Top 10 Most Annoying Monster Hunter 4 Monsters

The Top Ten

1 Yian Garuga

So annoying..
A beak slam with literally no telegram.
Roar + Fly Back + Poison Tail Flip combo. - aarond9010

2 Black Gravios

Actually, Black Gravios wasn't very hard to beat, especially in the High Rank Guild Urgent.

So hard to beat

3 Pink Rathian
4 Rathalos
5 Kirin
6 Teostra
7 Yian Kut-Ku
8 Khezu

I hear fire weapons obliterate him, nevertheless, for a blind monster he sure knows when to attack... - aarond9010

9 Rajang

I remember when I was doing the Desert Seltas G1 quest, and Rajang appeared just to tick me off.
Turns out it was an Apex Rajang, I swear this game hates me. - aarond9010

10 Seregios

The bleed status is annoying, plus like Jho, he sometimes spams his pin attack. - aarond9010

The Contenders

11 Brute Tigrex
12 Deviljho

In 3U he was such a pain.
Now he's back in 4...Ready your Switch Axes. - aarond9010

13 Congalala
14 Rhenoplos

Oh, so you have low health, the monster is looking at you, and you need to heal? GIVE ME A HUG!

15 Odgaron

Bleed effect that is it

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