Top 10 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

Dangerous Minecraft Mobs, 1 hit K.O. to kill five Steves, rage-enducing, that sort of stuff.
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1 Ghast

They aren’t the hardest to kill not gonna lie but that’s just to say when they are in reach. Otherwise they are like moving Targets that attacks you back with a stronger projectile. The worst of them is the result of being hit. Either you get hit and start burning to death or you get flown into the lavas of the nether. They are one of the most annoying mobs in the nether cause they make you panic and needing to move around to avoid it and the nether is basically meant to make you be careful of all the lava so rushing in the nether is not a move you wanna be doing. You could also confront the Ghast and try to deflect its projectiles which is actually pretty hard. You usually fail once and start panicking from burning, accidentally fall or touch lava when trying to move around and interrupted by other nether mobs. Not the hardest mob but that would be said if it was in the overworld...well your house would probably be burned to a crisp so it’s half grateful to have it in the nether

I hate ghast because they shoot fireballs and the only way to kill him is to use a bow or deflect a fireball and I kinda never do that thing...

You are constantly on your toes in the nether mostly because of them, long sight range, common, heavily griefing projectiles and catch you on fire.

They're cute and -_- and but they always make horse noises like niahhh and more and they shoot fireballs at u and then when u noticed you're falling over 300 block down into the lava it's over for u.

2 Creeper

I personally didn’t find the Creeper annoying. But having to play with a friend which stumbles across Creepers all the time it has kinda changed my mind. The annoying feeling of getting killed with full health and full iron armor by one of these monsters to them blowing your house down forcing you to get more resources and blocks to repair stuff it’s definitely an annoying experience. They are actually also annoying outside since my shared house is surrounded by creeper explosions around the house making it look like a minefield where the mines have been exploding hard. They are not that hard to stop tho just they are very sneaky making basically no noice, they would be a nightmare for deaf people. Even if you can hear their hissing it’s probably to late to do anting except maybe save your life with dropped health. But hey they offer resources for TNT so that’s good

Obvious choice, but the worst thing about them is that when they spawn in caves, they like to drop down from ledges above you and blow up the instant they hit the ground, often causing instant death.

All I hear about Minecraft is the only limit is your imagination, but really the only limit is your patience because when u build something a Creeper blows up

I had a house on the side of a mountain and one day, when I walked out, A creeper fell on me, blew up, knocked me off my balcony, then I fell into a pool of lava. End of my diamond sword and pick.

3 Enderman

I like endermen probably my favorite mob in the game. They are mostly passive and kinda cute but they are the cousins of SCP-096 (The Shy Guy). Avoid eye contact and you should be good. This would be great only if you didn’t wanna complete the game since you need to obtain the ender pearls to build some important items to enter The End so you are basically forced to face them (it’s not the only way to get the Ender Pearls but it’s the original and fastest way to obtain them). Anyways before you decide to fight them keep in mind you should equip yourself with armor and weapons except bow and arrow to take them down since they are stronger than they look. They can run in the same speed as you, drain 2+ hearts on you with full iron armor quickly and they are real tricky with their ability to teleport making you unsure where they will come and attack you. New players will probably get another game over when first encountering these purple eyed beasts. Other all they aren’t that ...more

They make the most annoying noise and when you try to kill the ender dragon the enderman kill you before the dragon! Tip: bring one or two water buckets to the end cause endermen absolutely hate water - Star

They're annoying and scary and when u try to get ender pearls to make eye of ender it's so hard

They teleport all around you and when you see them they try to kill you

4 Skeleton

These stupid things constantly spawn absolutely anywhere you haven’t spammed an unsightly amount of torches, not just alone but in groups.
They have ridiculous accuracy and you are basically guaranteed to take damage while fighting one if you use a melee weapon, no matter how strong.
They spawn incredibly frequently in both the Nether and the Overworld. No amount of cover is enough to deny damage.
The only thing that can stop their arrows is a shield, but this is impractical if you want to hold a totem or dual-wield anything else.
Creepers get a bad reputation for being hard to avoid but these things get on a whole new level of irritating.
If this isn’t enough to convince you how aggravating skeletons are just imagine yourself hiding against a wall in a cave while on half a heart, waiting for your health to slowly regenerate, only to be one-shotted by this incessant nuisance from a position you didn’t even know existed.

