Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

Dangerous Minecraft Mobs, 1 hit K.O. to kill five Steves, rage-enducing, that sort of stuff.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

1 Ghast

Basically, they are even worse versions of Creepers. While thankfully, they don't have much HP and they can die from their own fireballs, they have all sorts of other issues.

Their fireballs explode AND set you on fire, and they don't die from shooting them. You can deflect them, but your timing has to be EXACTLY right. They fly, so they're difficult to hit to begin with.

They can also see you from 100 blocks away (the largest field of vision exhibited by any mob), so they may shoot you even if you can't see them. - KalloFox34

Killing them is annoy they shoot with fireball and it so annoying

The noise is super annoying I can't stand it when I went in the nether portal today, the noises drove me nuts especially the noise it makes when it dies - trains45

Once I heard a Ghast suffocating in wall. And it was NOT a pretty sound, it startled me actually. They fly, shoot fireballs and cry... Constantly

2 Creeper

Creeper, aw man

So we back in the mine swinging are pickaxe from side to side
side side to side.

Blows up

I had a creeper in my house today, I had to run out of my house before he blew up my house, he walked in my house twice and I ran out immediately when I saw him walk in the 2nd time, was glad he didn't blow up my house - trains45

This super annoying I have had a creeper destroy my house and I had to rebuild, they may be helpful if you were taking down a house - trains45

I was just playing minecraft and when I was on top of my base a creeper jumped me and blew up my base

3 Skeleton

They shoot you and if your near lava and don't have a water bucket yeah goodbye to you stuff

Skeletons are fine, but for some ungodly reason they spawn in the Nether. I get it that Minecraft is supposed to be challenging, but holy crap these guys ruin the nether for me.

Take like 20 hits to kill and can kill you in 5 with their ungodly bow accuracy - AdamDestructorJr.

They can be annoying, I remember getting attacked by them lots - trains45

4 Enderman

They teleport all around you and when you see them they try to kill you

Yeah, whenever you try to kill one, it'll teleport a long way home.

These are weird and are very creepy

They can't be hit by arrows and steal blocks from your house

5 Witch

Jokes on you I always have milk on me stop poisoning it;s annoying

They are easy just try and get the first hit in run up start hitting it until it dies because it can't poison you whilst it is chugging potions

I hate witches my brother let one in the house and almost killed my dog and my cat and almost me

There kinda annoying I got poisoned by one I was about to die by the poison in minecraft the poison ran out before I ran out of hearts - trains45

6 Zombie Pigman

While they thankfully only attack if provoked, they deal a lot of damage and to top it off, they are fast and if you hit one (even by accident), the whole pack will tear you apart.

However, if you are able to OHKO one, the others don't attack you. - KalloFox34

Zombie pigmans aren't bad, it suck if removed in the neither update, if they did then I could still see them on wii u and ps3 since it won't get the update - trains45

These dicks are so annoying because if you hit them, they will cause so much damage! If that's not bad enough, they spawn in packs! They don't even care if you hit them by accident while trying to kill another mob! These guys just plain suck!

They're not annoying, only an idiot will attack them, and plus you don't have to fear them if you are a pro.

7 Ender Dragon

These dragons are going to be the worst nightmare you'll ever see in Minecraft. - Creepersteam

I like enderdragon because it destroy all my house

It was your choice to go to the end

They live in the End for a reason - Emberflight_of_StormClan

8 Wither Skeleton

melee. go to the most dangerous mobs and see the big comment on wither skeletons

They infect you with wither

WOW! they are very very harsh

Very annoying oof THEY GIVE U WITHER AND THEY R SIMPALLY... a normal skeleton with a sword they’re taller and they’re black

9 Baby Zombies

They're fast, don't burn in the sun, deal as much damage as adults, AND they're much harder to hit thanks to both their speed and their size. - KalloFox34

There too fast and if I'm trying to save a villager from them and I accidentally open the door yeah the villager is dead

If they were as common as regulars zombies, they would be #1. They run super fast, they are small so its hard to kill, and they do just as much damage as a regular zombie, also have the same health. But, they are horrible, come across one of those in the pocket edition though, you would probably throw your phone across the room breaking it.

