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1 Blue Shell Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

If socialists or communists designed an item, this would be it. There's no way of defending yourself from its merciless and devastating consequences, robbing you of your hard work, time, effort, and victory in an effort to even out the competition. As they say, capitalists try to make sure everyone starts equally, socialists make sure everyone finishes equally. AKA what the blue shell does. Perfect example of socialism in action right there people. They should ban the blue shell, no joke. - PRINCESSDAISY

In case you guys didn't know, the blue shell is supposed to be unfair. There's nothing wrong with the blue shell itself. It just gets generated too often in the newer Mario Kart games. Mario Kart isn't all about being a skilled player and is an unfair game. Also in Mario Kart 8, you can defend yourself from this item.

I hate these items! These items just stop me dead in the tracks and I drop down. Fun fact: a Mario kart honest trailer called the blue shell evil.

Without this item, the game would be too easy. The lightning cloud is the worst item. The blue shell is actually necessary.

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2 Lightning Cloud

The Blue Shell gets too much hate, Lighting Cloud deserves the hate it gets as it can cost a race for you if you get another one after suffering from the affects of a previous one or if everyone blasts on and leave you at the back of the pack with no way to get to 1st. Though the Blue Shell is still bad, I just hate Thunder Cloud more.

Wow! This isn't no. 1? Seriously? This item sucks! It's really annoying especially when you get it when there's no one around you, you can't pass it to anyone, you get zapped, and a whole bunch of people pass you! And that happens to me a lot!

It really suck when you get one in 9th place and cannot pass to anyone else, and in the last lap without hope to get another item before finish line... Ended in 10th or something like that.


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3 POW Block

I agree with you 100% I always thought the Sledge Brother was the most unfair item in this game because he is the reason why I get 7th place or lower all the time in this game. I also lost on Coin Runners for Battle Mode when I was playing as Princess Peach because of him. I was going to win for sure but then at the last minute he pounded the ground and made me lose half of what I collected. So you know that Sledge Brother really had a bigger impact on the game than I thought, Sledge Bro!! However I got to admit he made a perfect antihero in Mario Party 10 because he had a huge impact on my of the Bowser Party Mode that I play in Mario Party 10 and I couldn't of completed the challenge known as Bowser Party Pro without him. So uh yeah he is actually on my good side when it comes to that game.

In my opinion, the POW block seems like a slightly-tweaked lighting bolt. Sure, it's avoidable and it doesn't shrink you, but like the lightning bolt, it always manages to slow you down in some way or another, and it makes everyone drop their items. Although, the unoriginal concept alone isn't enough to earn this item the title of "most annoying. " No. It occurs SO MANY TIMES during one race, and avoiding it with a wiimote is just irritating, ESPECIALLY when you're trying to turn a corner using manual drift.

Really, I think the game would've been just as fun (if not more so) without the POW block. The lightning bolt already does a good enough job of pissing us off when we drop those three red shells we were JUST about to use.

Why does everyone hate the POW Block, it's my favorite item in the whole series, stop hate this item, there are items that are worse like Blooper or Coin! - darthvadern

This is just a nuisance. - thunderstar1124

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4 Blooper Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party more.

In Mario Kart, fun is key, and for that, races with more tension is needed.. The Blue Shell is specifically designed to track down the first place so that even he can have some actual fun, since being very far ahead of others is no fun, and the Lightning Cloud is designed to create more tension for players near the user with the cloud. The Blooper? It inks your screen! It only affects newbies and CPU players though, so from even a casual perspective, the Blooper is useless. Why can't it just be a replacement for a Big Banana? (sprays ink on the ground so that it will function like the ink in SNES Mario Circuit) - SoaPuffball

Blooper is seriously the worst item ever because it just doesn't do anything.

This is literally useless against online multiplayer-you can see so easily through the ink and its just a bit stupid really...

Sadly, it comes back. In both 7 AND 8. Despite nobody liking this item, it's gonna come back in the next game whether you hate it or really hate it. - lamourieparkinson

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5 Red Shell

At least they can easily be blocked unlike the Blue Shell. They aren't that bad...

Red shells burn in a fiery death

Red shells are just annoying.

It is much more challenging and fun. Look at my last comment about losing then we will see who is the wimp.

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6 Green Shell Green Shell

Very annoying if there are 4 or 5 racing on the track in the same place though. I hate it.

I hate the green shell, it even sometimes comes back to hit me.

It is terrible to aim who you want hit with the Green Shell.

