Top 10 Annoying Nintendo Character Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Marina Fans (Spatoon)

Their Obsessed with Her - ToadF1

And yet DJ Octavio and capn’ cuttlefish are more popular.

2 Waluigi Fans (Super Mario)

The fanbase that gets on everyone's nerves. They say Rosalina is overrated when Waluigi is more overrated than she is. They say Daisy is just a filler character when he's the one who's filler. - yunafreya648

The true definition of haters. - ParkerFang

They are a bunch of idiot dumbasses - Randomator

3 Twintelle Fans (ARMS)

Pervert Losers and Arrogant snobs - ToadF1

4 Link Fans (The Legend of Zelda)

They attack Mario or Cloud - ToadF1

5 Wendy Fans (Super Mario)

Rude to Wario, Daisy, Rosalina, Cloud, Squall, Yuna, Toad, Toadette, Pearl, Pauline, Yoshi, Sephiroth, Kirby. - ParkerFang

The ones Trolling on our Lists and shoving their Opinions down our Throats - ToadF1

6 Camilla Fans (Fire Emblem)
7 Captain Falcon Fans (F-Zero)

How are they bad? - yunafreya648

8 Candy Kong Fans (Donkey Kong)

They shove Candy Kong down our Throats - ToadF1

9 Funky Kong Fans (Donkey Kong)

They go on about how he's the best Character in Mario Kart Wii - ToadF1

10 Luigi Fans (Super Mario)

They think Luigi = God and Mario < Satan + Hitler - Randomator

Definitely them, they go on that Luigi lives under Mario's Shadow when it isn't true - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Daisy Fans (Super Mario)

The complainers that hate any other female character and accuse Rosalina of replacing her - yunafreya648

Annoying morons - ParkerFang


12 Zelda Fans (The Legend of Zelda)
13 Palutena Fans (Kid Icarus)
14 Peach Fans (Super Mario)

Oh, the ones that draw R34 of her? - ToadF1

15 Samus Fans (Metroid)

Perverts. Worse than Rosalina fans - ParkerFang

16 Yoshi Fans (Super Mario)

Who? Oh, the ones that always say Yoshi is Cute and bash on Mario, Luigi and Toad - ToadF1

They overreact to anything anyone says bad about Yoshi - Randomator

When you say you dislike Yoshi, it's a wrap for you - ParkerFang

17 Karel Fans (Fire Emblem)

Thought his fanbase was bad? His haters are much worse.

18 Shulk Fans (Xenoblade)

Someone went off topic with this.

Karel fans are worse than Harken fans

19 Rosalina Fans (Super Mario)
20 Toad Fans

They are rude to wendy

They bully Wendy for no reason

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1. Link Fans (The Legend of Zelda)
2. Marina Fans (Spatoon)
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1. Marina Fans (Spatoon)
2. Waluigi Fans (Super Mario)
3. Twintelle Fans (ARMS)
1. Waluigi Fans (Super Mario)
2. Marina Fans (Spatoon)
3. Palutena Fans (Kid Icarus)



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