Why I Don’t Feel Sorry For Sabrina Reincomprix (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Bonjour, users. It’s TwilightKitsune again being as badass as ever. Today, I’m going to do a character analysis. I don’t usually do these. Why am I doing this? Because shut up, that’s why.

Anyway. I’m not sure if you have noticed, but I’ve really been into Miraculous Ladybug lately. ChatNoirFan18 told me about it and she’s right, it’s amazing. In case you don’t know, Miraculous Ladybug (or Miraculeux Cocinelle if you’re that fancy) is a French (hon hon hon) All-CGI cartoon created by Thomas Astruc* about a teenage girl named Marinette who’s secret identity is the superheroine Ladybug, and defends Paris against akuma attacks plotted by the evil Hawk Moth. Her ally is Chat Noir, who unbeknownst to her is actually her crush in real life, Adrian Agreste. Chat Noir has affections for her, but Ladybug does not reciprocate (oh my god, it’ a freaking love square). Together they keep their city safe from hazards.

If you’re a fan of superheroes with a little magical girl mix, animesque features, and a French setting, this is the show for you. Alternatively if you’re a 14 year old with no friends and lots of free time (like me) on your hands, this is the show for you. If you’re anyone this show is for you.

In the show, we are introduced to Marinette’s class, a frequent target for akuma attacks. Everyone in her class has been akumatized (sans Marinette and Adrian) by Hawk Moth. By ‘akumatize’, I mean ‘brainwash into an evil minion that can dangerously hurt and even murder someone’. When a person feels a lot of negative emotions, Hawk Moth targets them and makes them do his bidding. Marinette hasn’t been akumatized due to her cheerfulness and Adrian hasn’t because of he’s used to being disappointed. But don’t worry, with their kwamis (fairy companions that are like reverse akumas) Marinette and Adrian become Ladybug and Chat Noir and defeat them, and Ladybug’s Lucky Charm ex Machina fixes all the damage.
It seems odd that Hawk Moth would target the class in which Ladybug and Chat Noir happen to be in. Coincidence, right?

In ‘Despair Bear’, Hawk Moth reveals that he targets the class specifically because it has Chloe Bourgeoisie, the mayor’s daughter who frequently bullies and harasses people. A majority of the akuma attacks can be attributed to her. She never gets punished because her father, Andre Bourgeoisie, is the Parisian mayor and never disciplines her (seriously, THANK GOD for Anne Hildago).

Chloe is that ‘alpha bitch’ character. Y’know, like Izumo Kamiki, Weiss Schnee, Diamond Tiara, Angelica Pickles etc. It’s hinted in the show that she acts the way she is because her mom, Audrey Bourgeoisie, left her at a young age. People use that as an excuse to sympathize with her. I call bullcrap. I don’t think that’s a good excuse to be a prick to everyone. In real life, single parent families are extremely common and personally I know some people whose moms or dads have left them at young ages, but they don’t act like Chloe. Yes, I know losing a parent at a young age must hurt, and I’m not saying ‘OMG IT’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT STOP BEING DEPRESSED MOVE ON1111!!111’. I know it must ache badly and takes time to get over. If anyone whose reading has been in a similar situation, you have my condolences. But still, that is no excuse to be a bully. Nothing justifies bullying.

Of course, every alpha bitch needs to have a beta bitch. Chloe is no exception, and her beta bitch is a girl called Sabrina Reincomprix (haha, did anyone notice her last name is a pun on rein com prix, which is French for ‘misunderstood’? Lol).

We don’t know much about their relationship, except that they became best friends in kindergarten after Chloe offered to be friends if Sabrina did her homework for her, and this has continued till this present day. We also see that their relationship is one sided, and Chloe treats Sabrina like a slave, making her do her homework, carrying her things, bullying others when she can’t be bothered to, etc. She’s even responsible for Sabrina and her father’s akumatization**.

However, two episodes drill in the focus of Chloe and Sabrina’s relationship: ‘Antibug’ and ‘Evillustraitor’.

