makes fun of Peach and her fanbase - ParkerFang

The true answer. Waluigi is being bullied by peach recolor fans. - WendyIsQueen

"Rosalina is stealing her spot she sucks." - ParkerFang

Bullies. They bully to make Daisy more popular

3 Wendy Fans

Voting for this one. They bash Toadette

Actually, they Bash Squall, Cloud, Dixie Kong, Wario, Daisy, Rosalina and Toad - ToadF1

They bash Rosalina, Daisy, and Wario for no reason.

They're not bad it's just this one troll that's all

One of the worst

4 Yoshi Fans

The most blind fanbase. Yoshi is bland if you think about it - Randomator

They don't know what opinions are - yunafreya648

Not all Yoshi fans are against different opinions. Also, you guys do realize you can like/love a character for other things outside of their personality, right? It’s unfair to say we’re blind for liking Yoshi yet people like Mario despite being bland as well.

5 Luigi Fans

If the yoshi fanbase is hated, then the luigi fanbase should be more hated.

Worship him like a god and hate Mario worse than Satan - Randomator

I’m talking about Game Theory Luigi fans - Randomator

6 Koopaling Fans

Bash about them having the best mario battles in history

Whine about Bowser Jr - Randomator

7 Rosalina Fans

How this is not higher is a mystery. Something smells, which is probably the Rosalina fans.

This needs to be #1 NOW

Brag about her many game appearances - Randomator

They like to make Space Peach their waifu while crapping on the other girls who have as much 'depth' as her

8 Pink Gold Peach Fans

Never heard of them. What's the point on having them on there, even if Nathaniel Bandy said how people might defend her since "Metal Mario needed a girfriend"?

Yes they exist. Annoying for obvious reasons - Randomator

They're a very small and obscure fanbase. I don't see why you need to complain about them.

I want to know how are they annoying? - ParkerFang

9 Larry Koopa Fans

A bunch of 7 year olds who hate Ludwig. - Randomator

I am sick of these turds

10 Metal Mario Fans

Don't realize that he's the root of the clone garbage - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Wario Fans

How are they annoying? Wario has a relatively quiet fanbase - Randomator

I guess Wario fans who hate Waluigi can be annoying. Good point - Randomator

Nothing wrong with them - ParkerFang

I h8 them

12 Ludwig Von Koopa Fans

Hate Bowser Jr for "stealing his throne" - Randomator

But we are right though how can you pretend that Bowser jr didn't steal his place? - WendyIsQueen

13 Dry Bowser Fans

So they hate every clone character yet Dry Bowser gets a pass because he's cool? Logic my friends

Dry Bowser appeared in mainstream mario games, nice try, but sorry, his fans are smart. - darthvadern

If he didn't look cool everyone would hate him - Randomator

14 Peach Fans

Nothing wrong with them - ParkerFang

But there are some that are very hateful towards Daisy and Rosalina - ParkerFang

15 Fawful Fans

They are too hateful towards bowser.

Who the hell added this - Randomator

16 Bowser Jr. Fans
17 Toadette Fans
18 Pauline Fans
19 Baby Mario Fans
20 Baby Rosalina Fans
21 Lemmy Fans

This sucks

Bunch of 5 year olds who like hippity hop balls & exercise balls

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