Most Annoying Overwatch Heroes


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1 Mei

Is even annoying to her own teammates.

2 Bastion

Sooo annoying

3 Torbjorn

His turrets kill me every time -_- also my brother spent the while game trying to get his turret to level three...

4 Roadhog
5 Zarya

Her health bar says 400 but it's probably 40,000

6 Hanzo

We're looking at you hanzo mains

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7 Tracer

Playing with her is so annoying! She gets in the way of everything but I still lover her as a character - Peculiar

8 Widowmaker
9 Junkrat

Junkrat doesn't even have to aim. He'll just be shooting into the air wherever he feels like it and happen to get several kills. The bombs he drops on death are also really cheap.

DON'T get the you tuber fantastical gamer started on his free kill bouncing roly poly machine

10 Mccree

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11 Symmetra

Those sentry bots man:(

12 Pharah
13 Genji Genji V 1 Comment
14 D. Va
15 Soldier 76

Doesn't anyone realise this guy is the worst?

16 Mercy
17 Reinhardt

How isn't this guy on the list yet? Him and orisa with their annoying shields while everyone just camps behind them. Especially bastion for christs sake in sentry mode with reinhardt obnoxiously protecting him and the whole team making it almost impossible to kill them

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