They can get on horses zombies back and donkeys LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT CHICKENS.!

10 Cave Spider

They're little, fast, poisonous, and you can get stuck with their webs. They're horrible.

They poison and kill you. Lots and lots of fun.

They super annoying and do so much damage - trains45

The Contenders

11 Baby Zombie

Y u so fast boi

12 Villager

One time, I was being chased by a Zombie Villager without any weapon, or armory. It was dark outside, so I decided to spend the night in a fancy village in a longhouse. Unfortunately, I wanted to build a fort with some materials such as sandstone, wood, and dirt, however, as I was about to leave, some damn villager was blocking the doorway so I couldn't escape. I was trapped inside the house until daybreak. Now, I didn't have any weapons, or armour, so I couldn't even kill the villager. Villagers suck! - kdoraisamy23

Then get minecraft comes alive mod

And their trades also the worst that's why they have custom villagers

They are cool mobs, but sometime their noise can be annoying - trains45

13 Silverfish

They pop out of the blue and push be in lava, I sometimes think the invention of silverfish was intentionally done to get players to rage quit the game

If you mine a block there like '' oh hi there time to die'' and I hate them

mine the wrong block, you die cause it's a big group

They're easy to kill. - KalloFox34

14 Phantom

The most useless and annoying mob ever, should have given us mob D instead

If You spawn in a place with barely any sheep good luck

This needs to be #1! - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Stop jumpscaring me out of nowhere

15 Baby Zombie Villagers
16 Wither Boss

It is so hard to kill

Should not be powerful

17 Chicken Jockeys

"They are so idiotic I could just scream."
"Hate them, though chickens are fine but not the BABY ZOMBIE"
"Not to mention but baby zombie pig man can be riding a chicken

18 Bat

This should be #1

Their high-pitched screeching noise is so annoying

They spawn in dark places, which gets SO ANOYINNG

They are so small and are so hard to kill! Plus they fly around and make loud noises, what a nuisance! A bunch of these spawn in the sewers of a prison escape map, ANNOYING - MChkflaguard_Yt

According to my friend, they are the MOST annoying

They really have no point

19 Slimes

In flat worlds, they become nuisances that just get in the way. And they drop so many slimeballs that it just ends up flooding your inventory. - KalloFox34

Smiles can be annoying in flat worlds, but can be helpful for slime builds - trains45

All they do is bounce around my Creative Super-flat worlds while I'm trying to build. I know you can set it to peaceful, but my builds usually include mobs, so I can't do that.

How are they not on here? I know they're more useful in the most recent updates, but back in 1.4.7 they were awful! - TCMMKLA

20 Magma Cube

Magma cubes are only annoying in Mineplex.

21 Cave Spider Jockey

A poisonous spider has a skeleton on its BACK!
Walk to my home after I come back from hunting, next thing I know, it's dark and a cave spider with a skeleton riding it appears out of the blue and kills me! Then I appear on an island I first appeared on and had to go back and start all over! V

22 Wither

Too powerful


23 Wolves

Annoying as all hell and keep killing innocent Sheep!

They can b a little cutey dog

24 Blazes

I'm surprised these guys weren't on here yet. Perhaps it's because they're only found in nether fortresses but that doesn't change the fact that they are most definitely annoying. They shoot fireballs at you that burn you when they hit. That's pretty annoying if you ask me.

Should be #1

25 Pro. (Survival PvP)

This isn't even a mob, it is a player that is more skilled than you, noob.

Aand they are always bragging about how they are the "best around" with all their valuable diamonds. hey, it wouldn't hurt to put a few deadbush or inc sac or raw fish in your inventory...

