Top Ten Most Annoying My Little Pony Characters

The Top Ten Most Annoying My Little Pony Characters

Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

I'm annoyed to hell by her jokes.I'm so glad that the final season is gonna air.

She's absolute trash. Never takes anything seriously. Annoying as hell. I want her taken off the show.

Vomits all Over the place. Hate that character most from the Worst show ever

The first nine words in your comment are lies, the other words are true - Swiftdawn

She is annoying sometimes, but she is still cute and I love her!

Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010-2019 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals. She represents the element of kindness

Wow. Person who made this list has SERIOUS problems - Swiftdawn

She is stupid and ugly not cute so annoying


She's a really scary cat:Me: hi fluttershy!Fluttershy: crys and runs awayMe: seriously?

Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

I've noticed a pattern with Twilight, she makes a mistake and is wrong about something. Other characters try to help or convince her to do right thing, she refuses. They save the day but for some reason Twilight gets all the credit and doesn't apologise for her wrong doings.
Saving the Crystal Empire? Her passing a test was more important then letting Spike help her get the Crystal Heart.
Pinkie is the one who makes the Yaks feel welcome, Celestia praises Twilight.
Twilight is adamant about bringing StarSwirl back even though Starlight says it's a bad idea. In fact it was Starlight who saved the day in that episode and was right all along but someone again Twlight gets all the credit.
Forcing her friends to follow boring rules when they open the school.
Yelling at the CMC because she actually believed they would make Cozy Glow fail a test on purpose and no apology when she was wrong.
Stealing the pearl in the movie? Actually she was a massive wet blanket for the ...more

I used to like this character and now she is probably my least favorite of the Mane Six. She ends up causing more problems than solving them and seems to forget her lessons every now and again. She is also quite the glory hog. This dummy is always taking the credit for things other ponies did. She may be book smart, but doesn't seem to have any common sense anywhere else. And don't get me started on how she acted in the 2017 movie...

She should be first. "I always save everything! " Me - "Why don't you try giving Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, or Rainbow Dash a try? " Twilight - "NO I WANT TO." like no boi - Swiftdawn

Well she gets all the attention I have not seen a single episode without her

Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is a female school-age Earth pony and minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the Cutie. She and Silver Spoon are classmates of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Yes Idc if she was "Redeemed" she can go die

Dumbass hoe

Angel Bunny

Every time I see this bunny I want to stomp it. I actually made a game where I make him jump into spikes and die.

Discord Discord, also known as the Spirit of Disharmony, is a former-antagonist-turned-supporting-protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

He always gets in the way of ponies and he is so rude and ridiculous

NO YOU DIDN'T - Swiftdawn

Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

I hate rarity. She's so annoying. Especially when she cries. I hate her voice, I hate here eyeshadow, I just hate her, don't you?!

Basically a mettaton clone

NO. And FYI, her voice is British so if you hate her you're disrespecting my bestie, so fly away and don't come back. - Swiftdawn

Silver Spoon

She is so annoying

Tree Hugger

How Dare You. First order of business, WHY IN THE WORLD IS SUNSET ON THIS LIST?! Sunset is the most amazing character in the whole show! SHE'S THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE SHOW AND UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHY SHE ISN'T THERE IS NO EXCUSE!
*deep breath*
Second order of business, MUFFIN is a really bad character. She has no personality, and I dare someone to come up with 5 different things that define her. She's not the blandest or boring-est character ever, and by no means is she the worst character. It's just... the fans. Oh great StarClan, the fans! The reason this piece of "Ooh, look, Hasbro put my favorite character that I like for a really stupid reason up on the screen as that really tiny pixel over there! Take all of my money and time! " is even popular is pretty stupid. Her story is the animators messed up and her eyes went wonky for a few seconds in one scene of the first episode, and a few people who were eagle-eyed looking for bugs pointed this out and BOOM! Muffin was popular. ...more

She is so annoying and the fact that she's Derp she's so popular! And she's ugly

Well sorry for that just replace it with moondancer

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Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer is a female unicorn pony-turned-human and former antagonist introduced in My Little Pony Equestria Girls. She is a student at Canterlot High School, a former student of Princess Celestia, and a rhythm guitarist for the student band The Rainbooms.

? Where is Muad Pie? Or Angel? I love Sunset!


she sucks

Trixie Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

Oh no you didn't - bobbythebrony

She was silly and annoying

She is so annoying I mean she is a complete and total brat,she always boastes about herself and I just hate her because she always has to cause some sort of pity about herself and boy she is lucky to have a friend.👿

Bon Bon

What a terrible character

Flash Sentry

There's a lot of reasons why I hate this character1. He's pointless because all he does is just say hi and blushes2. Because twilight has a crush on him3. He's not handsome

Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty and is one of the 6 main characters on the show. more.

If she was in real life. She be dead. She is so selfish

Annoying bitch



Hate Luna.

The only good character in the show and she gets hated like dis, w0t is dis bull crap

NO WAY. - Swiftdawn

She RUINED nightmare night and she's annoying


Well her voice is annoying


Why the heck?! He is my fave!

Cranky is a huge butt

Maud Pie

Bording sister Pinkie Pie


He won't shut up with his constant grammar corrections. When he was introduced, I was already irritated.

Technically this. Technically that. SHUT UP ALREADY!

Button Mash
Babs Seed
Cozy Glow

Ugh. That little brat's over the top cuteness to get on everyone's good side was just so annoying, everyone could see she was just using them from a mile away. - TexasBro93

Applejack Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. more.
Zephyr Breeze

He is Fluttershy's annoying brother and always has to hit on Dashie and she does not even care about him,he is a complete and total jerk that touches people's stuff without permission who agrees?

Spoiled Rich

Can’t believe she wasn’t on here already. She tells her daughter to be a bully. She is the worst character on the whole show.

Apple Bloom

I found this list because my annoyance with her odds so intense I had to know if other people share it. She sounds like someone making fun of a southern accent with balls in their mouth.

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