Most Annoying Pains

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1 Furniture hitting the smallest toe

I can't remember a single time when my bed ever slid across the floor on its own just to smack my little toe; but I can remember lots of times when my little toe has acted on the overwhelming urge to smack the leg of my bed. Strange. - Britgirl

That's the worst pain ever..It happens with me a lot! - Ananya

Especially when the toe hits a chair - p_stickman

2 Dirt goes in the eyes

You can't open it, it itches and hurts - p_stickman

3 Get poked in the eyes

When your nails are big - p_stickman

4 Toothache

Especially wisdom teeth

So much pain I couldn't sleep one night and its annoying, u have to go to dentist. - p_stickman

5 Elbow hits something and gets shocked

It feels like a thunderbolt - p_stickman

6 Tongue gets bitten by teeth

In Asians this usually leads to cankersores...which are also painful!

7 Head hits the wall

You are tired and go to bed, you try to put your head on the pillow and BANG, head hits the wall. - p_stickman

8 Sitting on something spiky
9 Headache

When you take a step your head hurts, when you move your head it hurts, when you do pretty much anything it hurts...

When you try to sleep it still hurts.

10 A bug stings you

Not painful but the itching is annoying!

The Contenders

11 Canker sores

Yep, Annoying!

12 Stomach ache

Most others on this list are sharp but temporary pain and some like bug stings are pretty much painless. Stomach pain can last for days,weeks and even months in some cases.
To be honest every pain related to digestive system is the worst.

Once at a family gathering/party in San Francisco, my cousin, aunt, and I were suffering from mild stomachaches for no apparent reason. It was very annoying because we were only able to eat one serving of food because it hurts whenever we eat. (Normally my cousin and I get seconds and even thirds during parties)

13 Treading on the side of your foot

This is one of those injuries that you can almost never see coming, as it takes you by such surprise will likely result in you stumbling over. Not only super embarrassing but your ankle ends up hurting like hell. - SuperSonic17

So annoying happens everyday

14 Someone pulls your chair and your butt hits the ground

Doesn't just much but super annoying

15 Itching so much that it bleeds
16 Charley horse
17 Shingles

Owch! Yes! I have scars! It hurts!

18 Wisdom teeth coming in

When mine came in I couldn't eat, drink, or brush without wincing in pain.

19 Menstrual cramps
20 Cramps that occur before you get diarrhea

Oh god... My middle school had to call home because of how much my cramps hurt. - IceFoxPlayz


21 Ripping your hair out while removing a ponytail
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