Most Annoying Minecraft Hacks

We've all seen Minecraft hacks here and there, but some are more annoying than others

The Top Ten

1 Kill Aura

These guys are annoying, like seeing them too much in lifeboat bounty hunter, this hack is still alive and I keep dying because of them, I had good armor until this I no armored player kept hitting me. I tried fighting back but it took so long for him to die. Finally I killed him. I tried recovering but he kept literally trying to get me like he spawns with me!
IT IS SO ANNOYING! Then later he appeared with full diamond armor! This is such nonsense!

Lifeboats for noobs, so I don’t go there, and them hacking makes them look even dumber. Back in the past, it was more hacked than now even though it’s terrible after the better together update.

2 Reach

Do not know what this does, but I know they always fail lol.

3 Speed
4 TP Aura

Very unfair because when they get killed by you they spawn back to you then kill you again it’s just unfair

5 Flying
6 Bow Aimbot
7 Jesus

Not the best human in the world Jesus, the player they are called that walks on water. It’s not a problem but unless you are struggling to not become fossilized by this hacker.

8 Tracer/ESP
9 Fast Build
10 B-Hop

At least 5 in each uh and mega walls game

Noobs accuse me of this ALL THE TIME, noobs, I HOLD DOWN SPACE

The Contenders

11 Session Stealer
12 NoFall
13 Sprint
14 Back Clicks

These guys just tap anywhere, and you get hit. These guys just end up dying. Just a complete failure

15 Auto clickers

These guys are too annoying, and can have a diamond hack too, I only know these guys for their sore loser pasts and their mass murderous ways.

Yeah, I kinda hate these guys, they are way too common in lifeboat. And it’s true that most noobs become these guys even though their opponents will know that they were sore losers before. I hate these guys.

It’s so hard to kill them in pvp games since you can’t knock them off anywhere. It takes forever to kill one auto clicker.

16 Fly noobs

Unlike the flying hackers, these guys know that when their opponents stare at you, your a noob.

17 Melee Aimbot

These guys are losers. They hit anywhere and you will get hit.

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