Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

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21 Hicanna (Hiccup x Anna)
22 Jiro (Hiro x Jack Frost)

Speaking of shipping characters just because both wear hoodies...

I heard of this ship, but I don't pay attention to it. I just know that they are in a fandom called "The Hoodie Squad" along with Vanellope and others

23 Gastelle (Gaston x Belle)

Much as Gaston may have wished otherwise, it didn't happen. Belle never returned his affections, and who wants to date someone who tried to have your beloved father arrested just to convince you to get with him then made an attempt on the life of someone he saw as a threat to your 'relationship'?

I think even though it did not happen I think Belle could have learned to love Gaston for the way he was and maybe even learned that he ain't that bad. Don't judge people before you get to know them!

24 Jarida (Merida x Jack Frost)
25 SleepingWarrior (Aurora x Mulan)

Oh "Once Upon a Time", why did you have to bring up this idea? And why did it have to extend to the original movie characters?

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26 Elsida (Elsa X Merida)

Neither of the has an official love interest in their movies. So what? That doesn't mean they should be paired together.

27 Meripunzel (Merida x Rapunzel)
28 Megariel (Ariel x Megara)
29 Alice in Neverland (Alice x Peter Pan)
30 Tadelsa (Elsa x Tadashi)
31 Nandashi (Nani x Tadashi)
32 Hirlilo (Hiro x Lilo)

I don't doubt that at least a few of the same people who like to ship the respective elder siblings decided to follow this "logical" progression, though I sure as heck am not going to sort through all the Nani/Tadashi crap to be sure.

Never knew anything about this pairing

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33 Hiranna (Anna x Hiro)

I can see Anna considering Hiro as her little brother

34 Elsani (Nani x Elsa)
35 Spiderpunzel (Rapunzel x Spiderman)
36 Rollosenath(Prince Rollo and Asenath)
37 Wrecktroid (Ralph x Samus Aran)
38 AkuRoku (Axel x Roxas, Kingdom Hearts)

I hate this yaoi pairing with a fiery passion, and they're supposed to be just friends or teammates at most. During the dark, "emo" era of the mid-2000's, it was everywhere on every fanart and fanfic website on the Internet. I got sick and tired of seeing KH art and fics everywhere, and this "AkuRoku" pairing garbage was just part of it.

39 Sceele (Scar x Steele)

I am so sick of people labeling Balto as a Lion King knockoff when it isn't, and it is horrible when they cross over characters due to looks or similarities. Just because both Scar and Steele are the villains and main antagonists of their respective movies, doesn't mean they match.

40 Baltala (Balto x Nala)
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