Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

Which non- official pairing with at least one disney character annoys you the most? It may be crossovers or same movies.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

1 Jelsa (Jackfrost x Elsa)

Only thing they have in common? Ice powers. And yet, that's enough to convince people that they're meant to be. Remember when Gaston said that he and Belle should be married because they're both the most beautiful people in town? This is that same logic, except with ice powers instead of beauty. The shippers of this pairing love making Rapunzel an evil villain, and it's all just really annoying. - DisneyQueen

Gonna pick back up again in a couple weeks (Frozen 2), I just know it.

You do realize that the overwhelming majority of couples involving a serious person and a happy-go-lucky person don't last very long as a couple, right?

"It's cute" is not reason enough to ship this stupid, unbalanced pairing based solely on the fact both have white hair and ice powers.

2 Elsanna (Elsa x Anna)

I hate incest. As sisters and friends this is good but romantically disgusting.

I don't mind this pairing...but I ship them as siblings ONLY...Not as a couple...but people find Jelsa really annoying

It's number 1 because incest is disgusting

People are really sick

3 Hirodashi (Hiro x Tadashi)

Can't there be a sibling pair that's just that- siblings? Must it always turn to incest?

I'm not sure why making Tadashi a pedophile from his brother is so popular. Don't they know that it makes him a rapist in some cases?

Why would anyone in their right mind ship Hiro and his own brother together!? - Lina1028

What is up with these incestuous pairings?

4 Hirnellope (Hiro x Vanellope)

So far I have not seen anybody present this pairing in a way that didn't involve completely screwing with Vanellope just to make this couple "work". Worse, they tend to diminish and demean ALL of Vanellope's co-stars, Ralph included, to make Hiro her "saving grace". Oh yeah, that earlier comment about how this pair was already annoying after "Big Hero 6" had only been out for three weeks? How about the fact that Hirnellope (or Vaniro as I've seen it called) became a thing just from the TRAILER for "Big Hero 6"- yes, lots of people didn't even wait for the movie itself to come out and started shipping it.

Wasn't Vanellope given a boyfriend, and one her exact age, in one of the "Wreck-It Ralph" tie-in storybooks? And aren't Hiro and Honey actually a coupe in the original "Big Hero 6" comic?

Some bird-brain who ships this reimagined Vanellope and the other "Sugar Rush" racers as street dancers and looking/seeming more like unused Bratz characters than what they all were in the actual movie from whence they came. Said Bratz rejects that have no business being even slightly connected to "Wreck-It Ralph" live in San Frosokyo thus Hiro meets and falls in love with not-really-Vanellope. Sadly EVERYONE just loved that idea, and what I wouldn't give for it to stop.

Hiro's been through enough; he doesn't need to be getting involved with a selfish, fickle radfem like Vanellope

5 Japunzel (Rapunzel x Jack Frost)

Rapunzel is now officially married to Flynn/Eugene, and I'm pretty sure something was implied between Jack and Toothiana.

At least this is not even close to number 1. Anti-elsa shippers are uprooting Jelsa on this list to make it number 1 on this list

Although I don't ship this but, Jelsa is more irritating anyway. So I'm glad this ain't number 1 - tom23

Sorry Elsa haters, but I can't get behind this pairing, either.

6 Bolesster (Penny x Bolt)

If anyone can seriously claim that Penniro is worse than this, I don't want to live in this universe anymore.

It's actually called Boltenny, but it's still gross.

Ew. Just. Ew.

7 Jawbreaker (Vanellope x Ralph)

What? They weren't romantically involved in the movie. Only romantic pairing in the movie was Felix Fix-It and that space marine chick.

That this made the "greatest video game couples" and "top 10 couples who should have gotten married" lists scares me.

Wow this is so gross!
She's 9, and their relationship is like an older brother/ younger sister. It's gross and disrespectful to their beautiful platonic relationship! >:(

8 Helsa (Hans x Elsa)

Chances are, this one might be canon in the sequel or Elsa might find somebody else instead

I don't care for this pairing but overall...Hans tried to kill her and anna as well

Unfortunately, rumor has it that this one is to become official in "Frozen 2".

9 Jariel (Ariel x Jim Hawkins)

I will never understand why do people ship them. - lahjakori


10 Tenny (Penny Forrester x Ted Wiggins)

The comments on here reinforce this

Why? They don't go together at all, they have nothing in common! And Ted has Audrey anyway, she was the whole reason he sought the Once-ler in the first place. P.S. I''m not a Penniro shipper either, I think Penny's just fine on her own, no need to pair her with anybody.

