Top 10 Annoying Nintendo Character Fanbases

The Top Ten

1 Waluigi Fans (Super Mario)

Being disappointed that Waluigi isn’t playable in Smash is one thing, but comparing that to 9/11 is crossing the line.

The fanbase that gets on everyone's nerves. They say Rosalina is overrated when Waluigi is more overrated than she is. They say Daisy is just a filler character when he's the one who's filler. - yunafreya648

The true definition of haters. - ParkerFang

They are a bunch of idiot dumbasses - Randomator

2 Marina Fans (Spatoon)

And yet DJ Octavio and capn’ cuttlefish are more popular.

3 Link Fans (The Legend of Zelda)
4 Zelda Fans (The Legend of Zelda)
5 Palutena Fans (Kid Icarus)
6 Luigi Fans (Super Mario)

They think Luigi = God and Mario < Satan + Hitler - Randomator

7 Twintelle Fans (ARMS)
8 Peach Fans (Super Mario)
9 Wendy Fans (Super Mario)

Rude to Wario, Daisy, Rosalina, Cloud, Squall, Yuna, Toad, Toadette, Pearl, Pauline, Yoshi, Sephiroth, Kirby. - ParkerFang

10 Captain Falcon Fans (F-Zero)

How are they bad? - yunafreya648

The Contenders

11 Yoshi Fans (Super Mario)

They overreact to anything anyone says bad about Yoshi - Randomator

When you say you dislike Yoshi, it's a wrap for you - ParkerFang

12 Camilla Fans (Fire Emblem)
13 Daisy Fans (Super Mario)

The complainers that hate any other female character and accuse Rosalina of replacing her - yunafreya648

Annoying morons - ParkerFang

"Wah! Pech is ugely and overrated but daisy is queen! "
These are the only words they know

14 Candy Kong Fans (Donkey Kong)
15 Samus Fans (Metroid)

Perverts. Worse than Rosalina fans - ParkerFang

16 Shulk Fans (Xenoblade)

Someone went off topic with this.

Karel fans are worse than Harken fans

17 Toad Fans

They give rude replies to anybody who hates Toad or doesn't like him.

They are rude to wendy

They bully Wendy for no reason

18 Funky Kong Fans (Donkey Kong)
19 Rosalina Fans (Super Mario)

They were so annoying and didn't stop harassing the others

20 Karel Fans (Fire Emblem)

Thought his fanbase was bad? His haters are much worse.

21 Koopaling Fans (Super Mario)

The fanbase: They have the best boss battles
Me: What Heck no
The fanbase: BUT THEY are uniQUE WAAAH WAAH
Me: Seriously they are filler
Fanbase: WAH
Me: I'm gonna do some zen to calm down

Oh the ones that hate Bowser Jr because they can't accept the fact that the koopalings have terrible boss battles and Bowser Jr has better boss battles. - Randomator

22 Mewtwo Fans (Pokemon)
23 Pikachu Fans (Pokemon)
24 Harken Fans (Fire Emblem)

They're a bunch of bullies who hate Karel for no reason and have no valid reason as to why they like Harken better. I got bullied by a Harken fan on this site for liking Karel better. It was not pleasant.

I understand that people have different opinions, I respect opinions, but there is no need to be so rude about it and add a certain character or fanbase to every positive or negative list you see unless you write a reason for it.

It's just that I happen to prefer a certain Sword Demon turned Saint over a suicidal loser who ditches his fiancee for no reason. I have my opinion, you have yours. I respect opinions. It's just that I have gotten sick and tired of character wars so much, namely on this website, so stop the fighting... Alright?

25 Larry Koopa Fans (Super Mario)

7 year old turds that hate Ludwig - Randomator

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