Top 10 Most Annoying Non-Disney Animated Movie Characters

Continuing with the series of lists with non Disney animated movies its time to look back at some of the most annoying characters from non Disney animated movies, the characters who just left feeling annoyed every time they're on screen.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Non-Disney Animated Movie Characters

1 Whitey Duvall - Adam Sandlers Eight Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler probably has the worst voice he has ever had in any of his movies which is something considering how bad his voice is in this movie. His moments are laughably bad. The seizures are very annoying. He makes annoying noises in some parts.

Trash. All this bloody douche does is screech loudly in all of the parts.

You guys remember a singer named IceJJFish? Because that’s what he reminds me of.

Adam Sandler at his absolute worst voice role to date, every time Whitey opens his mouth it literally sound like nails on chalkboard. - egnomac

2 Hi Five - The Emoji Movie

Out of all the characters in the Emoji Movie Hi Five is the worst and most annoying out of all of them who's completely stupid and manages to overshadow others by pure dumb luck. - egnomac

3 Minion - Despicable Me

They were tolerable in the first movies but as these annoying yellow blobs became more popular they began appearing everywhere even getting their spin off movie which is amazing as these yellow blobs can't speak and most of their dialogue consists of incoherent gibberish. - egnomac

I've hated the Minions ever since the first movie came out.

4 Sid - Ice Age

He was tolerable in the fist movie but as the sequels went on he got dumber and dumber and more annoying that just ends up feeling like a parasite. - egnomac

5 Daredevil Dan - Foodfight!

I could esaily put every character from that god awful movie Foodfight but if I have to pick just one it would be this annoying comic relief character. - egnomac

6 Johnny - Hotel Transylvania

Just what the hell does Mavis see in this doofus, she could do a lot better. - egnomac

7 Loofah - The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends
8 Doofah - The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends

I hate both of these annoying yellow bellies they just make you wish the ice age would come sooner and wipe out this annoying freaks into extinction. - egnomac

9 Berkeley Beetle - Thumbelina

My least favorite character in the whole movie mostly because he's voiced by Gilbert Godfried one of the most annoying voice actors ever - egnomac

10 Grayson - The Nut Job

Your typical brainless buffoon who is seen as the parks saving grace have the time he barely contributes to the movie and he completely disappeared in the sequel not that anyone cared. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Lemmings - Norm of the North

You know all these rats do is fart and pee in Norm of North making you wonder, why didn't have war on America when this movie came out.

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