That this is on the very bottom just shows how much that troll who loves this pairing so much has taken over and ruined this list since s/he is so determined to ensure it stays at the bottom. Penny doesn't need a love interest at all and Ted already has one.

Nobody talked about Penny until Penniro, somebody claims. Well, nobody talked about Ted until that bitter Penniro hater and way too obsessive Tenny shipper came along and pretty much took over and ruined this list. - Just3llaAn1mat10n421

Those shippers don't give a crap about what you say...Obviously you're nothing but a crybaby who loves to whine about what other shippers has to say - Jiaan

The Contenders

11 80s Boyfriends (Felix x Turbo)

Before anybody says it, we're not talking about any cats or snails who aren't even Disney here. A human or human-like creature named Turbo was the main villain in "Wreck-It Ralph", and there was a human named Felix in that same movie. No, they never interacted, but scarily and annoying enough people still ship them also not caring that Felix is married to someone else.

First off, Felix is not gay, and he was already with Calhoun. However, ONLY because of his personality, people keep doing these weird gay ships and saying that he's gay when he is STRAIGHT! It's canon!

I don't think egotistic sociopath hacker racers are exactly Felix's type.

12 Merriccup (Merida x Hicvup)

Hiccup already has Astrid in his own movie. As for Merida, what's wrong with a celibate heroine?

Merida wants to be single

The male is Dreamworks and Disney baby is that rarity

13 Sonellope (Sonic x Vanellope)

For anyone about to cite Sonic/Elise as reason to look past the human/hedgehog issue, well, Elise isn't a little kid like Vanellope

Also, Sonic's not a Disney character.

14 Shermellope (Sherman x Vanellope)

Sherman as in "Mr Peabody and". Yes, this ridiculous ship is a thing. Curse you Dreamworks for not leaving Peabody and Sherman to the memories of baby boomers!

15 Kristelsa (Kristoff x Elsa)


16 Willet (Wilbur x Violet)

Tony Rydinger is better for her then Wilbur...I don't ship Wilbur and Violet

I rather ship Wilbur with Penny Forrester or Another girl...NOT VIolet!

NOT A PERFECT COUPLE...Tonlet is way better than Willet (Tony x Violet)

Since I'm mainly into Tony x Violet...But if I have no choice what so ever to pick between Hiro or Wilbur to see who is better for Violet? I WOULD definitely NOT CHOOSE WILBUR...SORRY BUT I REALLY DON'T SHIP THEM...END OF STORY!

17 Wilewis (Wilbur x Lewis)

This is parent-child incest here. No way is Wilet worse than this.

18 SorcerWreckers (Ralph x Sorceress)

If anything there was a slight hint at something between her and Neff (the purple rhino-man who is the main villain of the old arcade game "Altered Beast").

"Oh look, there's a lone female attending Bad-Anon! Let's pair her with Ralph! "

My response: why?

"Sorceress" is that blue-skinned chick seen at the Bad-Anon meeting, whom many suspect is actually supposed to be Mishaela from "Shining Force". Whether she is Mishaela or not, she and Ralph have absolutely nothing in common besides being game villains- a lousy basis for a ship.

19 Alice in Neverland (Alice x Peter Pan)

I actually like this ship for some reason?

This is NEEDS to HAVE a crossover

20 Gastelle (Gaston x Belle)

Much as Gaston may have wished otherwise, it didn't happen. Belle never returned his affections, and who wants to date someone who tried to have your beloved father arrested just to convince you to get with him then made an attempt on the life of someone he saw as a threat to your 'relationship'?

I think even though it did not happen I think Belle could have learned to love Gaston for the way he was and maybe even learned that he ain't that bad. Don't judge people before you get to know them!

21 Synlet (Syndrome x Violet)

NO WAY...UH UH NOPE! Will not ship these two...Syndrome did so much bad stuff to get back at the Parr family

"Oh look! Let's pair these two together! "

Me: Uh No

Seriously, what with this ship.

Who in the world would even pair these two together?!?

22 Hicanna (Hiccup x Anna)
23 Elsida (Elsa X Merida)

Neither of the has an official love interest in their movies. So what? That doesn't mean they should be paired together.

24 Tadelsa (Elsa x Tadashi)
25 Nandashi (Nani x Tadashi)
26 Penniro (Penny x Hiro)

Nobody started talking about Penny Forrester (Bolt) until Hiro came along...Now this pairing is starting to get SO ANNOYING

I don't even really see this pairing all that often nor do I really see anybody talking about Penny let alone "Bolt" except you who has absolutely ruined this list. - Just3llaAn1mat10n421

I'm so glad this pairing is getting added to this list list of annoying pairings! Even the shippers and this ship pisses me off

Even when Big Hero 6 came out in 2014, this pairing already started to get VERY ANNOYING

I rather ship Penny Forrester with Somebody else OTHER than Hiro!