In ‘Evillustrator’ it’s revealed she does Chloe’s homework, and that Sabrina is extremely shallow. She breaks up with Chloe after Marinette points out how abusive their relationship is. Sabrina then becomes Marinette’s friend but in the end she goes back to Chloe because she heard of the akuma attack at her place (never mind the fact it was Chloe’s fault in the first place) and Chloe offered to let her put on her beret (never mind that they live in France, where people wearing berets is as common as people from Grande-Bretagne*** like me with our tea and crumpets).

In ‘Antibug’ we are shown that Chloe routinely treats Sabrina like her yes-man, and once again breaks up with her over a petty thing. Sabrina begs for her friendship back, but Chloe rejects her, leading to her akumatization. At the end of the episode, Chloe becomes her friend again, only because Ladybug, her idol, told her to.

Now, ever since the debut of these two episodes, Miraculers have been saying ‘Sabrina is not as bad as Chloe!’ and ‘Give Sabrina a chance’ and ‘Sabrina Reincomprix Appreciation Club FTW!’

I disagree. Sabrina does not deserve sympathy.

The main excuse fans use to defend Sabrina is ‘Chloe told her to’. There was a tumblr post listing all of her crimes, and most of them were justified by ‘Chloe told her to’. That’s not a good justification.

Picture this scenario. A new girl comes to the school. Chloe tells Sabrina to cyberbully her. Sabrina does, the girl can’t take it anymore and commits suicide.

Feel like ‘Chloe told her to’ now?

I don’t care what Chloe tells her. I don’t care what Chloe threatens to do to her. Sabrina’s tomfudgery has no excuses. Let’s take a look at her crimes so far –

- Locked Juleka (a girl who already has self esteem issues and anxiety) in a bathroom
- Stole Marinette’s diary (this is theft, a felony and she should get arrested. No, I don’t frickin’ care if her dad’s a policeman, she’s a thief and should get her desserts)
- Made a bunch of girls cry over a poster
- Theft, again, by stealing Marinette’s derby hat design
- Usually tails Chloe and assists her a-holery

And let’s look at the effects it had

- Juleka became an angry, raging, hurt akuma who screwed up everyone in Paris including the mayor
- Thank god nobody knows about what she did with the diary. If they did, her dad would be sacked from his job because they wouldn’t want a police officer whose daughter is a criminal. She could have made her dad lose his only way of living.
- She made a whole bunch of girls cry over a thing that wasn’t even true. Do I really have to elaborate?
- She could have gotten Marinette DISQUALIFIED and blackened her name. Thank god Marinette decided to add a signature (fun fact, I read a theory that the fashion designer who copied Mari’s hat left the signature out on purpose because they knew what a bitch Chloe was and wanted karma to come back to her)
- She’s like Chloe 2.0

See? Even if Chloe told her to, it doesn’t mean she gets off scott-free. Sabrina isn’t a six year old. She’s a fifteen year old, and as a girl of that age and maturity (plus, she’s the daughter of a POLICE OFFICER) she should know the difference between right and wrong. She should be saying ‘No, Chloe, what you’re doing is wrong and immoral, and I’m not putting up with you anymore’. But noooo, she’s shallow enough to be won back by a piece of clothing. Retard.

I can understand ‘Chloe told her to’ if it was once or twice. But it’s not. And an even more horrific realization: Chloe and Sabrina are serial bullies and have routinely been doing this for years. There are more people they could have hurt. Even if they didn’t end up in akuma attacks, it could have still been something bad, like depression or PTSD. Bullying really has an effect on people.
Oh, and some of you guys say ‘But if Sabrina breaks up with Chloe, nobody will be her friend!’ Uh, hello? Marinette offered to be her friend but she rejected her for a piece of headwear (sadly, the piece of headwear was not an anvil). Alix Kubdel has no official BFF, so she could have paired up with her. Mylene has no BFF either and Max has no girlfriend so she could be with them too. In fact, all the kids on her class would be friends with her if she wasn’t such a beta bitch.