You spawn with stone tools, you run away from spawn, when somewhone in diamond armor kills you with a power 5 bow with flame. You re-spawn with absolutely nothing. There is no technical benefit to the pro.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

26 Unikitty Unikitty is a supporting protagonist in The LEGO Movie and the main titular protagonist in the 2017 TV cartoon Unikitty! in general.

When I use a pink spawn egg, Unikitty isn't spawned. A pig spawns instead.

That mob doesn't exist in minecraft dumbass

Sadly, Unikitty is not a (vanilla) Minecraft mob.


27 Guardian

I play with loads of mods, and I found this cool stone cube in the middle of the ocean.
I mine in, only to discover that it's a cave with 2 guardian spawners. I get murdered by these guys multiple times, never managing to get my drops back. If features like guardian caves were in vanilla they would absolutely be higher on this list.


lazer eyes


28 Shulker

Stop making me levitate it's so annoying

They're really annoying to fight.

29 The Pillagers

I seen so many pillagers around I saw them raid for the first time today at night killed all the villagers in a village - trains45

The new pyschopaths in town that wants to ruin your village

30 Wither Storm

Wither storm is so annoying they just blow things up even your house they will just keep chasing you until they kill you!

It just eats you all The Time

Done don’t make me thing about story mode it the sl
Owners is to scary - mathguy37

31 Dolphin

I'm not used to the new swimming controls in minecraft so dolphins are kind of annoying

They attack you notch added it attack version WHY DUDE

Their noises ar annoying lol

32 Iron Golem

Accidentally hit a villager? YOUR DEAD
accidentally hit them? YOUR DEAD

How are THEY annoying

If you accidentally hit it or a villager, it will tear your body open. - KalloFox34

Yes they help u except in survival llifeboat at night - mathguy37

33 Theodore Taylor

Why isn't this #1? lol

I never knew that - mathguy37

He is the devil

That is true..
.. - mathguy37

34 Charged Creeper

Your dead once they blow up
world is gone

Runs up to me and BOOM MY WORLD IS GONE

35 Ravager

They have 50 hearts of health, they can kill people with diamond armour in a few hits and you have to fight them while villagers ride on their back

36 Zombie Villagers
37 Husk

They don't burn in the sun, their noises are more irritating than zombies, and to top it all off they inflict hunger when they hit you. - KalloFox34

This bustards walking at day everywhere in dessert on my serv

38 Elder Guardian

Allsl mining da fatigue - mathguy37

Too much HP

39 Mooshroom

I am a Mooshroom

I say this #999992939382828283828299299292929292929282828282828282828282822828288282288282828282822828, and one, they are rare, two, you get infinite food from them,3,they also give milk,4,you get 5 mushrooms each (and they turn into cows so have a mosh room by you when you see a witch’s and u has a bucket or a cow),and 5,they are maybe the only red vanila mob, - mathguy37

40 Nitwit Villager

Useless, all they do is take up space in the village. - KalloFox34

41 Pig Jockeys

There so annoying I kill the zombie but not the pig

lol oink

42 Cats

Cats aren't even annoying. They're just cute little pets! Plus, they scare away creepers, which make good guards for your house. So no more houses destroyed!

The sound annoying, the get in your way, and iv never seen a creeper run from them

43 Zombie

Sure enough, they're weak, but serously, when they're armed, and with armor, and they keep chasing you and they don't even care if they're getting hurt as long as they sense you. They can break wooden doors, and they produce a doglike-feral growling sound.

LOL I love how vilager beat this

44 Baby Zombie Pigman
45 Spider Jockey

Good way are rare - mathguy37

Spider wall climbing super fast Skeleton arrow shooting and got on the top list!
Horrible combination.

46 Baby Horse
47 Sheep The sheep is a quadrupedal, ruminant mammal typically kept as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla, the even-toed ungulates.

I hate how to they eat all the grass

48 Endermite
49 Stray

Skeletons whose arrows inflict slowness. - KalloFox34

50 Ocelot
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