Oh oh skeletons. I categories Mobs in different categories and the skeleton enters the basic hostile group (I don’t have a real name for the groups) along with Zombies, Spiders and Creepers. Zombies are stupid and weak but they have good eye sight and are almost everywhere, Spiders are about the same as Zombies just less common, jumps on players to deal damage and can crawl your walls makings roofs useful, Creepers are the annoying hissing green handicaps that explode you in the worst moments and ruins your decors and then The Skeleton itself is just a big bully that can think without a brain. They wouldn’t be that dangerous and annoying if they didn’t have 5+ times higher IQ than Zombies. They are amazing at hitting you In encounters and apparently sometimes they can dash in Java. They don’t do that much damage really but losing about 1 and a half of a heart almost every 3 seconds it will wanna make you get a shield. The closer you get the faster they shoot and harder it gets ...more

Um... I don't know what to write about these dudes... because of monster school, skeletons are my second favourite mob, but the arrows, it’s like saying that, they don’t kill anything else, except for you and wolves (wild if the wolf goes for them or tamed if the player tries to hit one). The zombies continuously try to go near them in my pe world called: ALifeInAHouseWhoSucks. I have a skeleton in there with full unenchanted gold armour and a zombie who had nearly full leather armour. And the zombie when I put the skeleton and the zombie together, the zombie tried to HUG the skeleton. Weird

Skeletons are fine, but for some ungodly reason they spawn in the Nether. I get it that Minecraft is supposed to be challenging, but holy crap these guys ruin the nether for me.

5 Witch

The most annoying minecraft thing. Every time when their health is low they just used a healing potion and their health is back on and they keeps on the throwing good potion to themselves and poisonous potions to us and yeah that's why I hate them.

They are annoying and it’s not just the sound they make. The poison poition, the healing potion! Tip: get damage delt to the witch then go close to it so it can splash poison on itself as well - Star

Very annoying, they can't burn, because they'll drink fire resistance, they can't drown, because they'll drink water breathing, will also drink swiftness, healing, and can poison you, slow you down, give you harming, plus thorns enchantment doesn't work on them, also they're resistant to poison and harming spells.

Definitely the most annoying. I'll be walking home from mining, an inventory stuffed with iron, then I see a witch. I'd always run straight for my house, and get killed right before I reach the door. Worst of all, she is still there when I get back.

6 Zombie Pigman

These are usually harmless, but if you accidentally hit them, it is extremely hard to get away from the aggro army. If a skeleton shoots one of them in a nether fort, they'll blame you for it once the skeleton is dead. Even worse, the same applies to players whether they die, log off, or teleport away...

Zombie Pigmen where more dangerous before but piglins are only dangerous if they are in big groups, small groups can be taken care of with ease

While they thankfully only attack if provoked, they deal a lot of damage and to top it off, they are fast and if you hit one (even by accident), the whole pack will tear you apart.

However, if you are able to OHKO one, the others don't attack you.

These dicks are so annoying because if you hit them, they will cause so much damage! If that's not bad enough, they spawn in packs! They don't even care if you hit them by accident while trying to kill another mob! These guys just plain suck!

7 Ender Dragon

The ender dragon is the final boss to finish Minecraft it is hard to find and pretty annoying to fight.

These dragons are going to be the worst nightmare you'll ever see in Minecraft.

Pure torture on EASY MODE, man can't wait to beat the game on hard mode...

I like enderdragon because it destroy all my house

8 Wither Skeleton

Very Strong but pretty rare I would say they are medium but Ghasts are worse

They infect you with wither

They annoyed me while fighting piglins.

WOW! they are very very harsh

9 Silverfish

Life of a silverfish:
Silverfish: hello wanna be my partner
Stone: ok
Two months later
Player: oh wow I finally found a perfect peice if rock for my masterpiece!
Stone: farewell my love
Silverfish: nooooo my precious stone. I will avenge you!
Attacks player
Player: oh no one heart
Runs away
Rock: sorry bout your partner. Wanna be mine?
Silverfish: ok
Player: good it’s gone I’ll just take this one
Rock: save me
Silverfish: do you give me permission to go out and kill this guy
Rock: ok
Player: you again! But I only have two hearts!
Player dies
Silverfish and rock: Yay
The end
By Star

When you're mining and accidently mine the wrong block, one of THESE spawns, and they come in HORDES

Constantly spawn after you misclick on one bit of stone/mossy stone.

DROP NOTHING! They should be #1 on the list

10 Cave Spider

They're little, fast, poisonous, and you can get stuck with their webs. They're horrible.

They poison and kill you. Lots and lots of fun.

They are venomous spiders and well faster.

they're fast, can poison you, inflict damage quickly and u can get caught in their webs... these r a pain to deal with when mining.

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11 Villager

One time, I was being chased by a Zombie Villager without any weapon, or armory. It was dark outside, so I decided to spend the night in a fancy village in a longhouse. Unfortunately, I wanted to build a fort with some materials such as sandstone, wood, and dirt, however, as I was about to leave, some damn villager was blocking the doorway so I couldn't escape. I was trapped inside the house until daybreak. Now, I didn't have any weapons, or armour, so I couldn't even kill the villager. Villagers suck!

Their AI is very annoying because they run around quickly and know when to run away when you're about to trap them.