Now some of you might say I’m being too harsh and I lack empathy. You can say I’ve never been in Sabrina’s position before. Thing is, I have (ha the joke’s on you). When I was in seventh grade, my (now ex) BFF was a Chloe – ish person to the rest of my class (read my autobiography for the full info) so I broke up with her (okay, that WASN’T the real reason, I actually broke up with her because I found out she was lying about being depressed and suicidal and was emotionally abusive, but you get the point). I tried talking sense into her first, but she didn’t listen. She was also emotionally abusive (like Chloe to Sabrina, except a lot worse) but I put my foot down and left her.

Also, Chloe and Sabrina’s bullying has really dented Marinette. Think. In the ‘Origins’ episode, when we are introduced to Marinette, we see a depressed, unhappy girl with zero confidence, nothing like the cheerful girl she is today. She is pessimistic and has no friends. She spent her birthdays with her grandma and no one from school. The only people she trusts are her parents, god bless them. But when she gets to school and Chloe begins bullying her, she just puts her head down and takes it. This implies she’s been bullied so badly she’s become conditioned to it. She doesn’t stand up until Alya comes up and kicks Chloe in the fanny (this is why Alya should be the mayor of Paris). Before that, she had zero friends, and it was most probably because she was Chloe’s most specific target for bullying. Who would want to be friends with the girl whose main enemy is the daughter of your city’s leader? Chloe probably bullied her into making her look like a moron and that’s why nobody liked Marinette (either that or the kids in Marinette’s previous classes didn’t care about her or were in league with Chloe. Thank god she has a better one now). Note that Sabrina was in league with Chloe the entire time. And in ‘Copycat’ it’s revealed that Marinette thinks that Chat Noir doesn’t really love her and that his flirting is just playfulness. Congratulations you bitches, you bullied a girl so badly you made her think no one could love her. I hate you two.

I don’t know what Marinette was bullied over, but whatever it was, it was so bad it made her spiral into depression, anxiety and self esteem issues. And I cannot believe Chloe is getting a Bee Miraculous. I don’t care WHAT her backstory is, and if she defeats Hawk Moth or anything she does, I’m not forgiving her.

I acknowledge the fact that Chloe and Sabrina’s relationship is abusive. Chloe maltreats Sabrina on a regular basis and misuses her as well. I know that Sabrina should break out of it. Is Sabrina as bad as Chloe? No. But is she still bad? Yes.
If you really want to make me pity Sabrina, make her different. Make her someone who wants to be like her father, determined to do the right thing. Make her the one to stand up for anyone being bullied, instead of it being Marinette. Make her the one to always help people in need, like Marinette’s instincts that made her chosen for the Miraculous. Make her not shallow enough to trust people over material objects. Make her have a spine and even if she doesn’t stand up to Chloe, she should have enough in her to put her foot down.

Alright lads. This is it. If you love Miraculous Ladybug, I’ll make more posts about it. What’s your say on Chlobrina’s relationship? Comment below.

I would love to stick around but I have ‘important grown up stuff’ to do. By ‘important grown up stuff’ I mean ‘Create dumb Le Nord de Korea**** propaganda’.

I tip my beret off to you for reading this.

Au revoir!

* He’s known in the fandom as ‘Hawkdaddy’ and ‘Papapillon’

** What I find odd about that episode is that, in real life Paris, the police actually have authority over the mayor. Sure, some French cities like Nice have the municipal police that answer to their mayor, but Paris is not one of them and the police answer to the interior minister. If anything, Roger Reincomprix should have been the one firing Andre.

*** ‘Grande-Bretagne’ is French for ‘Britain’. I put that as a bilingual bonus for anyone who speaks French

**** Le Nord de Korea is French for ‘North Korea’. Bilingual Bonus #2


I'm personally not too keen on this show, but I watched enough of it to completely agree with you about Sabrina and her being just as bad as Chloe, especially in the evillustrator episode - kempokid

Thanks! - TwilightKitsune