Most Annoying Overwatch Heroes


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1 Mei

Is even annoying to her own teammates.

I hate mei on both sides she walls you in or walls you away while she heals

Why does she wall her teammates in

I HOPE SHE DIES - myboibunsen

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2 Bastion

Many nightmares given

Sooo annoying

Play of the game hog._.

...I’m annoying? Oh no! - saturatedsunrise

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3 Tracer

Playing with her is so annoying! She gets in the way of everything but I still lover her as a character - Peculiar

I love her but her recall makes angry

Tracer is a great character but her laugh is annoying.-DarkBoi-X

4 Genji Genji

He is the most overrated and it's hard to kill him

So annoying.


5 Torbjorn

His turrets kill me every time -_- also my brother spent the while game trying to get his turret to level three...

6 Pharah

Is this the hardest characters to PLAY or to play against, because their only annoying when your against them not wit them. PS why is bastion, roadhog, genji and tracer on here?

I play as Roadhog mostly and she is SO HARD TO KILL! First, my gun does no damage to her at far range, Second she is high up I can’t chain her and Finally, her ability yep just her ability.

7 D. Va

They actually need to nerf this

Shes so annoying

Zarya: Okay, I have my ult! I worked so hard and had to risk so much, now I have that ult and now to get the point!

*Zarya uses ult* Oh Zarya is using her ult, eh time to actually do somethines

* presses one button and activates defense matrix, and zarya's hard work just went away* Okay now that I did that, now to get a team kill by pressing Q, by the way people say I have skill... - tacoperson

8 Mercy

HMM that dude that said That rez is frustrating man dude mercy is not bad shes so easy to kill and is majestic

That rez is frustrating!

9 Hanzo

We're looking at you hanzo mains

Hanzo mains suck.

Heh dem hanzo main here Hanzo is not a meme anymore he's real he ain't got no scatter so deal with it


10 Roadhog

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? Ashe

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11 Symmetra

No aim, not skill, no problem

So much damage and doesn't even aim. As a genji main she is the bane of my existence.

Those sentry bots man:(

12 Zarya

Her health bar says 400 but it's probably 40,000

13 Junkrat

Junkrat doesn't even have to aim. He'll just be shooting into the air wherever he feels like it and happen to get several kills. The bombs he drops on death are also really cheap.

DON'T get the you tuber fantastical gamer started on his free kill bouncing roly poly machine

The trap is super annoying makes me wanna KMS

14 Widowmaker

Just getting one-shot across the map is so annoying.

15 Orisa
16 Soldier 76

Doesn't anyone realise this guy is the worst?

17 Mccree
18 Brigitte

Wattpad @melodramas_

junkrat and pharah are the most annoying, but how is brigitte not on the list yet?

literally every time I fight against a brigitte, they do nothing but follow me around with their shield and bash me.

all they do.

19 Sombra Sombra
20 Reinhardt

How isn't this guy on the list yet? Him and orisa with their annoying shields while everyone just camps behind them. Especially bastion for christs sake in sentry mode with reinhardt obnoxiously protecting him and the whole team making it almost impossible to kill them

21 Doomfist

One punch man

22 Moira

The stupid ball thing

23 Lucio Lucio Lucio is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

The worst in the game because he boops you

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