When I go to a village to collect loot I prepare myself for the annoying noise - Star

And their trades also the worst that's why they have custom villagers

12 Baby Zombies

If they were as common as regulars zombies, they would be #1. They run super fast, they are small so its hard to kill, and they do just as much damage as a regular zombie, also have the same health. But, they are horrible, come across one of those in the pocket edition though, you would probably throw your phone across the room breaking it.

They're fast, don't burn in the sun, deal as much damage as adults, AND they're much harder to hit thanks to both their speed and their size.

They run so fast and are so hard to hit. When you're trying to fight other mobs at the same time, they are a menace.

Very very fast + Inflict damage quickly + come in hordes= pretty much invincible

13 Phantom

They just swoop down and kill you. I was playing with my brother once and he was bringing back loot we stole from a village but he was out of sprint so I got to the house before him and then a phantom swooped down and one hit killed him. It was a rainy day. - Star

It's easy to avoid them (just go to sleep every night), but they're very irritating when they do spawn.

They tend to ambush you, and if your sword misses them, you have to wait until they dive back down.

Tons spawn in difficulty hard - numbers and decent health (and damage inflicting methods) make them hard to defeat.

I hate these things. I dicided to take a stroll and the this thing appears right in front of me . It scares me so bad.

14 Wither Boss

Should not be powerful

It is so hard to kill

So hard to beat.

um u have to SPAWN the Wither Boss. However, if u go in unprepared... yea. It also spawns Wither Skeletons.

15 Slimes

In flat worlds, they become nuisances that just get in the way. And they drop so many slimeballs that it just ends up flooding your inventory.

All they do is bounce around my Creative Super-flat worlds while I'm trying to build. I know you can set it to peaceful, but my builds usually include mobs, so I can't do that.

How are they not on here? I know they're more useful in the most recent updates, but back in 1.4.7 they were awful!

These are not to annoying

16 Magma Cube

Not only do they fill up your inventory but it takes forever to kill them since they split.

Welp, they are immune to lava and if I go to lava without fire resistance, I die.

Magma cubes are only annoying in Mineplex.

17 Bat

They are so small and are so hard to kill! Plus they fly around and make loud noises, what a nuisance! A bunch of these spawn in the sewers of a prison escape map, ANNOYING

They make really annoying sounds and add NOTHING to the game. They don't even drop experience when killed.

According to my friend, they are the MOST annoying

I like to make houses with low brightnesses and I hate bats, ggwp

18 The Pillagers

The vindicators are the worst of the bunch, so quick and can kill you 2-3 hits in full diamond armor. They are OP as hell if you can’t defend yourself

These guys deal a TON of damage and can be deadly even when you're wearing full Protection IV diamond armor. I had to eat an enchanted golden apple to survive the first raid on my world.

The new pyschopaths in town that wants to ruin your village

19 Wither

Too powerful

20 Baby Zombie

Y u so fast boi

they are super fast

already there

21 Shulker

Those tower rooms with multiple Shulkers are so annoying. The game turns into bullet heck and Steve/Alex pinball while you're trying to kill them and grab their shells.

Stop making me levitate it's so annoying

They're really annoying to fight.

They make me levetate, they have so much health, AND ABOVE ALL, THEY SOUND SOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING!

22 Ravager

They have 50 hearts of health, they can kill people with diamond armour in a few hits and you have to fight them while villagers ride on their back

These monsters are fast, can be ridden by evokers, deal a lot of damage, have a long reach and have a lot of health.

Tons of damage, tons of health mildly fast, can be ridden by a pillager and take a long time to despawn.

They are not actually that bad in bedrock. In Java you can’t even hit them without losing half your health

23 Wolves

Wolves just kill innocent sheep to get food but why? they are not annoying at all...

Annoying as all hell and keep killing innocent Sheep!

They can b a little cutey dog

lol really? Wolfs do so little damage, they are just annoying that your tamed wolves attack your friends if you hit them

24 Blazes

I'm surprised these guys weren't on here yet. Perhaps it's because they're only found in nether fortresses but that doesn't change the fact that they are most definitely annoying. They shoot fireballs at you that burn you when they hit. That's pretty annoying if you ask me.

They are 85% of the reason I make sure to bring a bow to the nether.

Blazes are not that dangerous asking as you are able to not get hit and kill them before they charge their fireballs at you

25 Guardian

Guardians make it very difficult to mine ocean temples because they spawn infinitely and their attacks are impossible to dodge within a certain range and without cover.

I play with loads of mods, and I found this cool stone cube in the middle of the ocean.
I mine in, only to discover that it's a cave with 2 guardian spawners. I get murdered by these guys multiple times, never managing to get my drops back. If features like guardian caves were in vanilla they would absolutely be higher on this list.

These ones don't give you mining fitiuge

lazer eyes

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