The lyrics"Richochet, take your aim. Fire away, fire away." This would fit so well. At least you can hold it behind you.

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7 Lightning

They hit everyone except the user of the item and shrinks people. Whats worse? While your shrunk, you move A LOT MORE SLOWER, and you can get CRUSHED! It also makes you lose your items if your holding any!

Boy it's a nice item, isn't it? (SARCASM ALERT)

I like USING the Lightning Bolt. However, I HATE it when anyone else gets it. The thing I hate most is what it does to the usually amazing music. It makes the best music awfully painful.

You can get crushed anyways, and it is much more challenging and a whole lot of fun. If you guys think that a non-challenging race is fun, then you guys are wimps. You guys are too afraid to lose, come on liven up that spirit and have fun. It is okay to lose. Look at me. When I lose I get fustrated, but then I laugh at myself and say,"Oh man, oh well, I will get them next time."I never stop trying you should do the same.

What is very annoying is that when your in midair,you will end up falling.😒😒😡😡😠😠

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8 Fake Item Box

All right who would fall for this trap it is a different color from the others, why would you go towards the box. If it is well placed behind a real item box, I get, but if it is just sitting there in the open, then you have problems. It is like,"Oh hey do you want to come touch me? "Then you drive towards it, get electrocuted, lose the race. Not my fault you ran to an out of placed item box that is an obvious different color from the rest. Idiots.

What I hate about it because you can't dodge items with it in the newer Mario karts

What?! The fake item box makes people dumb! Your opponents will (or will not) fall for the trap!

Nobody falls for it

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9 Bullet Bill Bullet Bill

The bullet bill sucks it is horrible I would rather have a green shell than this item why slow down while using the bullet bill when you could knock over somebody with a green shell the only good thing: invincibility from lightning

How is this not at the top of the list. It doesn't have a set time limit, but lasts however long it takes to drop you off a cliff at the end. Worst troll item ever.

This item is amazing! Best item in the game

People say the bullet bill is bad here when their you latterly rocket over opemments like did these play the game.

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10 Coin

Coins aren't in Mario Kart Wii.

What does this do exactly?

Not useless it's the only thing keeping you from wining or losing in battle mode actualy


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11 Banana

The banana is the most annoying item on the whole game! You never hit anybody with it! It is only useful when you are getting chased by a red shell!

Yes, the banana is almost useless. 95% of the time I don't hit someone with it. The only thing it's good for is deflecting shells.

The Banana Peel is terrible as heck! There's like a 1% chance somebody slips on it! The banana peel is the worst item EVER!

Okay, the banana officially sucks.

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12 Mega Mushroom

It's so annoying when I get ready to smash someone I shrink down to normal size.

I actually like the mega it's fun to squish other racers

13 Bob-Omb Bob-Omb

Mostly, it just backfires, though.

Bob-ob-oMbs can slow down players, whether you throw it any direction. It's cool to use it, right?


14 Invincibility (Starman)

Its rare, but its annoying.
When you hear that music. Keep driving because if the person that is invincible touches you.
BOOM your automatically way behind everyone else...

15 Grow Mushroom

It's a mega mushroom not a grow mushroom

Mega Mushroom is one of the best items thank you - RockStarr

This item is so annoying, it's on the list twice.

Love mega mushrooms only when I've got one - YOSHIA2121

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16 Flower

The flower costume was also released in mk 7 and if u don't have good aim there useless

The best

17 Super Horn

The item can be useful at times, but lets face it, how big of a chance do you have of getting it and being able to use it to block a Blue Shell?

This is not in Mario Kart Wii.

This list is about MKWii, NOT MARIO KART 8! - thunderstar1124



This is a Mario Kart 8 item, and it's AMAZING! - lamourieparkinson

18 Golden Mushroom

Very anoying if cpu use it but awesome if you use it hard to handle though

19 Tanooki

This thing started out in mk 7 and its almost USELESS if your in first

Mario Kart WII, it says, why don't ya post something from MK7 then, huh?

Whats mk 7 there is no such thing a a tanooki in Mario kart wii

20 Giant Mushroom

A coin. - lamourieparkinson

21 Fire Flower
22 Gold Mushroom
23 Boo

Literally. Once I had red shellx3. Then someone just stole it and hit mex3. PS you do not even know when this happens. Khalifa8b

24 Triple Mushroom Triple Mushroom
25 Mushroom

They are good; end of story

26 Super Star

It's great when you've got one! But when u don't and somebody else does? RUN!

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