27 Baltala (Balto x Nala)

A few red flags on this one. First, it's a crossover ship, which means it isn't really gonna end well; second, Balto is already in a relationship with Jenna canonically; and third, Nala's already married with Simba.

28 Dashellope (Vanellope x Dash Parr)

Both fast, both Disney, both kids... none of which are a good basis for a ship. Almost as bad as pairing Vanellope with Hiro or Sherman.

I don't mind this's really not as annoying as the Hiro x Vanellope ship

I really don't find this pairing annoying too much

29 Jessicastasia (Jessica Rabbit x Anastasia)

This is a cute couple actually. They are both beautiful so why not. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

30 Jarida (Merida x Jack Frost)
31 SleepingWarrior (Aurora x Mulan)

Oh "Once Upon a Time", why did you have to bring up this idea? And why did it have to extend to the original movie characters?

Way to give Mulan way more undeserved attention than she already was getting, Disney! Even if it was only in "Once Upon a Time", you gave a somewhat official source showing Mulan as gay thus everyone's all "first gay Disney princess yay"

32 Jiro (Hiro x Jack Frost)

Speaking of shipping characters just because both wear hoodies...

I heard of this ship, but I don't pay attention to it. I just know that they are in a fandom called "The Hoodie Squad" along with Vanellope and others

33 Hirlilo (Hiro x Lilo)

I don't doubt that at least a few of the same people who like to ship the respective elder siblings decided to follow this "logical" progression, though I sure as heck am not going to sort through all the Nani/Tadashi crap to be sure.

Never knew anything about this pairing

This pairing is just randomly yea...never knew anything about it too

34 Meripunzel (Merida x Rapunzel)
35 Megariel (Ariel x Megara)
36 Hiranna (Anna x Hiro)

I can see Anna considering Hiro as her little brother

37 Elsani (Nani x Elsa)
38 Spiderpunzel (Rapunzel x Spiderman)
39 Rollosenath(Prince Rollo and Asenath)
40 Hirogo (Hiro x Gogo)

I never shipped them to begin with ever since I watched Big Hero 6

I see them as siblings...Not as a couple

Even when Big Hero 6 came out, I never shipped these two to begin with anyway!

Gogo considers Hiro as her brother

41 Wrecktroid (Ralph x Samus Aran)
42 AkuRoku (Axel x Roxas, Kingdom Hearts)

I hate this yaoi pairing with a fiery passion, and they're supposed to be just friends or teammates at most. During the dark, "emo" era of the mid-2000's, it was everywhere on every fanart and fanfic website on the Internet. I got sick and tired of seeing KH art and fics everywhere, and this "AkuRoku" pairing garbage was just part of it.

43 Sceele (Scar x Steele)

I am so sick of people labeling Balto as a Lion King knockoff when it isn't, and it is horrible when they cross over characters due to looks or similarities. Just because both Scar and Steele are the villains and main antagonists of their respective movies, doesn't mean they match.

44 Simbenna (Simba x Jenna from Balto)

Just... No. Fans who ship Balto with Nala, Simba with Jenna, Nala with Jenna, or Simba with Balto have got to be kidding.

45 Shenzaltag (Shenzi x Kaltag)

Or pretty much either Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Janja, Cheezi or Chungu paired up with either Nikki, Kaltag, Star, Nuk, Yak or Sumac. I'm just mentioning one as an example in the title. They are not a good match seeing how the trios from the Balto movies later reform and ditch their villainous bosses to help out Balto and Aleu respectively, whereas the hyenas in The Lion King and The Lion Guard just stay as permanent, irredeemable bad guys without any reformation. (and no, eating Scar at the end doesn't mean they reformed) It also bothers me when fans think that the trios in Balto are knockoffs of the hyenas, when that the concept of an evil, dim-witted trio as the villain's sidekicks has predated the hyenas in The Lion King many times, and the new hyena trio (Janja, Cheezi and Chungu) from The Lion Guard may be ripoffs of one of the Balto film trios.

46 Hirip (Hiro x Tip)
47 PocaPan (Pocahontas x Peter Pan)
48 KidBlue (Blue Fairy and Kida)
49 MerWendy (Merida and Wendy Darling)
50 PocAladdin (Pocahontas X Aladdin)
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